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April 14 2016 Version 2.0 High Quality Pic Collections

- New URL = {Link Above}

Sorry no picture update yet but the time was coming for me to build a bunch of sections for the sites. I have been trying to add them incrementally while adding pic collections but the time came when that was unavoidable {I still have to re-build the updates section that is no longer there}.

Anywho, here is another section. This one will list all of the collections on Version 2.0. Later down the road I will ad a sort button but I didn't want to take the time to program it right now. See, call me "puttin shit off". But I am still only whittling down the next pic update {Holding Strong at 15000 and getting close to being done with the candids, that number will drop once I hit her photoshoots} and I really want to focus on that after today. There is only twelve collections on Version 2.0 right now so I can do that {for now}.

This would have been done sooner but me and MS SQL got into a fight and I had to uninstall half of the programs on my PC and reinstall them which literally took one whole day and then I had to set all my programs back up. Still fighting with that. I added the last two sections pretty quickly so if you see any bugs just scream at me!

Vanessa Hudgens HQ Photoshoot Pics Vanessa Hudgens HQ Photoshoot Pics Diane Kruger High Quality Pokies Pics Diane Kruger High Quality Pokies Pics

April 7 2016

Only the Sexiest High Quality Pic Collections

- New URL = {Link Above}

For the users reading this that have somehow not been to I have programmed a few pages that you can now use on to see all the added collections on the .NET and how many images you are missing from her collection if you are only visiting one site. Then again if you are only wanting "her" sexiest pics you are probably good although there may be more of "her" sexy pics at the .net as well such as Diane Kruger's Upskirt set. On there only a fraction of the pics that are on the .NET. For those that are to lazy to look the number is close to 300.

Anywho, that is what I have been working on while I work on the next set of pics for the next update, it's turning out to be a doozy, I have been working on the pics for weeks and have it whittled down to 16,000 pics as of now. I imagine half of those will go in the trash so it will probably be a huge one at around 8,000 pics! It will be the dirtiest set of pics on yet {and will definitely be replacing Either Katy Perry or Vanessa Hudgens in the "Five Sexiest"} without actually delving into porn stars' collections {time, time, damn that pesky time, I need more!} I just have to program one more page and then I will try to start devoting all my website time to that next update. Call yourself informed in the BackAlleyPics way.

Edit: Here is the link to all of the collections and numbers.

April 2 2016

Diane Kruger Full Nude

Hot Collection

Diane Kruger Nude

Letter D is for Dull...

...Here is a revamp and update of Diane Kruger's collection. It isn't all that exciting unless maybe you are a Diane Kruger fan? On the plus side she in now on Version 2.0 and her collection is a hell of a lot easier to navigate. On the other hand there really isn't all that much new to see here if you have already visited her collection on the .net. I wish I could say that there are some type of additions to her skin collections but I don't think there are with the exception of a few upgrades. I think that there are a few updates to her general photoshoots but those are still pretty lame. I guess that goes without saying for an ex model turned actress bordering on the D-list?

And speaking of the D-list. Haven't done an update in quite awhile, been trying to work on getting traffic to the sites which doesn't seem to be working very well. That and my interest in working on, and adding new collections to the sites seems to be about as high as the visitiors interest in the sites, pretty fucking low. I have no idea about the next update? As I actually have a real life and running the sites {again} has been time consuming, frustrating, about as exciting as watching paint dry and about as rewarding as a penis being seen by a gynecologist, it may be awhile. Like the sites and appreciate the hard work, use a share button, leave a tip, follow us on Google +, or leave a comment! Already contributed? Thanks, it's appreciated!

March 5 2016

Diora Baird Full Nude

Hot Collection

Diora Baird Nude

Letter D is for Double D's...

...Diora Baird's Double D's out for a breathe of fresh air. This collection has been sitting on my hard drive collecting dust and I spent a lot of time cleaning most of these magazine scans so I thought "ah, fuck it, here is some nice tits and ass they should see" and wahla here is Diora Baird in all her nakedness.

