February 20 2017

In Case You Cared?

Finally got the Top 25 Posts page on the .net sorted. I mean that pun literally. I finally got around to programming it so it is now actually only 25 of the most recent sexiest posts instead of thirty-some-such-shit going on 40. There is now sorting capabilites so that you can sort all of the sexiest posts added on BackAlleyPics.net to date which is to say 'sort of sexy' posts because Google cuts my nuts off in regards to what I really consider 'sexy' but fuck it, BackAlleyPics.com/Skin definitely more than makes up for that. And...

Finally got the new Lingerie Bowl Gallery Page programmed and wired into the database. I would like to think that it is definitely a mass improvement and a lot more imformative and user friendly. If you have never seen the old one you can check it out in your way back machine because it is now in digital hell where all things digital go to die when the overwrite button is clicked. Good riddance to it although it will be missed becasue it did serve it's purpose until BackAlleyPics.com Version 2.0 came along.

Yep, still got the BackAlleyPics.com/LingerieBowlUpdates.aspx page lingering about, but it days are numbered and it will soon join it's friend the old BackAlleyPics.com/LingerieBowl/Gallery.aspx in digital hell. Four more Lingerie Bowl chicks, three of which are Skin Collections, and the above mentioned updates page and The Lingerie Bowl is finally complete and all of BackAlleyPics.com is fully mobilized. Oh. I guess I should also mention that I added two more Lingerie Bowl chicks that you have never heard of.

Leyla Milani Photo Session Sexy Cleavage and Legs

Photo Sessions

Leyla Milani

Lana Kinnear is an American glamour model and actress that was born July 29 1976. I guess if you watch or watched wrestling at some point you may know her as Lana Star? With the little information that there is out there I really couldn't tell you. From what I have gathered she started out doing soft core porn, moved onto wrastlin', did a few semi nude/full nude photoshoots and finally reached the pinnacle of her career and hit The Lingerie Bowl... back in '06. Congrats to her on that.

Leyla Milani - Another wannabe famous chick that made it as far as being a model on 'Deal or No Deal' {Lucky 13} for those that actually watched and know what the fuck a 'Lucky 13' is, did something that had to do with wrastlin', {I have noticed a trend when it comes to The Lingerie Bowl ladies and wrestling}, she managed to make it to Maxims online gallery, well her and every other 'Deal or No Deal' model, she made it to The Lingerie Bowl, and she found her a millionaire sugar daddy. All those accomplishments and you have never heard of her? What the hell is wrong with you? Sad to say she is another of the few Lingerie Bowl Ladies that didn't make it to the Skin Side, hell she barely made it anywhere on BackAlleyPics because it seems no one gave a shit about her pics and I could barely find any High Qualities. Her collection sucks in regards to quality, you have been warned.