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November 30 2017

Christina Aguilera Version 2.0 Version 1.5... Still

Thought I would pop in over here and let you know that that, no there is no update on although there is a pretty huge Christina Aguilera update over on .net. Next question your going to ask is "why is her update over there and her Version 2.0 Collection is not over here"? Answer is that it will be here soon as the update over there is still only half done! Christina Aguilera fans rejoice. Close to 4000 pics in over 80 sets and counting.

The first reason that this update is taking so long is that I spent two days reprogramming the individial updates pages and ran into a snag trying to figure out SQL DateTime in a datatable which I still never figured out. After 2 wasted days on bullshit search engines I got pissed off, gave up, and what you see on Christina's Update Pages is what you get. Not ideal {for me, you will never see the difference} but it works.

Irina Shayk Topless Photoshoot Set


Irina Shayk

And the other reason why she is not here first, which is the usual order of things. Her collection was done, ready to go, and sitting on the hard drive waiting to be posted before I stopped adding collections to revamp the sites, but... her collection got fucked up when my hard drive died and I had to manually recover all of the files. If you have ever went through the hell of recovering files from a dying hard drive you feel my pain. Looks like I recovered most of the pics but a few were lost or damaged. I really don't know how many were lost? Considering the size of this update? I would say not many.

Long story short, sorting through 200 folders of pics fixing them is time consuming as hell. Her update would not normally be this big because I would have only done part of it for now, and the rest later as I am trying to get medium sized collections of a lot of chicks versus huge {speaking of huge and some missing pics of Christina, they weren't lost, I left most of her fat pics on some one else's server} collections of a few chicks but I had it completed at one point and I have to sort the whole thing out at once for fear of fucking up the .com collection which we can't have. I have been cutting a lot of pics out on .net for the sake of G and their internet censorship bullshit.

Speaking of which. I just had to pull more than a few Irina Shayk pics from over there because she had her bare tits covered with a towel, Oh My, the scandal. Once again, the reason that there is two versions of BackAlleyPics. No, her tit pics weren't posted... over there. Looking at the pic though, her bikini bottoms are crawling pretty far up her ass? Want to see what is under the towel in the pics they bitched about?

Anyhooha, I got about 60 more Christina folders {sets} to go through and Christina Aguilera's Version 2.0 collection should be here. Christina is being updated and you have been updated. Enjoy the pics!

On Ver. 2.0: -

55 Chicks / 114,205 Pics
Number = # of Tag Pics
Button = BackAlleyPics Tag

November 21 2017

Cameron Diaz Version 2.0

Total Collection = 1940 Pics

Cameron Diaz High Quality Non Nude / Semi Nude Photoshoot Pic

Cameron Diaz 554 HQ Photoshoot Pics

Photoshoots »

Cameron Diaz High Quality Semi Nude / Full Nude Photoshoot Pic

Cameron Diaz 87 HQ Nude Pics/Vid Caps

Nude »

Cameron Diaz High Quality Topless Candid Pic

Cameron Diaz 18 HQ Topless Candid Pics

Topless »

Cameron Diaz Nip Slip Pokies Sexy Cleavage The Tonight Show

Cameron Diaz 15 HQ Nip Slip Pics

Nip Slip »

Cameron Diaz High Quality Bikini Candid Pic

Cameron Diaz 534 HQ Bikini Pics

Bikini »

Cameron Diaz Sexy Cleavage

Cameron Diaz 398 HQ Sexy Cleavage Pics

Sexy Cleavage »

Cameron Diaz High Quality Spandex Candid Pic

Cameron Diaz 48 HQ Spandex Pics

Spandex »

Cameron Diaz Sexy Legs and Thighs Short Shorts

Cameron Diaz 211 HQ Sexy Legs Pics

Sexy Legs »

Cameron Diaz Photo Session Sexy Cleavage and Legs

Cameron Diaz 75 HQ Photo Session Pics

Photo Sessions »

November 9 2017

Amber Smith HQ Photoshoot Pics Amber Smith HQ Photoshoot Pics Jenny McCarthy HQ Sexy Cleavage Pics Jenny McCarthy HQ Sexy Cleavage Pics

Out With Irina, in With Chrissy

Irina Shayk's ultimate demise in the Top Five Sexiest Collections was inevitable. And it has finally come to pass. It was originally going to be Bella Hadid and that was that. But after a little pondering and knowing that I was going to add Chrissy Teigen's Collection while working on Letter C's Collections I sped up the process and added Chrissy before any of the other Letter C Collections so I could see just which Collection was Sexier?