Most people probably have no idea who she is. Considering her biggest roles are probably from a "Texas Chainsaw" reboot and a few episodes of "Shameless", "d-list" is pretty appropriate. Her D-list appearances go on but I am pretty sure that you don't give a shit and just want to see her all natural Double D's {or her pulling her panties off to the side because they were obscuring the view}.

Other than her photoshoots her collection is pretty lame. Most top heavy natural Hollywood chicks usually show up to events showing off {Katy Perry} what most other Hollywood chicks envy and use Doctor Platstic to achieve {Blake Lively} but that doesn't seem to be the case when if comes to her? There aren't many natural big tittied chicks in Hollywood and it seems like she was such a waste of a good opportunity or she probably just got used as an opportunity to get the few bullshit roles that she has gotten.

She should fire her pimp agent because shit just isn't materialising for her and what has, is what I would consider, pretty cheap pay. She doesn't know how to use what she has when gets on the Red Carpet so she probably doesn't know how to use it in "his office" either, and "the pay" reflects this? That probably explains her lack of career and her event sets here? She made for a pretty good "quickie" collection though and I bet that she made for a pretty good "quickie" for a few photographers, producers, and directors as well. Enjoy the High Qualities!

February 27 2016

Letter B is for BackAlleyPics...

...and, surprise, Brittany Snow's new pic collection. I bet you didn't see that coming? Brittany Snow being next and all. 2800 pics is a far cry from her old collection that was only 480 pics. All you Pitch Perfect fans out there should be ecstatic? Speaking of PG things for tweens, her collection falls right inline. Unfortunately there is no Brittany Snow on the skin side. Her pretty lame up skirt and one men's mag photoshoot of her in her bra and panties is about as exciting as her collection gets. Although her sexy cleavage collection is a hell of a lot sexier than I would have imagined it being for a chick that can't seem to escape playing in movies for thirteen year olds. Some one give this chick a real role already, or not, fuck it I'm done with her for awhile.

And that concludes what I had going on with "Letter B". There is no more "Letter B coming soon" collections on the .net so I am moving on to the next letter. Letter D. Yeah at BackAlleyPics the ABC's are so yesterday and we are upgrading to the ABD's. Fuck "the Letter C". No, it's just the updates in "Letter C" aren't all that exciting. Actually now that I have Denise Richards over here already, next I am just revamping and updating Diane Kruger's collection over here and adding her on the .NET. Plus I have another one of those surprise collections that was on the old "Coming Soon" list that I want to get off of my hard drive. So "Letter D" it is, "D as in Double D's". Enjoy Brittany Snow's collection, surprisingly I found when I was putting it together it was a lot sexier than at first glance!

February 7 2016

Blake Lively Up Skirt No Panties

Hot Collection

Blake Lively Up Skirts

Letter B is for BackAlleyPics...

...and Blake Lively. Blake's collection that seemed like it would be a hell of a lot more exciting when I started it than it actually ended up being when I finished it. With the exception of a few bikini pics, more than a few {over 3500 in fact} silicone cleavage pics and a very few other pics on The Skin Side the term "buyers remorse" comes to mind. All the time that I spent on this could have been well spent on a different collection that was worthy. Instead this is the final result. A lame collection of a lot of pics of a chick that has no talent. If not for her atrocious acting Savages might have actually been at least a mediocre movie. Then again {"wargasms" anyone} probably not?

Of course there isn't much new here if you have already checked out her collection on the .net. by either checking out the BackAlleyPics G+ Update Page or by using one of the not so subtle, not quite links on here. Basically I am going through "Letter B" because I added Bai Ling and adding Blake Lively to the Skin Side seemed like the next likely course of action. Over the next few days I will be adding and updating a few more "Letter B" collections on both sites since I am on a role with "Letter B" anyway. If you haven't checked out Blake Lively on the the .net, here ya go, and for those that have and noticed a few missing pics here is Blake's Skin Collection. Enjoy!

February 17 2016

Denise Richards Full Nude

Hot Collection

Denise Richards Nude

Letter B is Not for Denise Richards...

