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Sarah Shahi in sexy yellow dress...

@ NBC Primetime Preview 2007-2008 Red Carpet Arrivals May 14, 2007. I would assume that she was there because of the flop show Teachers. that was on NBC? Hell if I know? I am just speculating to speculate. By the way, was the period {.} there for a reason? Was it suppose to be like Teachers "period"? And if so. Why? Was it about educators with PMS? Don't answer that, I don't care. Just thinking out loud to the world. Random thoughts that you could give two shits about because you are just here for the pics.

Then maybe you won't care about this either? "She is not a lesbian but she played one on TV." I had to stick that somewhere. The funny shit that you find on the net. I came across that on a website on some corner of the web. I want to walk around wearing a shirt that says that. But anyways, back to my point.

No, she is not a lesbian. That is for those that don't know to much about her except that she is hot as hell and you like pics of her. A lovely and beautiful fact is that she told a magazine once that she "is straight but she has dabbled". There are so many beautiful things that come to mind with those six words. Dabbled, I love that description when I am referring to two hot chicks together. Lets say it again while thinking about Sarah Shahi and another Dallas Cowboy cheer leader together in bed. Dabbled. As for her "dabbling" with another cheer leader, my mind is just running on the wild side now. Maybe? Who knows, maybe she did "dabble" another cheerleader. I highly doubt it was that fat slob that you see at Wal-Mart. Let that sex tape drop! Instant ratings for whatever she is doing. Subliminal messages to Sarah Shahi from Back Alley Pics.

Not in the know about my cheerleader comments above? She was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys at one time. I will just throw this out there because I am in that type of mood. You know what comes from Texas right? Amber Heard. Still don't get it? You should go ask some one. Maybe Google? Amber "dabbling" Sarah is a beautiful thought by the way. I have to end this post now because my brain is going into overload. Here are a few cheerleading pics for those that haven't looked at her photo shoots yet. You might want to check out the hot pics of Sarah and her hot ass in this post before you click that link. Enjoy!

Sarah's BackAlley Bio
  • What she is famous for: Sarah Shahi is an American actress that was born on January 10 1980. I am going to say she is known for playing Carmen on The L Word and maybe Fairly Legal? Maybe for being an ex Dallas Cowboy cheerleader? Then again how many NFL cheerleaders names do you know? I have no idea? She was quoted in one men's mag or another saying that "I want to be so famous that I can't even go get groceries". I don't think C-list at best, gets you that sort of attention!
  • What I know her from:
    • The only thing that I know her from is her ten minute role in The Dog Problem. It was pretty funny, but nothing to rave about. She played the Hollywood cliché stripper that doesn't actually do any stripping.
    • Old School; I don't remember her from this. I didn't think that this movie was all that funny either so I have no plans on watching it again to see who she was.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • Dr T and the Women
    • City Guys on NBC
    • Spin City on ABC
    • Boston Public on FOX
    • Off Centre on The WB
    • Maybe It's Me on The WB
    • Class of '06
    • Alias on ABC
    • My Adventures in Television on ABC
    • Monkey Love
    • Frasier on NBC
    • Dawson's Creek on The WB
    • ER on NBC
    • Century City on CBS
    • Plan B
    • A Lot Like Love
    • Supernatural on The WB
    • Damages
    • Teachers. on NBC
    • For Your Consideration
    • Sleeper Cell on Showtime
    • Reba on The WB
    • The Sopranos on HBO; I haven't watched this show in years. She played one of Tony's flings in one episode and I don't remember her so I put it here.
    • Rush Hour 3
    • Shades of Ray
    • AmericanEast
    • Crossing Over
    • The L Word on Showtime
    • Life on NBC
    • Psych on USA Network
    • The Trouble with Bliss
    • I Don't Know How She Does It
    • Young Justice on Cartoon Network
    • The Death and Return of Superman
    • Fairly Legal on USA Network
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. There is nudity but nothing is exposed. You can catch her nude in The L Word along with some lesbian scenes obviously.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers. Her Esquire, Me In My Place and Complex shoots are in there with all the beauty of their big ugly tags!
  • Candids: Her candids consist of some bikini, some spandex, and a few different events from back in the day when she would show up showing so much cleavage that the only thing we didn't get to see was the nipples {and a bonus when we did}. I am not putting any type of disclaimer about the beauty of her nipple because it is so far buried that most people will probably miss it anyway. If nipples offend you that badly and you didn't read this, jokes on you, you will get to see an evil breast that has an even eviler nipple! You can go back to watching people being beheaded on the internet now... Freak. Anyways! There is over 200 sexy pics of her in her candids.
  • Summary: Her above list of tv shows and movies looks pretty impressive, right? Wrong. If we took out all of the shows that she had one and two episode appearances, the list would be like, two. And those two, you have probably never heard of. Hell, I couldn't even find them on Amazon? I say that because I am pretty impressed with her collection of over 200 pics. Want a bonus? Most of those are photo shoots for men's mags and most of those are sexy as hell. We all know that men's mags shoots are going to the shitter nowadays, but hers, surprisingly, are pretty good. Even better is that they are getting closer to nude the newer they get. Her career as an actress is tanking but her career as a centerfold is getting better. Hopefully she will give us a nude shoot next. She needs to skip Playboy though and go with one of the British Lads magazines. I will put my recommendation in for Zoo! All that said, I hope that this collection keeps going because her shoots are just getting hotter!
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Date Created = October 23 2012
Date Updated = October 23 2012
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