And the winner is Chrissy Teigen, but just by a hair, or a few, of the pussy type. Chrissy gets the win because Chrissy gets full naked and has pantiless up skirts while Bella has yet to show us the beaver. If not for that, the decision would have been a lot harder. Bella Hadid would have probably won because she actually has more pics in her collection, a ton more see through pics that actually had to be put on and couldn't be posted on because they are NSFW, and she was here first. And fuck it, I'll say it, tie goes to the hottest and Bella is much hotter.

I wouldn't count out Bella in the future? Full nude is the new Hollywood trend. Thank you Miley Cyrus {yeah I will get to that collection soon, or you could donate and pick her and "force" me to do it, definitely a Katy Perry replacement} and Social Media. Which if all goes well in 'The Pic Her Campaign' I have a few ideas of how I am going to let the visitors start deciding the Top Five Sexiest Collections.

Irina Shayk has been gone for awhile, I just didn't have the replacement. She is a model that bitches about doing nudity who has never really done a nude shoot. Models do nudity dumb ass. Get a different job if you don't like it. Her collection is pretty sexy but when I can post all of a collection on the .Net with the exception of only a few pics? Well it was a good run in the Top Five Irina, but it was only by default due to the fact that she was there when I built Version 2.0 and only due to me not getting around to finding her replacement.

So if you are trying to find a new Top Five Sexiest Collection for - The Pic Her Campaign -, the competition just got a lot harder. Irina Shayk was an easy one to replace but now 4 of the 5 all have full nudity. A little hint for those trying to find a new Top Five Sexiest Collection, Katy Perry {unless she got naked and I missed the world shaking update?} will be replaced by just about any one, so if you can find some one comparable to Chrissy Teigen's Collection you are pretty much in the running to pic the next two BackAlleyPics collections.

November 8 2017

Chrissy Teigen Version 2.0

Total Collection = 3884 Pics

Chrissy Teigen High Quality Non Nude / Semi Nude Photoshoot Pic

Chrissy Teigen 1021 HQ Photoshoot Pics

Photoshoots »

Chrissy Teigen High Quality Semi Nude / Full Nude Photoshoot Pic

Chrissy Teigen 103 HQ Nude Pics

Nude »

Chrissy Teigen High Quality Topless {Nude} Candid Pic

Chrissy Teigen 109 HQ Topless Pics

Topless »

Chrissy Teigen Up Skirt Shaved Pussy Sexy Legs and Thighs

Chrissy Teigen 93 HQ Up Skirt Pics

Up Skirt »

Chrissy Teigen Nip Slip Sexy Cleavage

Chrissy Teigen 09 HQ Nip Slip Pics

Nip Slip »

Chrissy Teigen See Through to Tits and Panties No Bra

Chrissy Teigen 102 HQ See Through Pics

See Through »

Chrissy Teigen High Definition Bikini Photoshoot Video Captures

Chrissy Teigen 1545 HQ Bikini Pics

Bikini »

Chrissy Teigen Camel Toe Spandex Sexy Cleavage

Chrissy Teigen 14 HQ Camel Toe Pics

Camel Toe »

Chrissy Teigen Side Boob Sexy Legs and Thighs No Panties

Chrissy Teigen 63 HQ Side Boob Pics

Side Boob »

Chrissy Teigen Pokies No Bra Sexy Legs and Thighs Short Shorts

Chrissy Teigen 91 HQ Pokie Pics

Pokies »

Chrissy Teigen Sexy Cleavage Legs and Thighs

Chrissy Teigen 294 HQ Sexy Cleavage Pics

Sexy Cleavage »

Chrissy Teigen Spandex Sexy Cleavage

Chrissy Teigen 94 HQ Spandex Pics

Spandex »

Chrissy Teigen Sexy Legs and Thighs No Panties

Chrissy Teigen 333 HQ Sexy Legs Pics

Sexy Legs »

Chrissy Teigen High Quality Photo Session Pic

Chrissy Teigen 13 HQ Photo Session Pics

Photo Sessions »

