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July 2 2016

Kristanna Loken Sexy Cleavage & Legs Short Dress

Random Candids

Kristanna Loken

Kristen Bell Bikini Candid Pic

Random Candids

Kristen Bell

Happy Fourth of July...

...I almost didn't get this update done before the holiday. Actually I am doing this update on the holiday weekend because circumstances just happened to turn out that way. Yesterday I just said fuck the update because I have been sick all week and didn't get shit done on anything, internet of otherwise, and this weekend was looking pretty bad as far as me feeling good but obviously I must be feeling somewhat better? I will let you know later because right now I have to much blood in my caffine stream.

Anywho. The mobile conversion still marches on and I am still going through this grueling shit. I lied, I thought that I would be further than this by the holiday weekend but that didn't happen. Although basically all I have left now is Letters L, N, O, and P, which if you are counting them down like I am that is just a little over fourty ladies collections left out of 400? Hell if I know? I used to know that number but right now I am in a hurry and am to lazy to count. If I had them all in the database it would count them for me but instead of adding them to Version 2.0 I had to stop and program them all for mobile first.

That being said I have added a shitload of new pics in the process and speaking of new pics and upgrades... Happy Fourth of July!

Kristanna Loken - I added close to 300 random candids to her collection and I think basically after I add her to Version 2.0 her collection is done. She doesn't really have any career to speak of now and I don't think that she has done a new photo shoot in years so... Who gives a shit, I always thought that her collection would turn out to be a lot more exciting than it really is. Basically her candids are just sexy cleavage pics with an up skirt set thrown in.

Kristen Bell - I added a shitload of pics to her collection! Over 1300 random candids to be a little more accurate. And that isn't all of them yet. But to be fair her collection is about as interesting as her husband is funny which is to say not very. Sure she has some bikini pics and sexy cleavage pics but other than that, nothing all that interesting. But I never expected her to be all that interesting anyway. She just looks and acts like a lame prude. Maybe if she would have gotten naked in 'House of Lies' like Anna Paquin in 'True Blood' Showtime might not have cancelled it because people might have actually tuned in?

Kristin Davis Pokies No Bra Sexy Cleavage

Random Candids

Kristin Davis

Monet Mazur Sexy Cleavage Pics

Random Candids

Monet Mazur

Kristin Davis - I added about 500 random candids to her collection. And another chick whose's collection I believe is coming to a conclusion. Unless they make a 'Sex and the City 17' which I think people could care less about her career is pretty much over as well, not to mention all of the other chicks careers that were in that piece of shit. She was the only hot one on the show anyway...

Monet Mazur - I added close to 150 random candids to her collection. And yet another collection that will be coming to a close. This chick never really had a career to begin with so that is not all that surprising. And yet another collection that I thought would be a lot more interesting than it turned out to be. But all of these closing collections leaves room for the new ones so that is the plus side.

Click the links below the thumbs to get to the set. Enjoy!

- On Ver. 2.0: -

Total Pics: 47,420

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June 24 2016

Kelly Hu See Through to Tits No Bra

Random Candids

Kelly Hu

Kirsten Dunst Nip Slip Bikini

Random Candids

Kirsten Dunst Mobile Version 1.5 Letter K {and M} Cont...

...Here is the middle of Letter K's updates with a few bonuses from Letter M as well. Digging around in "my little bag of tricks" aka the "Finish" folder I found a few sets of topless pics that I thought I would throw up quick while I was converting the collections over to version 1.5 aka mobile. I wish I could say that I have a bunch more of these little nuggets stashed away but they are few and far between. I just sometimes run across sets like these and grab them while the grabbing is good so that I don't run the risk of not finding them again.

This is almost the conclusion of Letters M and K so I am finally almost done with this mobile bullshit and might finally be able to get back to regular old collection updates and additions. Once I finish these two letters all that is left is Letter L which will have a bunch of random candid additions and Letters N-P which is less than 20 ladies so the bottom is in sight!

I have almost forgot what I was doing before I started this, but no, what I was working on was a whole bunch of very dirty Dita Von Teese pics. They are on the way some day... after I finish this and then get back to finishing getting her Skin pics together. Only got about 70 ladies mobile collections to finish. But in the meantime there are always these...

Kelly Hu - I added a few sets of some sexy candids to her collection including a few set of her in see through without a bra showing off her tits like the one over there. Those alone were worth the update.

