February 3 2017 {Actual Jan. 19*}

Jenny McCarthy Nude Photoshoots Pic

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Jenny McCarthy

The Silicone Stripper of Philanthropy...

Jenny McCarthy the doctor is a Playboy Playmate who has a doctorate in autism from Google University who told you to stop giving your kids the Mumps, Measles, Rubella vaccine and single-handedly poisoned Disney Land {along with some dumb bitch named Oprah Winfrey} because morons listened to some dumb fake blonde chick with fake tits that got her career start by taking off her clothes. Maybe her son actually has autism from all the rails she was doing while she was pregnant, just saying. Link to autism from coke moms is? Maybe I should go get my Google degree and find out the link between coke rails, hair dye, silicone implants, stupidity, and autism. Fuck it. Don't care.

Here is Jenny in all her nude glory, and that is all the glory that she actually deserves because the rest of her career is a fucking train wreck. One season here and one season there but this chick won't go away for some reason. If you want unfunny and retarded check out Jenny McCarthy in one of her one season wonders or take my advice and just check out what Jenny was really good at, getting naked. If you are into skinny chicks with silicone tits that just don't match her frame that is.

P.S. If you are a big Jenny McCarthy fan {I don't understand, but to each his own} and want more pics you might want to check out the .net because there are more than a few sets over there that I didn't put over here because they are just plain boring and I normally throw shit like them in the garbage but I guess that is what the .net is actually for... celebrity fans. If you want the full collection, download all the pics her pics here on the skin side and her photoshoots and download everything else from her .net collection, should be about 4000 pics {Windows isn't real accurate when counting pics in a bunch of different folders}?

P.P.S. America is truly fucked when we take medical advice from a celebrity stripper and our president is a celebrity idiot. Just a note I supported Bernie Sanders.

*Collection actually added January 19 2017 {Duh - Forgot To Do This}

January 2 2017

Amber Smith Nude Photoshoots Pic

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Amber Smith

Sex {addict}, Drugs {addict}, and Rock and Roll...

Amber Smith is an American model and actress that was born on March 2 1971. I use the term "actress" loosely. She is famous for... being a half assed softcore porn actress, think Skinimax, and attention starved reality television actress that appeared one of those fake reality television doctors' shows getting paid retardedly stupid amounts of money to talk about her being a drunk druggy, claiming she was a sex addict {how convenient, a chick that does softcore porn for a living claiming to be a sex addict to make herself more appealing when she can no longer find work in the porn industry} while the masses of idiots tune in?

I have no idea, I have never heard of her until I found her Lingerie Bowl pics. She has done no shortage of nudity though. From what I have read, she may or may not have had a medical procedure that included a caulk gun and a tube of silicone. If they are fake at least she left the moles on her augmented mounds of silicone, they are a nice touch {or good camouflage?}.

We would probably have a better collection of her pics but when doing the recap search {topping off what pics I already had} and the search for info of the few events sets that we do have, one thing became abundantly clear, the only pics of this chick that any one has is her nudes and no one on the internet gave a damn that she actually did show up to events? I guess that explains the low quality and low number of "candid" pics that turned up in her collection. Oh well I got other chicks to move onto beside for this washed up soft core porn actress {want video caps?} and we got the nudes so who gives a fuck?