October 1 2017

Bella Hadid Version 2.0

Total Collection = 4384 Pics

Bella Hadid High Quality Non Nude / Semi Nude Photoshoot Pic

Bella Hadid 1006 HQ Photoshoot Pics

Photoshoots »

Bella Hadid High Quality Semi Nude / Full Nude Photoshoot Pic

Bella Hadid 79 HQ Nude Pics/Vid Caps

Nude »

Bella Hadid Up Skirt White Panties Pokies No Bra Sexy Cleavage

Bella Hadid 100 HQ Up Skirt Pics

Up Skirt »

Bella Hadid See Through to Tits White Panties No Bra Sexy Legs and Thighs

Bella Hadid 504 HQ See Through Pics

See Through »

Bella Hadid High Quality Bikini Candid Pic

Bella Hadid 178 HQ Bikini Pics

Bikini »

Bella Hadid High Quality Thong Swimsuit Candid Pic

Bella Hadid 118 HQ Swimsuit Pics

Swimsuit »

Bella Hadid Camel Toe in Tight Jeans with Gigi Hadid

Bella Hadid 75 HQ Camel Toe Pics

Camel Toe »

Bella Hadid Side Boob Pokies No Bra Sexy Cleavage, Legs, and Thighs

Bella Hadid 151 HQ Side Boob Pics

Side Boob »

Bella Hadid Nipple Pasties Sexy Legs and Thighs See Through Skirt White Panties

Bella Hadid 103 HQ Nipple Pastie Pics

Nipple Pasties »

Bella Hadid Pokies No Bra Sexy Belly Little Shirt and Tight Jeans

Bella Hadid 474 HQ Pokie Pics

Pokies »

Bella Hadid Sexy Cleavage, Legs, and Thighs

Bella Hadid 1168 HQ Sexy Cleavage Pics

Sexy Cleavage »

Bella Hadid Spandex and Pokies Sexy Cleavage in a Sports Bra

Bella Hadid 178 HQ Spandex Pics

Spandex »

Bella Hadid Sexy Legs and Ass in a Thong

Bella Hadid 250 HQ Sexy Legs Pics

Sexy Legs »

August 31 2017

Asia Argento Version 2.0

Total Collection = 1254 Pics

Asia Argento High Quality Non Nude / Semi Nude Photoshoot Pic

Asia Argento 285 HQ Photoshoot Pics

Photoshoots »

Asia Argento High Quality Semi Nude / Full Nude Photoshoot Pic

Asia Argento 591 HQ Nude Pics/Vid Caps

Nude »

Asia Argento High Quality Topless Bikini Candid Pic

Asia Argento 11 HQ Topless Candid Pics

Topless »

Asia Argento See Through to Tits

Asia Argento 39 HQ See Through Pics

See Through »

Asia Argento High Quality Bikini Candid Pic

Asia Argento 43 HQ Bikini Pics

Bikini »

Asia Argento Pokies No Bra

Asia Argento 33 HQ Pokie Pics

Pokies »

Asia Argento Sexy Cleavage

Asia Argento 223 HQ Sexy Cleavage Pics

Sexy Cleavage »

Asia Argento Sexy Legs and Thighs Short Dress

Asia Argento 11 HQ Sexy Legs Pics

Sexy Legs »

Asia Argento High Quality Photo Session Pic

Asia Argento 18 HQ Photo Session Pics

Photo Sessions »

October 16 2017

Bijou Phillips Version 2.0

Total Collection = 441 Pics

Bijou Pillips update... blah blah blah. Had to be moved to Version 2.0 and had a few pics to add while I did it. Her collection is done as is her career. Nuff said bout that. Better than that update is the new "Sexiest Posts" section over on the .net. If you can't surf over here there is now a sort of "Sexier" way to surf over there so you can skip "her" bullshit posts of "her" in way to many clothes in a "Safe For Work" way. Not or but Sexier than it was. Enjoy!