Kirsten Dunst - I added close to a hundred candids to her collection. As with most of the Letter K candid additions most of those are bikini candids but hers comes with the bonus of bikini candids with the waves pulling up her bikini top showing the world her tits. Not to mention that there are few up skirt candids in there while it looks like she was partying a little to much {or maybe not enough?}. Not a commando up skirt but she is showing enough.

Marion Cotillard Topless in Wet Panties

Topless Candids

Marion Cotillard

Mena Suvari Bikini Candid Pic

Topless Candids

Mena Suvari

Marion Cotillard - I added a set of her on set of "Rust and Bone" in wet panties topless. I doubt that you will have much rust in your bone when your done looking at those. Does that work? No. Then nevermind that I said it. Any way I never really noticed that her tits were so big?

Mena Suvari - I added a set of topless bikini pics to her collection. She is far from being the hottest chick on the planet so any little thing that she does to make her hotter is always a bonus. You forget all about Butterface when you can look down and avoid it and her having her tits out definitely helps with that.

Click the links below the thumbs to get to the set. Enjoy!

Joanna Krupa HQ See Through Pics Joanna Krupa HQ See Through Pics Kelly Brook HQ Nude Photoshoots Kelly Brook HQ Nude Photoshoots

June 20 2016

Kate Beckinsale Bikini Candid Pic

Random Candids

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Bosworth Sexy Cleavage Semi See Through

Random Candids

Kate Bosworth Mobile Version 1.5 Letter K {and M}...

...I have now moved onto to the mobile version and the "random candids" of Letter K. Not to mention the mobile version of Letter M which will be getting no updates. Yeah I am really starting to jump around the site now. But as I stated earlier, this is so that I can keep adding pics while I am doing the mobile update.

Letter K won't be seeing near the amount of "random candids" that Letter J did. I am assuming that this is due to the fact that I looked at most of those collections, looked at the amount of time it would take to harvest the pics and then organize them all and just said "fuck that for now"? I just don't have many pics stock piled for the Letter K ladies. Mostly just their bikini candid pics. It looks like a lot of collections in Letter K will end up being around the 5k picture mark when finished and those collections will be very time intense and I am trying to just get this mobile shit done so that I can once again concentrate on 5000 pic collections. So we will just have to settle for these little Letter K updates.

I am slowing down on the site progress right now because I live in the Midwest of the United States, it is Summer Time, and doing this site re-programming is very time consuming, not to mention monotonous and tedious. I wait for summer all winter long, because as I just stated I live in the Midwest. Unless you consider shoveling snow when it is ten degrees a fun outdoor activity, or doing anything when it is ten degrees, then you understand my point. Not to mention that the Fourth of July is coming up. For the next month or so updates will probably be slow in the making but I am working on it and getting this mobile shit done is still a high priority. I am hoping to have most of this done by the Fourth?! But for now...

Kate Beckinsale - I added over 200 random candids to her collection. They are mostly bikini candids. I don't think that I will be recieving to much hate mail for that. There is also some very sexy cleavage pics in there.

Kate Bosworth - I added over 100 random candid pics to her collection. Once again mostly bikini candid pics but there are also more of the set of sexy cleavage/see through pics that you see over there. Is it me or do her tits not look mighty big in those pics? I would say wonder bra but...

Kate Hudson Bikini Candids Pic

Random Candids

Kate Hudson

Katherine Heigl Bikini Candid Pic

Random Candids

Katherine Heigl

Kate Hudson - I added a few bikini candids to her collection. Not a very big update but considering that most of the candid collections on BackAlleyPics consist of sexy cleavage and, let us just be honest here, her tits aren't much bigger than a 150 pound dudes? Let us just hope that when we do get to her collection update that she gets creative when showing up to events to look sexy aka see through, upskirts and what not, or her candids collection may be growing at the rate at which her tits did at puberty.

Katherine Heigl - I added a few bikini candids to her collection. Remember Katherine Heigl? I forgot this chick existed until I started doing this update. She was an "up and comer" and then from what I remember she talked shit about some one or something when she did "Knocked Up" and it looks like her career took a nose dive into mediocrity and small paychecks. I could look it up but who gives a fuck? Not I.

Click the links below the thumbs to get to the set. Enjoy!

