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Welcome to Julie Delpy's Collection

Julie Delpy
  • What she is famous for: Julie Delpy is a French-American actress, writer, director, and singer that was born on December 21 1969. She is known for Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and 2 Days in Paris.
  • What I know her from:
    • Killing Zoe; Excellent movie! Where the hell did Roger Avary go? You can catch her topless.
    • An American Werewolf in Paris; This movie was alright. It wasn't terrible but wasn't great either. You can catch her topless.
    • But I'm a Cheerleader; This movie was pretty funny.
    • Broken Flowers; This movie was alright.
    • The Air I Breathe; This was a really good movie.
  • What I don't know her from: I have not watched a lot of the stuff she has done because I really don't do romance or foreign films. She also has a self titled album.
    • Guerres civiles en France
    • Niveau moins trois
    • Classique
    • Détective
    • L'amour ou presque
    • Mauvais sang
    • Beatrice; She has some full frontal nude scenes.
    • King Lear
    • L'autre nuit
    • La noche oscura
    • Trouble
    • Europa Europa
    • Les dents de ma mère
    • Voyager
    • Warszawa. Année 5703
    • Three Colors: Blue
    • Younger and Younger
    • The Three Musketeers
    • Three Colors: White
    • Three Colors: Red
    • Blah Blah Blah
    • Before Sunrise
    • Tykho Moon
    • Les mille merveilles de l'univers
    • The Treat
    • L.A. Without a Map
    • Crime and Punishment
    • True Love
    • The Passion of Ayn Rand
    • Sand
    • MacArthur Park
    • Waking Life
    • Beginner's Luck
    • ER on NBC
    • CinéMagique
    • Villa des roses
    • Intimate Affairs
    • Looking for Jimmy
    • Notting Hill Anxiety Festival
    • Before Sunset
    • Frankenstein
    • The Legend of Lucy Keyes
    • Guilty Hearts
    • The Hoax; You can catch her topless.
    • 2 Days in Paris; You can catch her topless.
    • The Countess; You can catch her topless.
  • SFW: Her collection has an unknown topless photo shoot. You can also catch her nude in the films listed above.
  • Quality: Medium to Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Summary: Her collection kind of sucks. The ones we have seen are terrible scans from old shoots that we passed up because the quality is worse than the ones we have. I don't think she has done a lot of photo shoots recently but we do have some so we thought we would at least share them. We will continue the search...
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