Bijou Phillips High Quality Non Nude / Semi Nude Photoshoot Pic

Bijou Phillips 67 HQ Photoshoot Pics

Photoshoots »

Bijou Phillips High Quality Semi Nude / Full Nude Photoshoot Pic

Bijou Phillips 176 HQ Nude Pics/Vid Caps

Nude »

Bijou Phillips Nip Slip

Bijou Phillips 09 HQ Nip Slip Pics

Nip Slip »

Bijou Phillips High Quality Bikini Candid Pic

Bijou Phillips 36 Bikini Pics/Vid Caps

Bikini »

Bijou Phillips Pokies Sexy Cleavage

Bijou Phillips 17 HQ Pokie Pics

Pokies »

Bijou Phillips Sexy Cleavage

Bijou Phillips 85 HQ Sexy Cleavage Pics

Sexy Cleavage »

Bijou Phillips Sexy Legs and Thighs Short Dress

Bijou Phillips 44 HQ Sexy Legs Pics

Sexy Legs »

Bijou Phillips High Quality Photo Session Pic

Bijou Phillips 07 HQ Photo Session Pics

Photo Sessions »

June 22 2017

Amanda Seyfried Swimsuit See Through to Tits

See Thru Swimsuit

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried Version 2.0

Busy, Busy, I have been. While I was creating Anne's update and adding her to Version 2.0 I also went ahead and put Amanda Seyfried there as well. I actually did update her collection but I don't really consider it an update due to the fact that all of the pics that I added were already posted over on the .net a long time ago. Nope, she didn't get an update at this point over on the .net. If she had done some type of nudity besides for movie roles she would have but she didn't so she didn't. I focusing on the Skin Side right now so an Amanda update will have to wait until the next go round. I posted a pretty big update about the future of updates earlier.

100k Pics on Version 2.0

And with getting Anne's and Amanda's collections on Version 2.0 it now officially houses over 100,000 pics in the tag system. I have no idea how many actual pics are on as I don't have any real way to count besides for actually opening and counting every folder and... fuck that, to time consuming and inaccurate. I would rather spend that time building collections to bring to you. I can tell you that there is 314 chicks on and that only 49 of those are currently on Version 2.0. That is the reason that I rolled Version 2.0. Once everyone is on there then we will all know how many pics actually reside on the server. In the meantime we will just let MSSQL keep doing the counting on Version 2.0.

As I said, busy, busy. I actually got around to building the Home Page Archive. I have a bad habit of trying to keep my visitors informed on the progress of BackAlleyPics which often leads to these long winded posts on the Home Page. Which in turn was leading to some really looong pages so I remedied that by creating The Home Page Archive. To access it you simply scroll to the bottom of Home Page and hit the sign that says 'Older Shit' and you will be in the archive.

Besides for working on all of that and sorting pics for the next update this update took so long because I have been feverishly harvesting pics. I have a feeling harvesting pics just got a lot less time consuming which is not a good thing. Imagebam will be going down June 30 2017 and that will mean that a lot of the places that I get pics from will have A LOT less pics. For those that have never visited a picture forum and have no clue what an Imagebam is let me just say that the internet will not have near the amount of pics that it does now. I will say that the forums alone will probably lose half of the images, if not more in their posts.

Of course the only way that this effects BackAlleyPics is that future updates to collections will be a lot smaller because there will be less pics to harvest and share. On the plus side all of my images on BackAlleyPics are stored and served from a hosted server and will always be available as long as the sites are up. You are welcome and I would really appreciate some help in regards to that. You can always throw something in The Tip Jar to help pay for said hosting because the shit isn't cheap. Thanks. Besides for that I have hundreds of gigabytes of stockpiled images and ladies that I haven't even begun to post so BackAlleyPics will always haves update material... not to mention some of those post pics can still be found in her collection here.

Which brings me to the last line of business in this update. Yep it is another long winded post. I have been lining up some pretty good new skin collections in the next few letters because I was forced to find a quicker harvesting method which I didn't think was possible but... I did it. Seeing as the new trend with celebs is the more skin the better and posting nudes on Social Media is the new norm I wanted to take advantage and get some new collections rolling of chicks that actually like to show off their bodies. Most of these new collections will be models but now days what the fuck is the difference between a model and an actress or singer. They all do reality TV so... As long as the tits are showing and the panties are missing I am going to add them. I'll get back to the prudes in the next go round {after I hit Letter Z and start over at A}. In the meantime. Enjoy the nudes!

June 22 2017

Anne Hathaway See Through to Tits Short Skirt Sexy Legs and Thighs

See Through

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Version 2.0

I actually got around to a real actress and some one you have heard of. If you have never heard of Anne Hathaway I really do need to ask the question, "why the hell are on BackAlleyPics?" You may have noticed that her update really isn't all that big. That is primarily due to the fact that actually getting her added to the .net and getting her collection on Version 2.0 was actually the goal here not really updating here collection. The 37 pics set rule kicked in here and unfortunately most of her first 37 pics sets were already posted in her random candids section which by the way no longer exists. I told you I would 'split these into posts, add more, and add the lovely information that is missing'.

