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Welcome to Carrie Anne Moss's Collection

Carrie Anne Moss
  • What she is famous for: Carrie Anne Moss is a Canadian actress that was born on August 21 1967. She is no doubt famous for playing Trinity in The Matrix.
  • What I know her from: I first saw her in the movie that was probably the first movie everyone first saw her in; The Matrix. The whole Matrix collection is in my top 5 of the best movies of all time. I have played the video games also. The games had a great premise but don't even rank in top games. But they were a must to fill out the whole experience like the Animatrix does.
    • The Matrix
    • Memento; If you are a Christopher Nolan fan you need to see this, it is nothing like The Dark Knight but it is an excellent film.
    • The Animatrix
    • Enter the Matrix Video Game
    • The Matrix Reloaded
    • The Matrix Revolutions
    • Suspect Zero; Excellent Movie
    • Fido; absolutely dumb zombie comedy
    • Disturbia; great movie, it was weird seeing her as a mom in a movie, she did a great job though.
    • Mass Effect 2 video game; Waited for this game to drop to thirty bucks to buy it used after Bioware SOLDOUT to EA.
  • What I don't know her from: Believe it or not she has done a lot more than just The Matrix.
    • Doorways
    • Dark Justice on CBS
    • Matrix TV series on USA, You don't think that the Wachowskis cast her intentionally do you?
    • The Soft Kill
    • Flashfire
    • Terrified
    • Models Inc on FOX
    • 364 Girls a Year
    • Sabotage
    • The Secret Life of Algernon
    • Lethal Tender
    • F/X: The Series on CBS
    • New Blood
    • The Crew
    • Red Planet
    • Chocolat
    • The Chumscrubber
    • Snow Cake
    • Mini's First Time
    • Suspect
    • Normal
    • Fireflies in the Garden
    • Pretty/Handsome
    • Love Hurts
    • Unthinkable
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. She has done some nudity. She is topless in the movie The Soft Kill and Red Planet. Yes, I didn't include the PG-13 nude scene from Reloaded. There was more tit action in the Rave scene.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with a few wallpapers and no tags
  • Summary: For some one that got as much attention as she did for playing Trinity you would think there would be a ton of photo shoots but there isn't. Her collection is small and her pics are hard to find but we will keep looking...
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Date Updated = February 3 2014

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