...but here she is anyway. 25 pounds more, 10 years, and more than a few d-list roles ago she is what I would have considered pretty hot. More than a few questions arise when I see new bikini pics of what used to be Denise Richards and has now been replaced by the "old gross looking skinny lady". Is it the weight loss, the age, maybe being stuck by an AIDS dick that rendered what used to be a very bangable body into a sack of sticks and silicone wrapped in skin? Some one needs to feed this chick.

Anywho, here is Denise and there are more than a few pics of her in her glory days. She is also availalable on the .NET. Finishing my "Letter B Project" ran into a wall. Brittany Snow was supposed to be a simple not so time consuming little collection that has now turned into a large not very interesting collection. But none the less a collection that needs to be finished because it is Brittany Snow and I highly doubt any one reading this would kick her out of bed.

Which brings us back to Denise Richards' Collection and why it is here now. I don't think I would actually let her in my bed. Hope that test came back negative? Actually I could give a shit. Yeah, her collection is here for a couple of simple reasons: 1) Denise's pics were ready to go and adding her to The Skin Side was on the short list, because, her collection is on the .net {because, her collection was on that old coming soon list here} and 2) I needed something to do while I finish sorting Brittany Snow's rather annoying large collection of pics, which is almost done, and the very few constant visitors that we do have probably needed some new old tits and ass to look at. Enjoy!

February 9 2016

Brooke Burke Full Nude

Hot Collection

Brooke Burke Nude

Letter B is for BackAlleyPics...

...and... Brooke Burke's Collection has moved to the 2.0 version and is now included in the tag system. For those that have visited her on the .net there is nothing really new here, just working on "Letter B". Moving everyone over to 2.0 is going to be a timely process and I don't really want to move a collection until I have an official image update for her. Obviously I have added a bunch of pics to her collection because she is also on the .net and has already had an update. Her update is pretty weak because this chick doesn't have a career to speak of. Not like she ever really did anyway. Check out the G+ Update Page for more on that.

I think there a few {old} new nude pics that weren't in her old skin collection. There is probably a couple of hundred new candids and more than a few new photoshoot pics in her 2.0 Collection for those that haven't visited the .net. I don't have any actual numbers for how many pics were actually added because there was no system for counting in the old collections besides for me actually opening each post and counting each one and I ain't about to do all of that bullshit. Out with the old and in with the new. I can tell you her new collection has 1603 pics. Individual numbers for each set are on her home page.That would be the reason for the site upgrade! Not to mention that I got her collection {1600 pics} moved over to the new system in a matter of hours. The new system has been up for about two weeks and there is already 41,000 pics in it. This is just the beginning. Welcome to Version 2.0!

February 5 2016

Bai Ling Nude

Hot Collection

Bai Ling Nude

An old new collection...

...that some will enjoy and some will loathe. I would have loathed putting this collection together at this stage in {her} life but thankfully I just opened up the folder titled Bai Ling a few weeks ago and low and behold all of that beauty that I saw. A pretty big collection of pics that I had damn near ready to go that has more than enough tits and ass to stick on the Skin Side and also fits onto the .net site that I don't remember putting together?! The whole collection just screamed "add me" and I said "fuck yeah, I can add that collection to both sites in about a day". Granted I had to go get a few recent updates and to my surprise she has decided to up the ante on her public nudity and attention whoring which did wonderful things for those numbers in the new tag system. I never thought the nipple pasties tag's number would explode like that, if lucky we usually get about one or two sets with maybe 50 pics out of a collection of 5000 butt...

I was going to replace one of the "Sexiest Five" with her collection because tits and ass will always trump looks in that list and acting like a tramp in public will get you there quick. I decided against it because of multiple reasons. Most importantly, she may be damn near naked in public a lot now that she is getting old but she is still a d-list actress that does movies that are or are damn near straight to video. She won't do much for my Search Engine Optimization and Google barely knows who she is so I didn't. More about the "Sexiest Five" on the Tag List Home Page.