That said I did create more than a few high definition nude screen caps. That and I think I sort of fucked up and removed about 200 pics that really didn't have a place on Version 2.0. In reality I think I actually added more than 500 pics to her collection. Her infamous up skirt pics were in a set of about 200 with only six of those actually being sexy. That set of pics wouldn't even be on BackAlleyPics had she not shown her bush while getting out of the car because: a) that dress was about ugly as hell and there was nothing sexy about it and b) I tended to leave a lot of the pictures of Anne and her little boy haircut behind because there was nothing sexy about the 'way to skinny Anne Hathaway sporting a little boy haircut' phase she went through. Although that pic set is not completely gone because I did post them once and I didn't want to completely remove them. You can now find them over on the .net. They are on Anne's posts page 5 in post 'Les Miserables Premiere Dec. 10 2012'. Obviously I can't post the link here. Don't worry Anne will be getting more than a few more updates. 2100 pics is just the start.

I also created a new navigational tool for those of you that like simplicity. It actually works a lot different on mobile vs. desktop. I introduce to you 'DropDownList'. If you look to the top of the page on mobile or to the top and right on desktop you will notice a little box the reads 'Type Her Name'. If you do start to type her name {on desktop, mobile you will have to scroll a very long list if she is a later letter in the alphabet} it will take you to the place in the list where her name resides in alphabetical order by first name. Then if you have done all that work already and you click her name, you will be off to her page just that quick. I whole heartedly believe in an easy to navigate website so I give you just one more way of finding what it is that you are looking for. I also added one to the .net. Happy Navigating.

August 23 2017

Ashley Greene Version 2.0

Total Collection = 2196 Pics

Ashley Greene Topless Sex Scene High Definition Vid Cap 'Rogue'

Ashley Greene 79 HQ Nude Pics/Vid Caps


Ashley Greene High Quality Photoshoot Pic

Ashley Greene 680 HQ Photoshoot Pics


Ashley Greene Up Skirt Black Panties

Ashley Greene 10 HQ Up Skirt Pics

Up Skirt

Ashley Greene High Quality Bikini Candid Pic

Ashley Greene 201 HQ Bikini Pics


Ashley Greene High Quality Swimsuit Candid Pic

Ashley Greene 47 HQ Swimsuit Pics


Ashley Greene Camel Toe Wet Crotch Spandex

Ashley Greene 36 HQ Camel Toe Pics

Camel Toe

Ashley Greene High Quality Photoshoot Pic

Ashley Greene 91 HQ Pokie Pics


Ashley Greene Sexy Cleavage

Ashley Greene 677 Sexy Cleavage Pics

Sexy Cleavage

Ashley Greene Spandex Sexy Cleavage Little Tank Top

Ashley Greene 112 HQ Spandex Pics


Ashley Greene Sexy Legs and Thighs Short Dress

Ashley Greene 229 HQ Sexy Legs Pics

Sexy Legs

Ashley Greene Photo Session Sexy Cleavage

Ashley Greene 34 HQ Photo Session Pics

Photo Sessions

June 6 2017

Angie Everhart Version 2.0

I guess doing Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendars is all it takes to be considered a super model? I always thought being a super model model meant that people knew who you were and didn't mean softcore porn C list movie roles. I have heard her called a super model on more than a few different websites although I have never heard her called one on television. Oh wait, I don't think I have ever heard her name spoken aloud so...

Anyway. Here is an official update for her collection and it will probably be the last. Looks like her 'super model' years have passed and she has long been forgotten. 'Super modeling' sure didn't bring much in the way of pics as her collection is just over under 600 and that includes the screen caps I added to it. Another collection to stick a fork in, call done, and move on. And speaking of moving on...

Amanda Bynes Up Skirt Pink Panties Sexy Legs and Thighs

Pink Panties

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes Version 2.0

I also added Amanda Bynes to Version 2.0 for any one interested? Nope. No one? Yeah. Me neither, but she needed to be moved so it is done. Not that I had planned on doing an update to her collection at this time anyway unless she did a nude photo spread or something. From what I have seen her career has pretty much self imploded and the 'Amanda Bynes Shit Show' is over. A few new unimpressive paparazzi pics is all that I have seen but I think even they gave up on her. Good riddance whiney rich chick. I am sure I will replace her with another in the near future.

