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Welcome to Jessica Chobot's Collection

Jessica Chobot
  • What she is famous for: Jessica Chobot is an American Television Host that was born on July 7 1977. She is not all that famous. She is known for licking a PSP and being a host on the video game network IGN. Gamers will know her but other than that, I doubt it.
  • What I know her from: All I know her from is IGN Strategize on XBOX Live. She is hot and gets ranked with the men's sites and magazines.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • Cross; This is a movie.
    • The Daily Habit on Fuel TV; I have never even heard of that station.
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. Maybe she will decide that she wants to be famous and leak some self taken, self promoting, nude photos in the bedroom or the bathroom. Or her ex will miraculously find some he forgot about. Or her sex tape will leak on "accident". Frankly I could care less how they get out as long as they do.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Summary: Her collection is small and there are a lot of low resolution pics but it is what we can get. She is an IGN employee so when she does a photo shoot they put their big ugly tag on it. Now that is pimpin! Hopefully she will get rid of her pimp and do some freelancing. Until then, we will just have to enjoy these.
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Date Created = July 16 2011
Date Updated = December 26 2013