March 6 2017

The Big {Tits} Let Down

Tamie Sheffield - She pretty much started out as a low rent softcare porn actress doing things such as 'Wildflower' {Erotic Thriller}, 'Roomate Wanted' {Softcore Lesbian Porn}, Skinemax's 'Black Tie Nights' {Erotica}, ect... She then went on to do amazing things such as pretty much being an extra in things like Scarecrow Slayer, Cry of the Winged Serpent, Vampire in Vegas... you get the point. She did a little bit of rastling there for a bit it looks like and finally made it to the her pinnacle and the reason that she is on BackAlleyPics, The Lingerie Bowl.

Being, in my humble opinion, one of, if not the hottest of the Lingerie Bowl Chicks on BackAlleyPics I am sad to say that her collection pretty much sucks ass in the quality department. But looking at her resume, what's a man to do? I scraped everything off the internet's greasy walls that I could find for this collection.

We wish we could get our hands on some of her actual nude pics but for some reason I really don't think that there are any. Seeing her thick thighs in an actual nude photo spread would have been a thing of beauty. That being said, seeing the amount off nudity and softcore porn that this chick has done I did something that I rarely spend the time doing and created no shortage of her nude video captures for the Skin Side. 1426 of them to be exact. Wish I could say they were High Definition but looking at the source material that they came from, aside from actually paying for the Blue Rays {if they exist?}, which, fuck all that, BackAlleyPics don't pay enough, I pay enough to keep this thing running, this is what we got.

And speaking of low quality, her actual photo collection is pretty much the same story. A whole bunch of, pretty much, low quality pics but I figured why not post them instead of just throwing them away? I tried to keep the low qualities to the minimum on unless they were just to damn hot not to post because I don't really have a way to organize low quality bullshit without programming something new and with the traffic this chick {won't} bring, fuck all that. I put a shit ton more low qualities over on the .net at the end of her collection. I tried to label all of the low qualities on both sites as well as I could. Enjoy!

*One Lingerie Bowl Chick's collection {Ryan Starr}, one Lingerie Bowl page to program, and two more extra nude Lingerie Bowl collections I am going to add and I am finally back to real actresses' collections and is full mobile.