I will get around to another update when I get caught up on pics, as in I am far enough ahead on pic collections that I don't have to keep stopping updates to work on them. I am trying to get about six collections ahead. Getting close to that goal now {sort of}. Should be soon that I will get to my ultimate goal of adding about three updates a week of between 5000 and 8000+ pics. Stay tuned.

May 28 2017

Alyssa Milano Nip Slip Sexy Cleavage

Nip Slip

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Version 2.0

Getting closer and closer to a real actress's collection. 'Real actress' as in what is known as a 'movie star'. I wouldn't actually call Alyssa Milano that. They actually have to do movies that people have actually heard of to be a movie star and 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2' doesn't quite cut it. But at least most people have heard of her. That is a hell of a lot better than most of recent chicks' collections that I have added.

Alyssa's previous collection consisted of about 400 non/nude photoshoot pics and about 200 non/nude candids making for a pretty small collection. Especially considering that her Version 2.0 collection is over 4100 pics and video captures. Over on the .net she has 2182 pics in 37 image sets. Her collection on both sites is her Version 1.5 collection from over here which is her photoshoots, her random candids {that page is now defunct, floating around in cyberspace somewhere to never return}, and her full nude candids at the beach. I obviously added to all of her random candids sets and fullfilled my promise of 'When we get back to her collection we will split these into posts, add more to each event if there is more, and add the lovely information that is missing.' Her collection is still not complete...

As with Alyssa's Collection so goes all updated collections from here on out. I am adding all of the photoshoot pics and all of her nudes {selfies, nude mag scans/photoshoots, nip slips, upskirts, topless pics... basically all NSFW and anything that I can't put over on .net} that I have, adding nude/very sexy video captures, and all of the random candids sets that are already posted here with updated info and pics. After those are added I am adding new sets which are in no particular order, I am just trying to add three sets to each month of the year. 12 months x 3 sets = 36. Get used to 37 image sets because that is now the new magic number over on .net. Although over here you will probably never notice because they are in tags instead of events. Using Alyssa Milano as an example... Read the Full Update

Also be sure to follow the BackAlleyPics Pinterest Page.

May 23 2017

Abi Titmuss Up Skirt Sheer Black Panties Sexy Legs and Thighs in a Short Dress

Up Skirts

Abi Titmuss

Abi Titmuss Version 2.0

Here is an update to Abi Titmuss's collection. Abi's collection is now on Version 2.0 and I added over 800 pics to her collection. If you don't know who Abi is then you are obviously not from the UK? Then again it seems that that is pretty irrelevent now anyway so I will spare you yesterday's news, as in news from about ten years ago. She had her 15 minutes of fame and then faded into obscurity to reemerge in America on one of the last two dying daytime soap operas that we have left. Blah Blah. What she was famous for is/was her sex tape. Getting her pussy eaten by a chick while sucking a dick, Oh my. It actually puts some porn to shame. And to date it is still the best celebrity sex tape out there. Highly recommended veiwing material right there.

Probably one of the weakest Skin Collections on besides for the one post wonders e.g. whats her name at the beach topless. She really never got naked and her photoshoots were alway pretty damn boring IMNSHO. How the fuck she got paid 30 grand a shoot is beyond me? For 30 grand you better be on all fours with your asshole spread out, but I guess? Then again all those mags that were paying her that much are pretty much defunct now {Nuts, Loaded, Zoo...} so what does that tell ya? You have to give her kudos though, leaking her sex tape was probably the smartest career and financial move she ever made.

Anywho. She is a nobody now and you maybe wondering why I went from the nobody's of The Lingerie Bowl to a washed up nobody now that I am actually done programming 'Mobile BackAlleyPics', Creating Version 1.5 and 2.0, finishing The Lingerie Bowl 2.0, finally getting back to and finishing Dita Von Teese on both sites and a whole bunch of other new programming I have done along the way { Version 1.0 is finally in it's unmarked grave}? A is for Abi and the first letter in the alphabet. That is for the first graders out there who parents are using the internet as a babysitter again.

The plan of attack from here on out is... Read the Full Update

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