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December 15 2015

The Old...

The New BackAlleyPics

...list of things that I was working on exists here now for the moment. This is in the archive because that is exactly what it is now. More than a year and a half ago this is what I was feverishly working on. To a degree I still am. Although now the focus has shifted slightly with the addition of the .NET site and other developments. Mainly the new tricks that I have up my sleeve and the need for me to be able to add HUGE updates a hell of a lot faster to both sites. I don't think that I will hear any complaints there.

This site is antiquated and it has to be fully upgraded to work on the program that .NET runs on. That upgrade has taken precedence over The Nudity Movement for the time being. The missing candids will continue to be missing. That mission has now been folded into the .NET site and updating every collection here which will be running in tandem once this site is upgraded. But seeing as I worked my ass off on the below updates and seeing as how I know that the below updates is what you want to see I have archived this page for you. Enjoy!

March 9 2014

Letter E Upgrades...

Eva Mendes Sexy Cleavage Side Boob

...Letter E's upgrades are finished. We have been creating notes along the way so you can see the posts below if you missed any of the updates. You can also hit up The Candid Home page to see them all. All and all we added about 4400 candid pics and about 830 new photo shoot pics. Almost every collection in Letter E got an upgrade if you have been waiting for new pics of any of those ladies. Over 5000 new pics! Not to bad. Enjoy!

March 5 2014

The Missing Candids...

Emmanuelle Chriqui

...Had to take a bit of time off but we are back now. Personal shit, hospitals, surgeries, Moms. Shit like that. Just wanted to put something here about progress. Plus this is about one of the hottest chicks on Back Alley. We added about 1200 new Emmanuelle Chriqui pics to her collection and upgraded some of her photo shoot pics. Also noteworthy is Emma Stone's collection, which we added about 100 new boring pics to. We also pissed around with Elizabeth Reaser's collection some. The rest of letter E should be done shortly!

February 16 2014

The Nude Movement Continues...

...We have gotten the hardest part of Letter E out of the way which is also the best part... The nude collections that are moving to the Skin Side. Of course the candids that we added to their collections are in there as well. But the nudity is what we really give a shit about... I mean why the hell else would you be here if not for rich tits and ass? Links to all below in her post.

Elsa Pataky

First move was Elsa Pataky who sued for getting nude and won but not before the mag was published and her tits and ass were all over the place including the net. There are also a few other updates and upgrades to her collection as well including the post {including visual aids} about said lawsuit and about 300 other hot candid pics. Enjoy!

Evan Rachel Wood

The other move is Evan Rachel Wood who seems to really be getting the hang of this getting naked thing. From full nudity in Mildred Pierce to a few different nude shoots we have pretty high hopes for her collection in the future. Not to mention the massive update to her collection that isn't nude including about 150 new candid pics. Enjoy those too!

February 9 2014

Elizabeth Hurley Has the Goods...

Elizabeth Hurley

...I had said that I wasn't going to post here for single collections but I am breaking that rule for Elizabeth Hurley because this in one smoking hot update. Where to begin? Her home page? Maybe the candid page with all the nudity links on it? Her bush pics? Maybe the 600 plus random candids with so much sexy cleavage that it makes your mouth water? No I think that you should just hit up her update page and decide from there. Enjoy!

February 7 2014

The Missing Candids - The Search Continues...

../Danica McKellar Fishnets Sexy Cleavage

...In locating Letter D's Candids we found disappointment as well. Then again most ladies in Letter D should be pretty disappointed in their careers {or lack thereof}. Sadly Letter D's candid collection only ended up being about 400 pics. And no nude candids to boot. *Sigh* Diane Kruger is about the only one that ended up being close to exciting. Well, unless you are a huge fan of the other four. I really like the Danica McKellar collection myself. Don't let my disappointment dissuade, Letter E {lots of fun stuff in there} will more than make up the the lackluster Letter D. Enjoy!

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Emily Ratajkowski HQ Nude Photoshoots Emily Ratajkowski HQ Nude Photoshoots Vida Guerra High Quality Bikini Pics Vida Guerra High Quality Bikini Pics
February 4 2014

The Missing Candids...

Christina Aguilera Camel Toe

...It seems that we have found Letter C's missing candids. There ended up being just over 1500 of them. There is no shortage of bikini, camel toes, up skirts and of course sexy cleavage, which is surprisingly, mostly real. There are also a few collections with the beloved topless bikini pics. Hit up the Candid Home Page to see the update or you can hit up Candid Brick C to see the Letter C candid collections. Enjoy!

February 2 2014

The Nude Movement Continues...

Bijou Phillips Cameron Diaz Cameron Richardson

...I figured that we would get the best part out of the way for Letter C. Or if you are me, I was getting the hardest and most time consuming part out of the way. I guess this also pertains to Letter B and D as well because those nude collections are in there as well. Anywho, we have moved all the ladies collections that are moving to the Skin Side from those 3 letters and also added some nude candids to collections that aren't moving. I must say that the Skin Side is growing rather well! On a side note, we added an update page to each ladies collection that we moved with details on the update of each collection. Their collections have changed! Above are the ladies that we either moved or added nude pics of. Of course hit up to see them all. Enjoy!

Christina Aguilera Claire Forlani Claudia Schiffer Diane Kruger
January 29 2014

The Missing Candids...

Brittany Snow

...It seems that we have found Letter B's missing candids. There only ended up being just over 600 but then again Letter B really isn't all that big and some of those ladies really have no career. Maybe when we get a chance to really get back to their collections we will come across some more but for now this is what we got. Hit up the Candid Home Page to see the update or you can hit up Candid Brick B to see the Letter B candid collections. Enjoy!

January 27 2014

The Nude Movement...