That being said her collection is still pretty impressive as far as skin and pic numbers go. There is no shortage of nip slips in there because, well let's face it, she does it on purpose and showing off what I think are about as fake as fake tits get is what she does. If you stare at more than a few pics I imagine there are some shots of her snatch as well? I will let you play "Where's Waldo", I didn't have the time or I would have labeled them as such. Let me know if you find Waldo and I will label them! So, in 2996 pics, I present the annoying as hell, just a tiny bit attention starved, wierdo Bai Ling.

January 28 2016

Kelly Brook Full Nude

Hot Collection

Kelly Brook Nude Version 2.0!

Finally, after countless hours of work. This Is The New Shit! And this time it is really here! Along with 31,590 new pics in five new collections. Plus the new database driven tag system. No need to wait any longer for those "Five Sexiest Collections" above. Then again you really didn't need to wait if you already checked them out at the .net. Although over there, something is missing. The tits and ass! If you already perused her collection over there I have made it extremely easy to find the missing nude pics over here. All you have to do is hit up one of the collections to see how easy she really is. Or fuck that, hit up one of the tags and see all of the missing nude and topless pics from those five collections.

The only collections on version 2.0 is the new collections. I am not going to waste time going back and revamping the layout of old pages. To many new tits and ass to add. Hence the reason for the time I just spent on this website revamp. I need to be able to add collections, huge collections, quick. If you haven't picked up on the order of things yet, all collections on are being updated and they end up on the .net first hence that long list on the home page over there. I am bouncing around that list a lot and trying to update collections that I can add to the Skin side over here.

Obviously not all chicks make it to the Skin side. Katy Perry didn't make it there... 6600 pics later. I found a few leaked nudes of her but after extensive research they were confirmed fakes and in the recycling bin they went. Vanessa Hudgens didn't make it either. She should have but I went with my better judgement and skipped her pics that could possibly result in prison time. Hopefully those two collections will be replaced in the "5 Sexiest" with chicks that actually get their tits out in the near future. I have more than a few ideas. Yeah, ideas, now that this is done, well, this update is just the beginning!

January 10 2016

Katy Perry

Hot Collection

Katy Perry

An Update and a New Collection...

...are done, just not here. Katy Perry's full collection - over 6600 pics - is now available on the .net and I added over a 1,000 new pics to Joanna Krupa's collection. You will have to check out the .NET to see those for now. They WILL be here soon, I promise.

Three of those "five sexiest collections" above are now done on the .net. Actually all five are done on the .net but Kelly Brook and Vanessa Hudgens have pics that need to be added and in Kelly Brook's case quite a few {and I am not a bit disappointed in that}. I am killing all the birds with one stone and doing this all at once so after 2.0 is launched I can add the collections over there and over here at the same time. Only over here has the tits and ass and over there has the collections split into sets with all of that info that some of us like without the tits and ass BUT you can see some sexiness while at work. Hell, even the ads are clean!

And speaking of the 2.0 version of all is going as planned so far. Right now I just need these five collections finished for programming purposes. I have to have data to work with and these five collections are that data. Don't fret, there is no shortage of tits and ass in a couple of the "5 sexiest collections" and they will be here shortly. A few of those "five" should be quickly replaced by sexier collections which is great because sexier, well, sexier is better than sexy?!?. And to be a sexiest collection they have to include tits, ass, and hopefully at least bush. Which sadly a few of the current ones do not. All and all if everything stays going as planned 2.0 should be here by the end of next week!

December 23 2015

Elsa Pataky

Hot Collection

Elsa Pataky

This is the new shit!

Welcome to the beginning of version 2.0. As of now only the gallery pages and a few other pages are running on the new version. I am not going back and revamping old pages. Fuck all that, to time consuming, got huge collections that need to be added, hence the reason for this upgrade. Only new and updated collections will be running on the new version. It took me since last time we spoke {post below} to get this running.

Folding the galleries in was a lot more time consuming than I anticipated but all an all I think that they turned out pretty well? Now I am going to work on finishing the 2.0 version and those five sexiest collections that you see in the new navigation bar at the the top of the page. This would have been done a few weeks ago but for some reason I was rudely interrupted? Fucking Assholes!

December 15 2015

Elizabeth Hurley

Hot Collection

Elizabeth Hurley

Where to Start?...

