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Welcome to Jordan Ladd's Collection

Jordan Ladd
  • What she is famous for: Jordan Ladd is an American actress that was born on January 14 1975. She is known for Cabin Fever and Deathproof. Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth fans will know her well.
  • What I know her from:
    • Cabin Fever; I really liked this movie and I usually don't like to many horror movies. Eli Roth has a knack for coming up with original ideas.
    • Club Dread; This movie was hilarious not to mention her and all the hot chicks in it.
    • Waiting...; Another hilarious movie.
    • Inland Empire; If you like David Lynch you will love this movie although this makes following Mulholland Dr. seem like an easy feat {which that is not}. Needless to say that this is an excellent movie.
    • Death Proof; IMHO; this is one of Tarantino's slower films and not the best he has done. But never the less it is still in true Tarantino style. This man is a genius when it comes to writing dialogue. Don't get me wrong I liked this movie, it was just slower than most of his films.
    • Hostel: Part II; I loved the Hostel films. They were intended to be torture porn. For everyone that says that is not good film making somehow you missed the plot of the films. They were about a place that people paid to torture, maim, and basically do what they wanted to do to tourists. Then kill them. Pretty original idea if you ask me. I wish she would have had a bigger role or they would have just gave Heather Matarazzo's role to her.
    • Grace; Not that great of a movie. I watched it because she was in it.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • The Girl Who Came Between Them
    • Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back
    • Embrace of the Vampire
    • Inside Out
    • Nowhere
    • Weapons of Mass Distraction
    • Stand-ins
    • Every Mother's Worst Fear
    • Taking the Plunge
    • Never Been Kissed
    • Junked
    • Best Actress
    • The Deadly Look of Love
    • The Specials
    • Boys Life 3
    • Puzzled
    • The Perfect You
    • Darkened Room
    • For Mature Audiences Only
    • Madhouse
    • Dog Gone Love
    • Dynamic:01: The Best of
    • Robot Chicken on AdultSwim
    • It Was One of Us
    • Al's Beef
    • The Wishing Well
    • First Dates
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. Her Maxim shoot is in there but it consists of bra and panties shots. You can catch her nude in Grace, Junked, and Club Dread.
  • Quality: Medium to Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Summary: Her collection is mediocre at best. Which is very disappointing. We have tried hard to get better quality pics and more photo shoots. This is was we got for now. We are definitely on the lookout for more and better and not necessarily in that order.
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Date Created = July 22 2011
Date Updated = December 27 2013
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