June 6 2016

Jordana Brewster Bikini Candid Pic

Random Candids

Jordana Brewster

Julia Stiles See Through Tits No Bra

Random Candids

Julia Stiles Mobile Version 1.5 Letter J Conclusion...

...Here is the remainder of the pics that I had stored away for the chicks in Letter J, close to 1300 of them. Not a very exiting update as far as nudity goes, or nip slips or up skirts {Jordana Brewster does have a pretty weak set of up skirt pics} or camel toes or... it is mostly just sexy cleavage, legs, and bikini pics with a few sets of see through pics and pokies thrown in.

Unfortunately these aren't "official" updates anyway and I ain't putting to much time or effort into them. All the true focus is programming the mobile pages and these little updates are just side effects. Just peeking into most of the collections that I am updating, most of them don't have nudity because they are doing PG-13 garbage movies or garbage network television shows that pay them boat loads because the general viewing public has shit for taste in movies and television or won't be getting any updates it appears, ever, because they have no career, they are getting old and replaced and what you see in their four year old collection here is still what you get, look to most of the collections that I haven't added pics to E.G. Jordan Ladd, Jules Asner, Jewel Staite, ect. But there are these...

Jordana Brewster - I added close to 400 random candids to her collection. Like skinny chicks that need to eat something? Here ya go. To be fair it looks like she just went on the starvation diet only a few years ago. Maybe Paul Walker trying to play Fast and Furious in real life had a profound affect on her? Don't give a shit about her {diet} or him. Here are some pics.

Julia Stiles - I added about 100 random candid pics to her collection. This chick appears not to like to wear a bra which begs the question of other underwear? I have never seen an up skirt so I guess that is just one of those questions that you will have to ponder. That being said, not liking bras, there is more than a few pics of her nipples poking out and saying hello, sometimes in see through. Her bikini pics aren't to bad either.

Julia Voth Sexy Cleavage and Legs Short Dress

Random Candids

Julia Voth

Jewel Kilcher Bikini Candid Pic

Random Candids

Julie Benz

Julia Voth - I added close to 300 pics to her collection in both her photoshoots and random candids. To which it looks like this is the end of her collection. Finding what is here was a bitch. I actually did update this collection and basically finished it except for adding it to Version 2.0. This chicks career looks like it actually went no where after Jill Valentine and Bitch Slap. Come on, she actually is Jill Valentine and couldn't get cast in Resident Evil? I bet she regrets not getting her knees dirty now? Anyways. Her photoshoots collection still sucks ass and she still never got naked.

Julie Benz - I added close to 500 pics to her collection. Mostly all sexy cleavage pics although {as seen over there} there are some recent bikini pics in there as well. And that ladies and gentlemen is a bikini body! There are a few sets of sexy cleavage pics in there that have me wondering where in the blue fuck the nip slip pics are? Sexy cleavage pics really don't describe those. That is half a tit hanging out for all to see. One of the better collection updates during this whole {Mo}Bile fiasco IMNSHO.

Click the links below the thumbs to get to the set. Enjoy!

May 28 2016

Jennifer Garner See Through To Tits No Bra

Random Candids

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Love Hewitt Sexy Cleavage, Thighs, and Legs

Random Candids

Jennifer Love Hewitt Mobile Version 1.5 Letter J Cont Again...

...Finally finished the non-nude Gallery S mobile collections. Damn that sucked and was time consuming as hell. Nope, no new pics there. Just simply mobile friendly now. This is the reason that I am starting to jump around the site. Most if not all collections after letter L won't be getting any pic additions because I don't have any new pics for those collections that are worth spending the time to add. They will have to wait until I do actual official collection updates and move them to Version 2.0 and add them to the other site. But in the meantime I still have letters J - L and I do have a few more pics to add to those. So after I finished most of mobile letter S {the none nude collections, The Skin Side is now on hold until the end of the mobile updates} I jumped back to Letter J and...

Jennifer Garner - I added about 160 random candids to her collection. Not very interesting unless you are a fan of horse faced chicks which I am not. That being said and tastes in women differing these are what some may consider very hot additions: bikini pics, see through pics, and some pretty impressive cleavage pics for a chick that really has no tits to speak of {just check out the above mentioned bikini pics}.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - I added close to 600 random candid pics to her collection. Mostly bikini and sexy cleavage pics, a lot of sexy cleavage. This chick likes to show up to events with her tits hanging out. Not that we mind.

