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Welcome to Jennifer Lopez's Collection

Jennifer Lopez
  • What she is famous for: Jennifer Lopez {AKA J.Lo} is an American actress and singer that was born on July 24 1969. She is famous for being Jennifer Lopez. If you have never seen one of her movies or heard her music, or seen her on TV, why are you here? Fourty something be damned, I don't think this chick ages. She is still smoking hot.
  • What I know her from: She is great as an actress in the movies that I have seen of hers.
    • In Living Color on FOX; I used to love this show.
    • Money Train; I liked this movie.
    • Selena; My ex wife made me watch this. Pretty sad movie.
    • Anaconda; Not all that interesting.
    • U Turn; This is an excellent movie.
    • The Cell; Excellent movie. If you have not checked this out, you need to.
    • Angel Eyes; This was a pretty good movie.
    • Enough; I liked this movie but I think I am biased because it kind of reminded me of Rose Madder {book} by Stephen King without the supernatural elements.
    • Gigli; This movie was an absolute train wreck so when it came on cable I had to watch it to see what all the criticism was about. It was a dumb movie but I didn't understand the "worst movie ever" thing. I have seen way worse.
    • Bordertown; This is an excellent movie especially if you are political like I am. If you want to know where the American jobs went and the end result you need to watch this movie. Corporate greed is a truly sick thing. It is based on the murders and rapes in Juarez Mexico.
  • What I don't know her from: I don't listen to her music so I don't know anything about it but I will list it because she is successful.
    • Movies
      • My Little Girl
      • Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7
      • South Central on FOX
      • Hotel Malibu on CBS
      • Second Chances on CBS
      • My Family
      • Jack
      • Blood and Wine
      • Out of Sight
      • Antz
      • The Wedding Planner
      • Maid in Manhattan
      • Selena: Greatest Hits
      • Jersey Girl
      • Shall We Dance
      • Monster-in-Law
      • An Unfinished Life
      • El cantante
      • The Back-up Plan
      • American Idol on FOX
    • Albums
      • On the 6
      • J.Lo
      • This Is Me... Then
      • Rebirth
      • Como ama una Mujer
      • Brave
      • Love?
      • J to tha L–O!: The Remixes
    • Top Charted Singles:
      If You Had My Love, Waiting for Tonight, Feelin' So Good, Let's Get Loud, Love Don't Cost a Thing, Play, Ain't It Funny, I'm Real, Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix), I'm Gonna Be Alright (Track Masters Remix), Alive, Jenny from the Block, All I Have, I'm Glad, Baby I Love U!, Get Right, Hold You Down, Qué Hiciste, Do It Well, Hold It, Don't Drop It, On the Floor, and I'm Into You
  • SFW: Her collection does not contain direct nudity but she likes to do photo shoots in see through shirts. There are four or five of these shoots. Her nipples are clearly visible. They are not covered so if you are surfing somewhere where a shirt is not considered enough clothing I would skip her collection. We consider this tame and to be safe for work but you are warned. You can catch her nude in Money Train and U Turn.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Ultra Super High Quality with some wallpapers and no tags
  • Summary: We love her collection. It is over 400 pics with a lot of great and hot photo shoots. We know that we are missing quite a few of her shoots but this is a great start...
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