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Claudia's BackAlley Bio
  • What she is famous for: Claudia Schiffer is a German model and actress that was born on August 25 1970. She is famous for being on the cover of over 500 magazines and modeling for clothing lines, make up, and perfume I guess.
  • What I know her from: I really didn't know to much about her until five minutes ago when I read her wiki. I never pay attention to advertising and don't read to many magazines. The only thing I know her from is the movie Black and White. It wasn't all that great. I don't personally think she is all that attractive. She is a 7 out 10 at best, then I have to knock off half a point because I don't like chicks that are taller than me. I can't figure out the whole supermodel thing? Most of them are to skinny, tall, and don't look that good. Maybe that is what they look for?
  • What I don't know her from: Besides for the modeling thing, she has done a few movies, and guess what? I have never seen them and don't plan on it.
    • Ri¢hie Ri¢h
    • The Blackout
    • Friends & Lovers
    • Meeting Genevieve
    • Desperate But Not Serious
    • In Pursuit
    • Life Without Dick
    • Westlife: Unbreakable - The Greatest Hits, Volume 1
    • Love Actually
  • NSFW: There is nude but no exposed naughty parts in her collection. I am unable to find out if she has done any nude photo shoots. I doubt it, being that she is worth 55 million dollars. I doubt that she has ever hurt for money enough to do a nude shoot. But please correct me if I am wrong. ...Nude photo shoots? I still don't think so but topless candids are another thing entirely. On Feb. 1 2014 we added her topless candid pics to her collection.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with some wallpapers and no tags.
  • Candids: Her candid collection pretty much sucks and I have not really seen any event candids of her that are worth a damn so this will probably be the only update to her candid collection. As mentioned above we added some topless candid pics and some see thru pics from a photo shoot. Neither are anything to write home to Dad about. But like I said earlier I don't think this skinny tall chick is hot anyway.
  • Summary: Her collection is not near as big as it should be. She has tons of photo shoots but being that a lot of them were from the 1990s and the whole digital revolution was still in it's infancy it is hard to find pics that aren't magazine scans. At we hate magazine scans. In our travels of the net we primarily find tons of scans and wallpapers. We hate wallpapers too. But we are still looking...
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Date Updated = February 1 2014

Claudia's Updates

  • Update 1: We added this update page to Claudia's Collection
  • Ipdate 2: We added about 100 pics to her Photo Shoot collection and upgraded some of her pics.
  • Update 3: We added some topless candid pics to her collection.
  • Update 4: We added some see thru candid pics of her on a photo shoot.
Claudia Schiffer

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