Alyssa Milano Angie Everhart Ashley Greene

...In our endeavor of creating this massive candid update and due to the upgrade of the program and the layout I had mentioned that some ladies would be moving to the Skin Side. I really don't think that any one will mind the adverse side effect. I will also be adding the nude pics that I have stored away to the collections {and some that I purposefully set out to get more of}. With that said and without further ado let's get this started shall we? First up: Letter A. Above are the ladies that we either moved or added nude pics of. Of course hit up to see them all. Enjoy!

Anne Hathaway Asia Argento
January 24 2014
Amber Heard Sexy Cleavage

...I guess you can disregard that post below because letters Am~Au are now done. The update ended up being around 3500 pics when all was said and done. Anne Hathaway being noteworthy as her addition was well over a thousand pics. We also threw a few quick collection upgrades in there as well while we were at it. Those would be Amber Heard and Amy Adams. We had some photo shoot pics that were sitting in folders collecting dust so we figured that we would put them to good use. Make sure to hit up the Candid Home Page to check out the full update. Enjoy!

January 23 2014
Anne Hathaway

...The upgrade still has a few bugs that we are working out so this update is taking longer than expected. Some of the update is done and I would just suggest keeping an eye on the candid galleries while we are working on this massive update. Half of letters Am~Au are done. I am not going to post here on the home page everytime I update one of the collections, I am just going to post when that whole "brick" is done, e.g. letters Am~Au. If you are a fan of any of those ladies I would strongly recommend checking out the progress of that page and the ladies on it. There is about 3000 new pics Enjoy!

January 11 2014

A New Year, More Pics...

Ali Larter

The ASP.NET 4.0 upgrade is {hopefully} finally in place. While I was working on the upgrade I happened to glance in the "temp" folder and notice all the candids that I have just sitting there of all the ladies before Letter "M" and came to a conclusion. We are just going to quickly revamp the candid side and add about fifty thousand pics in a time span of about a month.

...And to start it off we will start with letter A~Al as that is a good a place to start as any and those collections are a little on the thin side anyway. Lets see if we can't fatten them up a little. Now if only we could do that to some of the chicks on Back Alley? To kick this off here is the first 700 or so "random candids" and we are using Ali Larter {300 new pics and her pregnancy did fatten her up, her cleavage looks great!} as our example. Enjoy!

December 21 2013

Krista Allen Collection...

Krista Allen

...Here is the rest of that request/comment on the Skin side. Not one of our most impressive collections size wise but Krista's collection does contain one of the most revealing photo shoots on Back Alley. Would you expect any less from a d-list actress that started her career in softcore porn? AKA Emmanuelle is Space. See More...

December 14 2013

Jaime Pressly Collection...

Jaime Pressly

...Since we were asked so nicely in a comment that was left on the Skin side we figured since we were at J, and, K was coming up that we would do Jaime Pressly and Krista Allen respectively. {Not to mention that we were going to do Kelly Brook but her MASSIVE collection is no where near ready}. That said, we will only be doing Jaime's photo shoot collection until after the ASP.NET 4.0 upgrade which I haven't been working on because I have been working on Jaime's photo shoot collection for this update. There is over 550 pics in her photo shoots with no shortage of nudity so we hope that will tide you over until we get the upgrade done and get to her massive candid collection. See More...

I guess we should have mentioned this little change about seven or eight posts ago but it really doesn't apply to most of them so I guess we will mention it now for those that didn't figure out the Nudity Link button on some of the Skin collections' home pages. If her collection contains some nudity there is a quick link to the nude photo shoots on her home page.

December 7 2013

Jakki Degg Collection...

Jakki Degg

...Where to begin with Jakki? Not the hottest chick, face sort of like a bull dog and some, sort of, weird lips. Then again, weird lips are... Fill in the void. Not the usual bust size of the Brithish Glamour Models that we love but panties that say "eat me" in a leg spread position pretty much sums up this collection so I will let it speak for itself. See More...

November 30 2013

Holly Peers Candids...

Holly Peers

...This week's update is the remainder of Holly Peers collection. We didn't get her candids up last week because we were working on her massive photo shoot collection right up until we made her post. This week I had some problems trying to upgrade ASP.NET from 3.5 to 4.5 and wasted a whole day upgrading only then to downgrade again. I was working on the image galleries all week so I didn't get a chance to work on Jakki Degg's pics. I am working on them now and hopefully she will be up next week.

November 23 2013

Holly Peers Collection...

Holly Peers

...In Back Alley universe "H" must come after "I" in the alphabet because Holly should have been done before Iga. Holly is an after thought that turned out to be something a little bigger than we anticipated and her collection wasn't ready last week but Iga was so we rearranged the alphabet a little. I am pretty sure that Iga tided you over though and Holly's 3100 plus pic collection will more than make up for it! Hey! We finally have a British Glamour Model up that isn't over 30 and retired. See More...

November 15 2013

Iga/Eve/Eva Wyrwal Collection...

Iga Wyrwal

...Here is the first of what is going to be a long trip and tens of thousands of pictures deep into an adventure that we like to entitle "A Trip to Big Tit Land". Alright so big tit land is a real place right across the pond from U.S. called Britain and the Glamour Models are real life as well. They get a paycheck for showing off their tits or "boobs" as they like to call them. To start the journey, we give you Iga or Eve or Eva, whichever you prefer to call her, Wyrwal! She may be retired now but she sure left behind a lot of mammaries. See More...

July 16 2013

Lingerie Bowl III...

Lingerie Bowl

...We have finally finished Letter Z and as a way to do something different we put together a different type of post that is actually it's own small website. It started as a Willa Ford candid post and grew into something else entirely. The result is over 650 pics over about 30 pages of over 30 different chicks in lingerie for the 2005/2006 Lingerie Bowl III. While we were at it we also threw up a little post about where Back Alley will go now. See More...

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