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Welcome to Drea de Matteo's Collection

Drea de Matteo
  • What she is famous for: Drea de Matteo is an American actress that was born on January 19 1972. She is famous for The Sopranos. She has done other things but lets face it she is probably more known as Adriana than she is Drea.
  • What I know her from: Other than the obvious she has done some good things like:
    • Swordfish; I love this movie, but I love hacker and twisted movies that make you think and this is both.
    • Deuces Wild; I caught this on cable recently and thought it was pretty good.
    • Assault on Precinct 13; I really liked this movie. I have heard others complain that it is not as good as the original but are they ever? I have never seen the original so I wouldn't know.
    • Walker Payne; This was an excellent movie. For all those that watched the Michael Vick story closely, this is must for you. Best part is the end because it is so unlike Hollywood.
    • The Sopranos; I will not even go into detail on why this is good. It is ranked a 9.4 on IMDB. Enough said.
    • Joey; Yes I will admit that I checked this out. Lets keep that between you and me. But in my defense she was the reason that I watched it. She wasn't enough to keep me watching though. Her and the hot neighbor both weren't. We might have to add some pics of Andrea Anders {the hot neighbor}.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • Sleepwalk
    • 'R Xmas
    • Made
    • The Perfect You
    • Meet Prince Charming
    • Prey for Rock & Roll
    • Beacon Hill
    • Love Rome
    • Callas e Onassis
    • Farce of the Penguins; I am going to get around to watching this some day.
    • Broken English
    • The Good Life
    • Lake City
    • Sons of Anarchy on FX
    • New York, I Love You
    • Once More with Feeling
    • Fakers
    • Desperate Housewives on ABC
    • Running Wilde
    • Running Wilde (TV Series)
    • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC
    • Mob Wives
    • CSI: Miami on CBS
    • Mob Wives 2: The Christening
    • Californication on Showtime
    • The Mindy Project on FOX
    • Stalkers
    • Free Ride
    • Sons of Anarchy on FX
    • Dark Places
    • If...
    • Sex, Death and Bowling
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. There are a couple nudes but nothing is visible. She has never done any nude scenes.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: On Feb 7 2014 we added a few bikini candids to her collection.
  • Summary: Her collection is not up to quality standards. I don't really know what we are going to do about that though because she doesn't have too many photo shoots out there. We are looking for higher resolution of some of them and we are missing some pics from photo shoots. Stayed tuned...
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