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- Alyssa Milano Version 2.0 and Future Progress Update May 28 2017 -

May 28 2017

Alyssa Milano Nip Slip Sexy Cleavage

Nip Slip

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Version 2.0

Getting closer and closer to a real actress's collection. 'Real actress' as in what is known as a 'movie star'. I wouldn't actually call Alyssa Milano that. They actually have to do movies that people have actually heard of to be a movie star and 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2' doesn't quite cut it. But at least most people have heard of her. That is a hell of a lot better than most of recent chicks' collections that I have added.

Alyssa's previous collection consisted of about 400 non/nude photoshoot pics and about 200 non/nude candids making for a pretty small collection. Especially considering that her Version 2.0 collection is over 4100 pics and video captures*. Over on the .net she has 2182 pics in 37 image sets. Her collection on both sites is her Version 1.5 collection from over here which is her photoshoots, her random candids {that page is now defunct, floating around in cyberspace somewhere to never return}, and her full nude candids at the beach. I obviously added to all of her random candids sets and fullfilled my promise of 'When we get back to her collection we will split these into posts, add more to each event if there is more, and add the lovely information that is missing.' Her collection is still not complete...

As with Alyssa's Collection so goes all updated collections from here on out. I am adding all of the photoshoot pics and all of her nudes {selfies, nude mag scans/photoshoots, nip slips, upskirts, topless pics... basically all NSFW and anything that I can't put over on .net} that I have, adding nude/very sexy video captures, and all of the random candids sets that are already posted here with updated info and pics. After those are added I am adding new sets which are in no particular order, I am just trying to add three sets to each month of the year. 12 months x 3 sets = 36. Get used to 37 image sets because that is now the new magic number over on .net. Although over here you will probably never notice because they are in tags instead of events.

Using Alyssa Milano as an example, she obviously has way more than 36 sexy event sets of pics which you probably guessed that I also have sitting on my hard drive. Actually I have close to 100 event sets of which I posted 36, hence 37 being the magic number {36 event sets + photoshoots}. Due to the lack of traffic over on .net I am only adding 36 sets of whatever number of sets to each lady until further notice so I can get some actual actresses over there and get the search traffic up. Content is king and I am going to attempt to flood it with just that.

Well that and the .com isn't doing so hot with traffic either so I am trying to get everyone on the Version 2.0 ASAP which seems to index better than the old version, which, before being shut down because of some bitch indexed just fine. BUT event sets are time consuming, not to mention cleaning mag scans and creating caps. Sometimes I can find myself spending a week on just getting her pics organized before I can post so this way I have a constrait and I can move on being somewhat satisfied with her collection. Hopefully you will be too. I will probably go through Letter Z the first time through this way and then add the rest when I get back to Letter A? More on that later. This is obviously in addition to last week's update.

And speaking of trying to get traffic up I added a BackAlleyPics Pinterest Page.. I actually created the page over a year ago and finally got around to setting it up last week. Version 2.0 was hella time consuming when you actually have a life that doesn't involve a PC monitor. I didn't waste the time on adding The Lingerie Bowl chicks to it while I was working on them becasue who the fuck are the Lingerie Bowl Ladies? Now that I am back to real actresses every time I do an update I will post it over there as well as the Google + page. Make sure to follow on BackAlleyPics on at least one of them to stay updated. Updates should start coming regulary now that I am basically done with all of the programming that I have to do. Enjoy the updates!

*Video Captures - This is a new thing that I have been adding to collections when I either a) run across a decent quality clip of what's her names nude scenes from that movie that she was in or b) I have the movie and it is in decent enough quality that I can cap it. Sometimes I run across high quality caps that some other capper has made and those are added to the collections. Credit to all those whose caps I have used. I will leave the tags on the caps and vid clips that I use so those responsible get credit for their work as long as the tags aren't to big or obtrusive, then again if that is the case I usually just throw them away so I guess that pretty much goes without saying. I don't tag mine due to my hate of tags on pics so I just put BackAlleyPics in the meta title. Hint, Hint. One other note, there are no caps over on the .net.

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