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  • What she is famous for: Christina Aguilera is an American recording artist that was born on December 18 1980. She is famous for her music and being Christina Aguilera. I am not going into detail. Her Wiki page is damn near a book. Check it out if you are up to reading. I didn't, because I don't care. She needs to quit crying about piracy & musicians not making money because of it. Piracy will stay until the internet goes away. That is just the way it is. If she is making music just to make money then I don't understand why people buy her music in the first place. I like people that make music because they love making music. Just another rich girl whining about needing more money.
  • What I know her from: I first saw her in her video for Dirty just because it was different back then to see the good girl act like a tramp. Plus the video was with Redman and he had a song called Durty. Other than remembering that, I don't care. I don't listen to her music and don't keep up with her. She is famous & has a lot of half naked photo shoots so that is good enough reason to have her photos. She could use a little less make up in a lot of them though.
  • What I don't know her from: Obviously I have heard some of her songs, I am a living breathing human that is from America. If you haven't heard her music, the only excuse is that you have lived in a third world country your whole life. I don't keep up with her music or singles so I couldn't tell you which song is what but here they are. If you are a devout fan please do not rant that I missed some because to be honest I just put them there for SEO keywords.
    • "Reflection"
    • "Genie in a Bottle"
    • "What a Girl Wants"
    • "I Turn to You"
    • "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)"
    • "Lady Marmalade" (with Pink, Lil' Kim & Mýa)
    • "Dirrty" (featuring Redman)
    • "Beautiful"
    • "Fighter"
    • "Can't Hold Us Down" (featuring Lil' Kim)
    • "The Voice Within"
    • "Car Wash" (featuring Missy Elliott)
    • "Ain't No Other Man"
    • "Hurt"
    • "Candyman"
    • "Slow Down Baby"
    • "Oh Mother"
    • "Keeps Gettin' Better"
    • "Not Myself Tonight"
    • "Woohoo" (featuring Nicki Minaj)
    • "You Lost Me"
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. I can't even keep up with which magazines she has done photo shoots for. I know we have a M@xim one {or two or four?} I know we have a GQ one {or two or four?} I know we have a R0lling St0ne one {or two or four?} Hell if I know. I just know that a lot of them are racy and if you squint and tilt just right you might be able to see her pierced nipple in a few. There are some in thongs. But what I do know is that she does not have an all out nude shoot as in P1ayb0y. There is nothing worse in her collection than what is on covers on store shelves. If people keep pirating her music she will be forced to do more men's magazine photo shoots to pay her bills. Do you hear that Christina fans? Keep up the piracy. Maybe she will take Hugh Hefner up on his offer. On Feb. 1 2014 we added her leaked pics from a few years back. I don't really know if you consider them nude? I really don't but some might and in consideration of some visitors we labeled them as nude?
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with some wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: On Feb. 1 we also a bunch of random candids to her collection. Close to 250 of them. There are a few bikini pics in there as well as some pics of one of the biggest camel toes that I have ever seen. There is also some see thru action and a bunch of her sexy cleavage although the cleavage shots can be speculative as at one point this chick went beyond heavy to the straight up FAT girl category. We left those pics of her weighing what would have had to have been two hundred pounds behind. I had heard that she got fat but until I started working on this update to her collection I had never seen it. DAMN! Wait until the true bikini candids of her after the weight loss drop. Can you say stretch marks?
  • Summary: Her collection is around 500 pics. We have not even begun to scratch the surface on all of her pics. Hell, we could make a site devoted to just her pics {we might just do that one day, I have seen the shit collections on her fan sites}. Updates coming soon! We upgraded a few of her photo shoot pics and added a few more on Feb. 1 as well. We will being getting back to a proper update sooner or later?
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Date Updated = February 1 2014
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