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in Naples, Italy June 28 2005. These aren't the best bikini pics of a chick. The quality is good but generally we would like to have a frontal view. Although, there is something sort of sexy about this aspect. There is a lot going on in these pics. You get to watch them destroy a whole plate of watermelon, watch him dig a wedgy out of his ass and watch as they take provocative pics to leak on the internet at a later date. Too late. Stalkerazzi beat you to it. "Look ma, he likes to suck on my toes!" Damn I hope her feet were clean?

There are two different sets of these. The first set has her and her husband Edoardo Ponti. Not in the know about him? Me neither. I guess he is a director. I would say something about an actress and a director but I looked at the things that he is credited with and lets just say that he is a director in title only. I hope he has a day job because he can't be making a living off of movies. He is the son of Sophie Loren which I guess means something? I will act like I know something here and say that means that he was born into lots of cash? As far as keeping up with actresses that are old enough to be my grandmother? Not so much. I have enough useless shit stuck in my head with actresses that are my age and younger. He is edited out in the second set. We would have just left the first set out but we thought that maybe some one would get a kick out watching him sucking on her toes. Enjoy!

Sasha's BackAlley Bio
  • What she is famous for: Sasha Alexander is an American actress that was born on May 17 1973. She might be known for playing Caitlin Todd on NCIS for a few seasons? I have no idea?
  • What I know her from:
    • NCIS on CBS; I don't know if I know her from this? I have no idea if I have ever even watched this show? NCIS, CSI: Here there and everywhere, Law and Order: Every victim that you can name, Some One Is Missing: Let's Create Another TV Show. Who can even keep track? These shows are as bad as reality TV. I have seen her on something, it must have been this.
    • Tenure; This movie was slow and boring and not funny.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • Rizzoli & Isles on TNT
    • Coming & Going
    • House M.D. on FOX
    • Play Dead
    • Dark Blue on TNT
    • Love Happens
    • He's Just Not That Into You
    • The Karenskys
    • Yes Man
    • The Last Lullaby
    • The Nine on ABC
    • Mission: Impossible III
    • E-Ring on NBC
    • Lucky 13
    • Expert Witness
    • Presidio Med on CBS
    • Greg the Bunny on FOX
    • Friends on NBC
    • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS
    • All Over the Guy
    • Dawson's Creek on The WB
    • Ball & Chain
    • Wasteland on ABC
    • Twin Falls Idaho
    • Visceral Matter
    • Battle of the Sexes
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. There are a few see through shirt pics in there from a Stuff or FHM shoot but nothing all that exposing. They could piss of a few conservatives though. We didn't cover them up. I don't think that she has done any nudity on screen.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: Her candids collection has some bikini pics, some in a see through dress showing us her panties, and some sexy cleavage pics.
  • Summary: Her collection is pretty small only being around a hundred pics. That doesn't surprise me much when your claim to fame is two seasons on NCIS ending in them killing off your character. That usually means that you won't be returning. Then again being dead doesn't necessarily mean much to Hollywood. I have seen some pretty dumb plots. I doubt this collection is going any further. She is pretty irrelevant and age isn't on her side.
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