February 6 2017

Christy Hemme High Quality Photoshoots Pic


Christy Hemme

They Used to Be Some One?

I combined these two washed up, want{ed} to be famous chicks into one update because neither of them were really all that famous. When chicks really aren't that famous their pics are really hard to come by hence neither one of them having all that big of a collection. Christy's collection only has a big number {793} becasue she was being photoshoot pimped by one of the wrestling programs? Don't get to excited, her photoshoot collection is pretty big but it really lacks in quality although I did A LOT of cleaning in there. Trishelle on the other hand, no one even gave a shit enough to photograph her {83 pic collection} to even have a photoshoot collection. So...

If you were a wrastlin' fan {more than} a few years back you may have some idea who this chick is? If not then I seriously doubt it. Of course the only info that I have about her is what I picked up while updating here collection which to say isn't much {because as you can tell from the size of her collection, it looks like no one else gave a shit either} and I couldn't be bothered to read her wiki page. I spent enough time cleaning her shitty {quality} photoshoot collection and I am just ready to finish the Lingerie Bowl and be done with these has beens which brings us back to Christy Hemme. Some chick from WWE, WWF, or TNA or WGAF {Who Gives a Fuck}? I guess if you are a female wrestler it is a prerequisite that you do Playboy and she filled that obligation to become, from what I understand, thrown to the waste side after she got pimped? Welcome to Hollywood! Fake wrestling, fake tits, fake chicks, whats not to love?

Trishelle Cannatella High Quality Photoshoots Pic


Trishelle Posts

If you liked MTV reality TV shows a few years back {I am not even going to go there} you may remember this chick? If not, you didn't miss much and by the sheer numbers of the pics that I can find it looks like about three people actually gave a shit. Basically in a nutshell unless you watched that garbage you probably could give a shit. The only reason that she is worth mentioning here is that she got naked a few times {if you are here and you don't like looking at pics of naked chicks?} and she was in the Lingerie Bowl, which by the way, now that Jenny McCarthy {see the post below} is done it is all down hill from here with a bunch of chicks no one ever gave a shit about that thought they were famous.

So, to wrap things up, here are two more Lingerie Bowl collections done, their Lingerie Bowl pages are now mobile friendly, they are on the Skin Side, you get to see their tits and bush {you can actually see Trishelle's pussy if you look hard enough}, and the Lingerie Bowl chicks collections are now more than halfway done.