February 15 2017

Cora Skinner High Quality Photoshoots Pic


Cora Skinner

Ever Heard of Her?

Here are two more chicks from the Lingerie Bowl that you have never heard of? Most of these chicks {from The Lingerie Bowl} were basically just chicks that weren't famous {that wished they were} that they probably paid next to nothing to run around in next to nothing so finding pics of them isn't an easy feat and when I do find them most of the time the quality is always suspect and these two chicks were no different.

Cora Skinner - Probably one of the hottest chicks, if not the hottest chick that appeared in The Lingerie Bowl? And one of the few that I can't find any 'real' nudes of. Disappointing. That being said a lot of her lingerie modeling pics are still hotter than hell and there are a few where it appears that photoshopping out her nipples was more important than the fact that you can see a little labia here or a little clitorus there? I will let you play 'Where's Waldo' becasue I have already played and maybe you will find something that I missed.

She is only known {I did not use the word famous} because she dated a dude that will follow in his {?}father/other mother's{?} footsteps and be a woman soon. Like father like son. Still trying to figure what the fuck I am talking about? Good, that means that you are really here for chicks pics and you don't keep up on dumb shit. She was {maybe} fucking Brody Jenner. No bells still? I am still even more impressed and I will go no further down that fucked up {family tree} path. Bing is your friend. She is probably as close to a Kardashian that you will ever find on BackAlleyPics? {Maybe?}

A lot of her pics are low quality, that I wish were in better quality but I posted them anyway because sometimes something is better than nothing. As you can tell with her candids {check out her .net collection for a few more}, her pics are pretty hard to come by and high quality, even harder. This was a very time consuming collection {I hope I got all of the duplicates and very low qualities out, if not, apologies} so I hope that you enjoy it.

Jennifer Cantrell - If all you want is tits and ass without all the pleasantries like 'where were you born' or 'how old are you' then this chicks collection is for you. It appears that the internet knows nothing about this chick except that she got naked a few times and appeared in, you guessed it, The Lingerie Bowl {hence me typing this}. Her collection consists of her {few} Lingerie Bowl Pics and then straight to tits and ass. No photoshoots, no sexy cleavage candids, just Lingerie Bowl and Nude Photoshoots. A big collection at 48 pics with 40 of those being of her tits and pussy. I can find no info on this chick whats-so-ever so... She got naked once {or twice} for the camera and that is all that matters. We got a name and a face. Her pics would be so much hotter if her tits didn't look as phony as a Timex passing for a Rolex.

Check out BackAlleyPics G+ Page for more info on Cora Skinner's collection, I didn't want to waste anymore Home Page real estate on either one of these chicks.