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Welcome to Mariah Carey's Collection

Mariah Carey
  • What she is famous for: Mariah Carey is an American singer that was born on March 27 1970. She is known for being Mariah Carey and her music. She is also famous in the music industry and to her fans for breaking records and other stuff that I am not writing here for three reasons: she has a wiki page devoted to this that is like a book, I am to lazy, and the most important reason is that I quit reading her wiki page at that point because I could give a shit!
  • What I know her from: I know her for the same reason that anyone in the civilized world knows her. If you have not heard her music at some point or another then you need to make sure that you have a pulse. I could write a book on the reasons that I don't like her. I will list one reason and then I will digress. Why in the blue hell she thought she was above all the other over paid celebrities at President Barack Obama's Inauguration? She got mad and left because she didn't get to sit with the First Family? Her celebrity seat with the other celebrities wasn't good enough for her? Attention starved much? Her collection is here for Constant Visitor and no other reason. IMHO, she is not all that attractive. I will not go far enough to say she is ugly but it isn't that hard to find women that are a hell of a lot hotter. Fake tits don't do it for me either. I like her music about as much as I like goat roping country and that is about as much as I like listening to nails on a chalk board. Keep the hate mail, we don't want it!
  • What I don't know her from: Obviously I have heard her music, but I am putting it here because I don't LISTEN to it!
    • Movies
      • The Bachelor
      • Glitter
      • WiseGirls
      • State Property 2
      • Tennessee
      • Precious
    • Albums
      • Mariah Carey
      • Emotions
      • Music Box
      • Merry Christmas
      • Daydream
      • Butterfly
      • Rainbow
      • Glitter
      • Charmbracelet
      • The Emancipation of Mimi
      • E=MC²
      • Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
      • Merry Christmas II You
      • #1's
      • Greatest Hits
      • The Ballads
      • Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey
    • Top Charted Singles: Vision of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday, I Don't Wanna Cry, There's Got to Be a Way, Emotions, Can't Let Go, Make It Happen, I'll Be There, Dreamlover, Hero, Without You, Never Forget You, Anytime You Need a Friend, All I Want for Christmas Is You, Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Open Arms, Always Be My Baby, Forever, Honey, Butterfly, Breakdown, My All, Sweetheart, When You Believe, I Still Believe, Heartbreaker, Thank God I Found You, Crybaby, Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme), Against All Odds, Loverboy, Never Too Far, Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica), Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Through the Rain, Boy (I Need You), It's Like That, We Belong Together, Shake It Off, Get Your Number, Don't Forget About Us, Say Somethin', Touch My Body, Bye Bye, I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time, I Stay in Love, Obsessed, I Want to Know What Love Is, H.A.T.E.U., Up Out My Face, Angels Cry, Oh Santa!, All I Want For Christmas Is You (Superfestive!), When Christmas Comes, Endless Love, Against All Odds, I Know What You Want, U Make Me Wanna, Lil' L.O.V.E., Just Stand Up!, My Love, Everybody Hurts, Irresistible (Westside Connection), Mine Again, So Lonely, Fly Like a Bird, Migrate, Side Effects, I'm That Chick
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. There are some topless pics in her candids but you can't see anything. There are some pics of her in a see through shirt and skirt showing her thong. These are at some event so we called these safe for work. There are also some up skirts but I can't honestly tell if she is wearing panties or not. We called them safe for work. Like I said, we are unsure. With all that said, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Other than that I have never seen any exposed nudity.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Ultra Super High Quality with some wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: We have all the above mentioned candids along with no shortage of bikini pics. There are also some of her with most of her tits hanging out of a dress at some event.
  • Summary: We have a decent collection of her pics. Her collection is almost 550 pics. There are a lot of strays in it. This is due to the fact that a lot of her shoots are from the nineties and those are hard to get. Our feelings about said celebrity have nothing to do with our feelings about their collections so we will keep them coming for you!
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