Happy Holidays

...First, and it's images are now completely back online! That said and the amount of frustration of it getting back online {for the second time in as many months} there is a post at our
Google + Page. That post was originally going to be here with attached emails and, if I could have, recordings of the retardation phone calls that amounted to me spending weeks doing something that I just finished doing {putting the sites online}. I skipped creating that post because it would have been way too time consuming and I actually have websites to work on instead.

Second, I didn't get to put together a Holiday post this year with everything else going on so I am going to regift the previous one. How thoughtful of me hugh? Not to mention that this should have been posted weeks ago but here ya go. The Christmas Tits are still always worth a look and to be honest I haven't come across any new 'Seasonal Pics' anyway. For those that haven't seen them, Enjoy! For those that have seen them, you can always 'Enjoy' them again.

Third, I have revamped this page because all of the updates that used to exist here seem sort of irrelevent now. Seeing as a year and a half ago I was going a different direction with than I am now. The candid section is now gone for those that remember it because the .NET site replaced it. All of the candid sections of 'Her' collections will be removed as well. The exception is adding all the nudity. The nudity movement still continues and the Skin Side is still going to be a major part of Hell the whole site is going to focus more on the nude actress aspect with the new tag system. Getting to the nudity will be that much easier. More on that to come. For now here is the list that used to exist here.

December 10 2015

Sophie Howard Full Nude

Hot Collection

Sophie Howard

.NET is Back Online...

...and all images over there are fully working. Images here are going back online as I type this. It will take a few days to upload them all. Bear with me here. If we had fiber optics where I live this would be a pretty seemless operation but this is America and being behind the rest of the world is how we roll so the upload is time consuming and I can't work on anything else {on the live sites} until it completes. But the good news is one is up and the other is on its way. There is a little more info at the Google + Page.

December 9 2015

Abi Titmuss

Hot Collection

Abi Titmuss


...The images from are missing right now. You may have noticed that both sites were offline the last few days. That is being remedied at the moment. The sites are going back online right now. This process is going to take about a week. The .NET's images are going online first so if you are looking for images you will have to check there for now. Those images are being uploaded first as there aren't as many as there are on here. Yes, this is some bullshit and I will explain it all after I get this whole mess straightened out.

November 17 2015

Holly Peers

Hot Collection

Holly Peers

.Net and 2.0...

You may have noticed that there has not been may collection updates as of late and I apologize for that but I am working on that at the same time as building the .net and working on the 2.0 version of this one. I stuck this image together to give you a preview of what is really going on behind the scenes.

We just did a little Irina Shayk update on .net. You can see more about the update on our Google + Page.

But to the point here. You can click the image on the left and it will show you the new layout of "her" home page, which is pretty much the new layout of the site. I didn't build anything glamourous to show you so I just took some screen shots off the development server and pasted them together to give a general idea of what to look forward too. I ain't trying to pull a George R.R. Martin and work on a bunch of other shit instead of focusing on the task at hand. So this update is simple, to the point and not very time consuming.

Obviously I have tremendously revamped "her" home pages. They should be much more mobile friendly and a lot more informative, not to mention much easier to navigate to get to the pics that you really want to see.

I am also building a pretty extensive tag system that will get you to the nudes a hell of a lot faster {pervs, there are hot pics of her with clothes on too... just not as hot.}

The game plan is to have both sites running and updating simultaneously for time management and at the same time revamping all of while adding new chicks to both sites! Whew, that was a mouthful and it is a lot harder than it sounds. But we got this!!! Enjoy the HQs.

October 29 2015

The Ying and Yang of BackAlleyPics

We Are Back...

...and we brougt with us a friend of sorts. I guess you could call her the real imaginary type? We are not allowed to speak her name out loud here *cough* logos above and below that say ".net". {These are all the finished collections and the stats that are over there.}

I suppose that we owe an explanation for our almost two year hiatus? And probably also the fact that in almost two years not much has changed on but we have an all new site that has almost all new exclusive content including most of the "coming soon" collections that should be here but are not. Long story short, that explanation would require me to type a small book. Read On...

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