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  • What she is famous for: Alice Braga is a Brazilian actress that was born on April 15 1983. She is probably most famous for City of God. She is also known for I Am Legend and Predators.
  • What I know her from: I Am Legend was a good movie. She was also in Blindness which was another good movie although it was a little on the slow side. Predators was a good movie, just not as good as the original. Repo Men could have been a good movie but to me it felt like it was missing something, but that is my humble opinion. I have been meaning to watch City of God for years now and have yet to get around to it. They need to put it on cable so my lazy ass can DVR it.
  • What I don't know her from: She is from Brazil and I don't like reading my movies so I will probably never watch some of these:
    • Trampolim
    • City of God
    • Lower City
    • Carandiru, Outras Histórias
    • Only God Knows
    • Journey to the End of the Night
    • Drained
    • Rummikub
    • The Milky Way
    • Redbelt
    • Crossing Over
    • Cabeça a Prêmio
    • The Rite
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. You can catch her topless in Blindness and Only God Knows. You can catch her fully nude in Lower City.
  • Quality: Medium to High Quality with no wallpapers & no tags
  • Summary: Her photos are harder to find but the collection needs to grow so the search continues...
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