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Random Candid Pics

  • What she is famous for: Amber Heard is an American actress that was born on April 22 1986. I guess she is famous for Zombieland and Pineapple Express. I would say Never Back Down but I have never watched it and don't have any desire to. She is bisexual and is dating Tasya van Ree. I have no idea who she is but seeing them together in pics will do crazy things to the imagination.
  • What I know her from: I know her from a lot of her movies that are actually really great movies. Alpha Dog was a great movie, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane was a good movie, Remember the Daze {AKA The Beautiful Ordinary} was an awesome movie that reminded me of what high school was really like, Spin was alright, she didn't have a big role, I could have skipped Pineapple Express, I could have skipped The Informers too, The Joneses was a great movie, Zombieland was an awesome movie, she just takes great roles. She has more great looking movies in the mix too like The Rum Diary.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • Friday Night Lights
    • SideFX
    • Drop Dead Sexy
    • North Country
    • Price to Pay
    • The Prince
    • Day 73 with Sarah
    • Hidden Palms on The CW
    • Never Back Down
    • ExTerminators
    • The Stepfather
    • The River Why
    • The Ward
    • Drive Angry 3D
    • The Rum Diary
    • The Playboy Club on NBC; Wow that show got all kinds of hype and lasted a whopping three weeks before they cancelled it.
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. I imagine she will hit Playboy sooner or later. She was nude almost all throughout The Informers which isn't a bad thing. She was also nude in Alpha Dog and The Joneses. She seems like the type of star that loves attention. She just came out as being a lesbian not long ago. Probably just an attention ploy although that will make a hell of a sex tape when it drops. Hint, Hint! Who knows she could take off as an actress and never need to. She is a good actress.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and some tags
  • Candids: On January 22 2014 we added over 100 candid pics to her collection. Nothing special really. Just some pics of her sexy cleavage and a portrait shoot.
  • Summary: Her collection is not up to's quality standards. Her photos are some of the hardest to find in anything better than low quality. And finding out takes is damn near impossible. She has done a lot of movies and a lot of shoots but they don't seem to surface like everyone elses'. They will sooner or later. ...Later has come and we revamped her collection. And if 6000 x 4000 isn't good enough quality for photo shoot outtakes for you..? We haven't gotten around to cleaning scans and all that good stuff, we were just adding pics that we have sitting in folders that weren't time consuming while we were adding the missing candids. She did have around 50 pretty much low quality pics but that number has changed to around 125 mostly high quality pics in her photo shoot collection. This isn't her last update!
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Date Created = January 22 2014
Date Updated = January 22 2014
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