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- Abi Titmuss Version 2.0 and Future Progress Update -

May 23 2017

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Abi Titmuss

Abi Titmuss Version 2.0

Here is an update to Abi Titmuss's collection. Abi's collection is now on Version 2.0 and I added over 800 pics to her collection. If you don't know who Abi is then you are obviously not from the UK? Then again it seems that that is pretty irrelevent now anyway so I will spare you yesterday's news, as in news from about ten years ago. She had her 15 minutes of fame and then faded into obscurity to reemerge in America on one of the last two dying daytime soap operas that we have left. Blah Blah. What she was famous for is/was her sex tape. Getting her pussy eaten by a chick while sucking a dick, Oh my. It actually puts some porn to shame. And to date it is still the best celebrity sex tape out there. Highly recommended veiwing material right there.

Probably one of the weakest Skin Collections on besides for the one post wonders e.g. whats her name at the beach topless. She really never got naked and her photoshoots were alway pretty damn boring IMNSHO. How the fuck she got paid 30 grand a shoot is beyond me? For 30 grand you better be on all fours with your asshole spread out, but I guess? Then again all those mags that were paying her that much are pretty much defunct now {Nuts, Loaded, Zoo...} so what does that tell ya? You have to give her kudos though, leaking her sex tape was probably the smartest career and financial move she ever made.

Anywho. She is a nobody now and you maybe wondering why I went from the nobody's of The Lingerie Bowl to a washed up nobody now that I am actually done programming 'Mobile BackAlleyPics', Creating Version 1.5 and 2.0, finishing The Lingerie Bowl 2.0, finally getting back to and finishing Dita Von Teese on both sites and a whole bunch of other new programming I have done along the way { Version 1.0 is finally in it's unmarked grave}? A is for Abi and the first letter in the alphabet. That is for the first graders out there who parents are using the internet as a babysitter again.

The plan of attack from here on out is as follows: Some of the more observant BackAlleyPics visitors may have noticed over on the gallery pages there are more than a few "Coming Soon" collections that are already available over here but over here they are generally not complete either. Then if you go to some of the more observant amongst you may have noticed that most of those collections reside on what is now Version 1.5, a hybrid of the old and Version 2.0. Not to mention that the collections are pretty small. Small as in 400 or 500 pics. Small! That is going to be remedied starting with Letter A going to Letter Z.

So if you add those two factors together you will notice on in Letter A that Anne Hathaway's collection is "Coming Soon". Then if you look at you will notice that Anne is there as well and Anne's collection is Version 1.5 and also has a section called 'Random Candids' with a note saying something along the lines of 'the rest will be here soon' so one would deduce that Anne will the first collection? Actually I am working on updating Anne's collection as I write this as in I am getting her new pics but no I Anne isn't first in line.

Now if you look at the Skin/All page again you will notice that the first collection there is Abi Titmuss and that Abi is on what is known as Version 1.5. Abi's collection comes before Anne's in alphabetical order so Abi comes before Anne. Hence Abi being the first collection I worked on. Now if you go back to the the Skin/All page a smart person would now assume that Alyssa Milano will be the next collection to be added to both sites after Abi? I would give that smart person a blue star, a cookie, and put them at the head of the class.

That said, one should be able to figure out the order of all the updates from here on out. Well besides for the new collections that I will be adding along the way that aren't mentioned. Nope, there aren't going to be new collections any in Letter A. Letter A will be a big enough update that I don't want to linger on adding a new collection too. So the order of Letter A will be: Abi Titmuss, Adrianne Currry is on Version 2.0 and the .net, she is done, skip her, Alyssa Milano is on The Skin Side and on Version 1.5 so she will follow Abi, Amber Smith is on Version 2.0 and the .net, she is done, skip her, Angie Everhart is on Version 1.5 and isn't on the .net, she will follow Alyssa, we have already spoken of Anne, she will follow Angie, then Ashley Greene, then Asia Argento, then start over on Letter B, then Letter C and so on... until all of The Skin Side is on Version 2.0 and all of the "Coming Soon" collections on the .net are done. Not to mention all of the collections over on .net that are not here be added here but that doesn't happen until Gemma Atkinson in Letter G.

That will be the order of things to come and that way I won't have to hear any whining about 'when will what's her name be here' or 'why isn't what's her name here'. She will be here when I get to the that letter and if she isn't added when I get to that letter then she may be added one day? I have a long list of 'I need to add hers' but right now the focus is getting through the above list and adding a few new collections along the way. That said, don't fret, a lot of collections won't be getting updates becasue they are washed up has beens who really have no updates to begin with so the only updates they will be getting are added to the Version 2.0 and the .net but with the new program that should take a matter of hours to complete leaving time for new collections to be added so who knows? 'What's her names' collection could be here sooner than later. Stay Tuned.

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