Jessica Biel Sexy Cleavage and Ass

Random Candids

Jessica Biel

Jewel Kilcher Sexy Cleavage Semi See Through to Black Panties

Random Candids

Jewel Kilcher

Jessica Biel - I added about 100 bikini, see through, and sexy cleavage pics to her collection. For some reason or another I didn't have may pics of her squirreled away? I imagine that when I do finally get around to her official collection update this one will be huge.

Jewel Kilcher - I added a little over 500 pics to her collection. Primarily sexy cleavage pics although there are a few bikini pics in there. Is this chick even relevant anymore? She still shows up to events with her tits hanging out so I guess she is still relevant on

- Bonus - I also did a little extracurricular work on Scarlett Johansson's collection. Seeing as she decided to go and get her tits and snatch out for the camera since the last time I visited her collection I added some full nude screen captures from "Under the Skin" to her collection. I usually don't do movie screen captures but this time it was for a reason. Your smart, you'll figure it out.

Click the links below the thumbs to get to the set. Enjoy!

May 25 2016

Jennifer Aniston Bikini

Random Candids

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Connelly See Through Hard Nipples

Random Candids

Jennifer Connelly Mobile Version 1.5 Letter J Cont...

...Another pic dump. This one is over 1100 pics and there is no shortage of bikini pics in there. This is the start of the Jennifers so that should be expected?! If you haven't noticed I am not updating the home page everytime I add pics and this info is actually a few days old. If you are actually watching the process of the " 1.5 Mobile Version Pic Updates" you may just want to check through the current Letter of the last update. E.G. there is more of Letter J done and I am farther than the four you see here. During this process stopping to update this page everytime I added pics would just be way to time consuming and counter-productive. That said:

Jennifer Aniston - I added over 500 random candids pics to her collection. There are more than a few bikini pics {some with suspect resolution}, some see through pics, some upskirt pics, and as always sexy cleavage pics. I have never seen the fuss over this chick. Bland and boring.

Jennifer Connelly - I added a couple sets, about 25 pics, of her in see through at various events. Didn't have many pics of her squirreled away for some reason?

Jennifer Ellison Camel Toe Bikini

Random Candids

Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Esposito Sexy Cleavage

Random Candids

Jennifer Esposito

Jennifer Ellison - I added close to 500 random candid pics to her collection. There is no shortage of staged bikini candids, AKA her acting like the paparazzi followed her to the beach or pool and took snaps of her running around with her top off but not showing anything. Attention whoring. You know the shit that low rent celebs do. There is also a bunch of sexy cleavage pics, a few up skirts, some see through... no shortage of her tits {no nipples} and her forehead.

Jennifer Esposito - I added about 60 random candids pic addition to her collection. All pics of her sexy cleavage. Pretty lame actually and I thought about skipping these but I have to get to them some time?

Click the links below the thumbs to get to the set. Enjoy!

May 22 2016

Jaime King Pokies and Sexy Cleavage

Random Candids

Jaime King

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Sexy Cleavage

Random Candids

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Mobile Version 1.5 Letter J...

...Here is another pic dump. This time from the beginning of letter J. Starting to thin out that "Finish" folder now. Up to Letter J is now mobile and about half of the Skin Side is done as well. I am starting to jump around though because I am trying to make sure that I can keep adding pics while doing this mobile thing. So for any one keeping score you may notice that the collections at the end of the alphabet are now mobile but I won't bore you with the details.

Just a note. Some URL's are completely changing but any bookmarks should redirect you correctly except for image hotlinks. They might quit working and sooner or later are going to quit working altogether anyway. Here ya go.

Jaime King - I added about 100 random candids pics to her collection. There are a few bikini and swimsuit pics that aren't all that noteworthy unless you like chicks that don't eat. There are also some sexy cleavage pics like the one over there. Those are noteworthy because damn she was hot before she started her starvation diet.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler - and speaking of eating disorders... I added about 250 random candid pics to her collection. There is no shortage of bikini pics in her collection and of course sexy cleavage pics. There are also some up skirt pics that the internet still hasn't decided if she is wearing panties or not? To be honest, I don't think that there are any of her pics from when she was starving herself in there. Maybe a few? Another hot chick that is hot when she doesn't look like a radiation patient.

Jenna Dewan Sexy Cleavage

Random Candids

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Fischer Sexy Cleavage

Random Candids

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Dewan - I added 70 random candids pics to her collection. There are a few bikini pics and a few sexy cleavage pics in there. Not one of my favorite chicks to work on which might explain the sparseness of pics in her collection. That or the fact that her spouse is just way more famous than she is and the demand just isn't there? Great body... butterface.

Jenna Fischer - There is a 50 random candids pic addition to her collection. All pics of her sexy cleavage. Pretty lame actually and I thought about skipping these but I have to get to them some time?

Click the links below the thumbs to get to the set. Enjoy!

May 20 2016

Heather Graham Pokies No Bra Thin Dress Sexy Ass

Random Candids

Heather Graham

Hilarie Burton Pokies and Sexy Cleavage

Random Candids

Hilarie Burton Mobile Version 1.5 Update...

...Still working on the mobile version, managed to get through letter I. While I was at it I updated a few more collections. Of course they are still pretty random. Had to restrain myself this time from actually working on two of the collections. There are some incredibly sexy pics in here.

Heather Graham - I added about 800 pics to her random candids collection. There is no shortage of bikini and sexy cleavage pics. And when I say cleavage, Heather goes out of her way to actually show off her tits. Her legs aren't to shabby either and there is no shortage of those pics either.

Hilarie Burton - I added about 100 random candids to her collection. There are a few different sets of her sexy cleavage, some of her sexy legs, a few of her hard nipples without a bra and a few showing her nasty skinny arms and legs after she went on her hunger strike. Such a waste.

Isla Fisher Sexy Legs and Cleavage in a Nurse Costume

Random Candids

Isla Fisher

Izabella Miko Sexy Cleavage and Legs

Random Candids

Izabella Miko

Isla Fisher - I added close to 800 pics to her random candids. A bunch of her sexy cleavage and legs with some bikini and swimsuit pics to boot, not to mention the sexy nurse costume pics {over there}. Excellent collection.

Izabella Miko - There is close to a 100 pic addition to her random candids collection. All pics of her sexy cleavage. Pretty lame actually and I thought about skipping these but I have to get to them some time?

Click the links below the thumbs to get to the set. Enjoy!

May 19 2016

Cameron Richardson Sexy Cleavage and Legs Short Dress

Random Candids

Cameron Richardson

Danica McKellar Sexy Cleavage

Random Candids

Danica McKellar

Mobile Update...

...Still working on the mobile version, managed to get through letter G. While I was at it I updated a few more collections. Of course they are still pretty random.

Cameron Richardson - I added about 45 pics to her random candids. Nothing all that amazing, pics of her sexy cleavage at a few different events.

Danica McKellar - There is close to a 300 pic addition to her random candids collection. Mostly of her in spandex showing off her cute little ass and more pics of her sexy cleavage.

Gillian Anderson See Through to Thong

Random Candids

Gillian Anderson

Gretchen Mol See Through to Nipples

Random Candids

Gretchen Mol

Gillian Anderson - I added about 100 pics to her random candids collection. Mostly sexy cleavage but there is a set in there of her showing off her thong and some nice side boob pics without a bra and her nipples poking out.

Gretchen Mol - I added about 90 random candids to her collection. There are a few sets of her in see through without a bra showing us her nipples and a few different sets of her sexy cleavage.

Click the links below the thumbs to get to the set. Enjoy!

May 15 2016

Abbie Cornish Sexy Cleavage

Hot Collection

Abbie Cornish Candids

Amber Heard Pokies Sexy Cleavage No Bra

Hot Collection

Amber Heard Candids

Random is the Word...

...I have this folder sitting on my hard drive. I like to call it my folder of "bad ideas" or "my folder of shit that I will never get done" or "my BIG waste of time" or... just a folder that is over 60 gigabytes of "harvested" images. At one point or another I "harvested" "Her" pics for one reason or another. I was going to add her to the site, or I was going to put her collection on the .net when I started it or she was on the "coming soon" list on the .com or I found a shit ton of her leaked pics and it seemed like a good collection to start or one of the letters was a little thin and I was going to add a few people to it e.g. letter H or I or some other reason that has totally escapes me at this time and is now stuck so far down in my grey matter that I may never remember why?

Which brings me to the point of this post. While in the midst of appeasing G and taking up huge amounts of time that I would rather be spending on adding collections, but I am instead revamping the whole site for the sake of mobile friendliness I remembered the "Finish" {that is it's actual name} folder and all of it's subfolders. Actually I never forget the "Finish" folder because that is where Dita Von Teese's collection still resides instead of in it's permanent residence in the actual folder list of collections that I am done with for now.

Brittany Daniel Sexy Cleavage Great Ass Tight Dress

Hot Collection

Brittany Daniel Candids

I opened the "Finished" folder the other day and actually looked at all of the sub folders in it and made a decision. Since it seems like I am never going to get Dita Von Teese done because I am doing this "Mobile" thing and most of the collections in the "Finish" folder are almost finished, as in, organized, magazine scans cleaned, duplicates removed, most of the candid info is added, yada yada, I am going to throw them up while I go through the alphabet creating the Mobile

So while working on A, B, and C {all collections in A, B, and C are now mobile friendly} I also added over 2000 pics to Gallery A & B. Now as I said before a lot of the collections in the "Finish" folder are chicks' collections that at one point had a purpose that I have now forgotten and these are incredibly random. To prove my point the collections that were updated in A & B are the only collections that are in the "Finish" folder with chicks names starting in A & B.

...and for complete randomness sake:

I added 64 photoshoot pics and 708 random candid pics to Abbie Cornish

I added 142 photoshoot pics and 876 random candid pics to Amber Heard

I added 347 random candid pics to Brittany Daniel. {The actual addition links are below the thumbs}

There you go. Random. No clue as to why I was updating Abbie Cornish or Brittany Daniel above every other chick? Amber Heard on the other hand I know why but that update will have to wait for a later date when I have more time. So as I go through each letter doing this Mobile update I will also be adding content. Don't let the "randomcandids" be misleading, all the candid pics are organized. Not the order of things that I had in mind but fuck it. Enjoy the updates and stay tuned for more complete randomness {and Mobile Friendliness}.

May 13 2016

Abbie Cornish Sexy Cleavage in Tight Ass Pants

Hot Collection

Abbie Cornish Candids

Abi Titmuss Wet Tits and Snatch {See Through}

Skin Collection

Abi Titmuss Skin

{Mo}Bile BackAlleyPics...

...Haven't written anything here in awhile but have been doing a lot. Not to mention that if you are viewing this on a mobile device and have viewed this previously on a mobile device you may have noticed a huge difference? Yes the mobile is in the works. All Version 2.0 pages are done and I am now working on the rest of the site. In other words I did the easy part first because I am a lazy bastard. No, not really. I am doing it in some semblance of order {I started with the other site first} so that I don't get to damn confused. Now that the other site is done and the 2.0 Version is done I am moving on to the hard part, what I am calling version 1.5 of In other words all pages not on the Version 2.0 layout. Of course this being necessary to get the mobile version done.

I am not doing anything drastic to any of the collections. I am just changing the layout and maybe changing the collections to be more programmatic. Things that I hadn't learned myself years ago when I was building the original pages. Unfortunately this is a time consuming change and all collection updates and additions are on hold until I am done. I need traffic folks and Google isn't cooperating until I get this bullshit done.

If you keep up on Google + then you know that there have been plenty of updates since the one below and if you don't then I guess that you missed out on Dita Von Teese on the other site?! Sucks to be you. She will be here sooner or later. Looks like later. Her nude photoshoot collection is pretty damn big and I haven't had the time to work on it.

Here is the new layout for the old pages. {Links Above} Either Abbie Cornish on the non-nude side or Abi Titmuss on the Skin Side. Now that I have the master page and style sheet set up I should be able to run through this shit pretty quick... I hope. BackAlleyPics is moving into 2014 and is now becoming mobile, as to why you would visit a site devoted to UHQ pics on a five inch screen and slow mobile networks? Well that is another matter all together. Either way, enjoy!

April 14 2016 Version 2.0 High Quality Pic Collections

- New URL = {Link Above}

Sorry no picture update yet but the time was coming for me to build a bunch of sections for the sites. I have been trying to add them incrementally while adding pic collections but the time came when that was unavoidable {I still have to re-build the updates section that is no longer there}.

Anywho, here is another section. This one will list all of the collections on Version 2.0. Later down the road I will ad a sort button but I didn't want to take the time to program it right now. See, call me "puttin shit off". But I am still only whittling down the next pic update {Holding Strong at 15000 and getting close to being done with the candids, that number will drop once I hit her photoshoots} and I really want to focus on that after today. There is only twelve collections on Version 2.0 right now so I can do that {for now}.

This would have been done sooner but me and MS SQL got into a fight and I had to uninstall half of the programs on my PC and reinstall them which literally took one whole day and then I had to set all my programs back up. Still fighting with that. I added the last two sections pretty quickly so if you see any bugs just scream at me!

April 7 2016

Only the Sexiest High Quality Pic Collections

- New URL = {Link Above}

For the users reading this that have somehow not been to I have programmed a few pages that you can now use on to see all the added collections on the .NET and how many images you are missing from her collection if you are only visiting one site. Then again if you are only wanting "her" sexiest pics you are probably good although there may be more of "her" sexy pics at the .net as well such as Diane Kruger's Upskirt set. On there only a fraction of the pics that are on the .NET. For those that are to lazy to look the number is close to 300.

Anywho, that is what I have been working on while I work on the next set of pics for the next update, it's turning out to be a doozy, I have been working on the pics for weeks and have it whittled down to 16,000 pics as of now. I imagine half of those will go in the trash so it will probably be a huge one at around 8,000 pics! It will be the dirtiest set of pics on yet {and will definitely be replacing Either Katy Perry or Vanessa Hudgens in the "Five Sexiest"} without actually delving into porn stars' collections {time, time, damn that pesky time, I need more!} I just have to program one more page and then I will try to start devoting all my website time to that next update. Call yourself informed in the BackAlleyPics way.

Edit: Here is the link to all of the collections and numbers.

April 2 2016

Diane Kruger Full Nude

Skin Collection

Diane Kruger Nude

Letter D is for Dull...

...Here is a revamp and update of Diane Kruger's collection. It isn't all that exciting unless maybe you are a Diane Kruger fan? On the plus side she in now on Version 2.0 and her collection is a hell of a lot easier to navigate. On the other hand there really isn't all that much new to see here if you have already visited her collection on the .net. I wish I could say that there are some type of additions to her skin collections but I don't think there are with the exception of a few upgrades. I think that there are a few updates to her general photoshoots but those are still pretty lame. I guess that goes without saying for an ex model turned actress bordering on the D-list?

And speaking of the D-list. Haven't done an update in quite awhile, been trying to work on getting traffic to the sites which doesn't seem to be working very well. That and my interest in working on, and adding new collections to the sites seems to be about as high as the visitiors interest in the sites, pretty fucking low. I have no idea about the next update? As I actually have a real life and running the sites {again} has been time consuming, frustrating, about as exciting as watching paint dry and about as rewarding as a penis being seen by a gynecologist, it may be awhile. Like the sites and appreciate the hard work, use a share button, leave a tip, follow us on Google +, or leave a comment! Already contributed? Thanks, it's appreciated!

March 5 2016

Diora Baird Full Nude

Skin Collection

Diora Baird Nude

Letter D is for Double D's...

...Diora Baird's Double D's out for a breathe of fresh air. This collection has been sitting on my hard drive collecting dust and I spent a lot of time cleaning most of these magazine scans so I thought "ah, fuck it, here is some nice tits and ass they should see" and wahla here is Diora Baird in all her nakedness.

Most people probably have no idea who she is. Considering her biggest roles are probably from a "Texas Chainsaw" reboot and a few episodes of "Shameless", "d-list" is pretty appropriate. Her D-list appearances go on but I am pretty sure that you don't give a shit and just want to see her all natural Double D's {or her pulling her panties off to the side because they were obscuring the view}.

Other than her photoshoots her collection is pretty lame. Most top heavy natural Hollywood chicks usually show up to events showing off {Katy Perry} what most other Hollywood chicks envy and use Doctor Platstic to achieve {Blake Lively} but that doesn't seem to be the case when if comes to her? There aren't many natural big tittied chicks in Hollywood and it seems like she was such a waste of a good opportunity or she probably just got used as an opportunity to get the few bullshit roles that she has gotten.

She should fire her pimp agent because shit just isn't materialising for her and what has, is what I would consider, pretty cheap pay. She doesn't know how to use what she has when gets on the Red Carpet so she probably doesn't know how to use it in "his office" either, and "the pay" reflects this? That probably explains her lack of career and her event sets here? She made for a pretty good "quickie" collection though and I bet that she made for a pretty good "quickie" for a few photographers, producers, and directors as well. Enjoy the High Qualities!

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