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Welcome to Selma Blair's Collection

Selma Blair
  • What she is famous for: Selma Blair is an American actress that was born on June 23 1972.
  • What I know her from:
    • The Woman for Mitt Romney on Funny or Die; This thing is pretty funny.
    • The Family Tree; I thought this was a funny movie.
    • The Break In; This is a short three or four minute movie I Googled to watch. I didn't even watch the whole thing. Not funny although it was supposed to be.
    • Feast of Love; This is an excellent movie although I don't think it is for everyone.
    • Purple Violets; I really liked this movie. Every movie that I have seen that Edward Burns has written I have liked. They are like romance movies from a dudes perspective. They aren't the watered down PG-13 chick romance movies.
    • The Night of the White Pants; I thought this movie was really funny. My sense of humor must not be along the lines of the mainstream because every time I say that about a movie it's IMDB rating is always like 5. I guess you shouldn't listen to me. Then again I have a dark sense of humor anyway.
    • Lies & Alibis; I thought this movie was really funny.
    • The Fog; I vaguely remember this. I remember the original which was great. Maybe I forgot this one sub-consciously on purpose? It gets a whopping 3.4 on IMDB. The original gets almost a 7.0 I think that speaks volumes and I won't be revisiting this movie anytime soon!
    • Pretty Persuasion; I thought this movie was really funny although it is pretty dark and twisted.
    • A Dirty Shame; From what I remember about this movie it wasn't all that funny although you have to give the make up department props.
    • Hellboy; I didn't find anything all that wonderful about this movie. It was enjoyable for what it was. When it comes on I watch it if there is nothing else on and don't bitch about it being a rerun. I guess that is something.
    • The Sweetest Thing; I liked it for it being a chick flick, the raunchy R rated dark humor ones are good.
    • Cruel Intentions; This was a good movie when it came out. I remember really liking it. Now it seems kind of dumb because I associate it with all of it's dumb ass sequels which isn't fair but that is the way it is.
    • Scream 2; I could not tell you the difference in the Scream movies. I have no idea if I have seen this one or not? They all look the same. Something to watch if I am bored and I want to see something that I really don't have to pay to much attention to.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • Web Therapy on Showtime; I have watched this show a couple times but she wasn't in the episodes that I watched. This show is not funny, although it is supposed to be. It is the perfect show for Lisa Kudrow.
    • Anger Management on F/X
    • In Their Skin
    • Columbus Circle
    • Dark Horse
    • Portlandia on IFC
    • Animal Love
    • Full of Regret
    • Kath & Kim on NBC
    • Hellboy II: The Golden Army
    • Hellboy: The Science of Evil (Video Game)
    • The Poker House
    • Homeland Security
    • The Killing Gene
    • Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron
    • Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms
    • The Big Empty
    • The Deal
    • In Good Company
    • DeMarco Affairs
    • Dallas 362
    • A Guy Thing
    • Coast to Coast
    • Friends on NBC
    • Highway
    • Legally Blonde
    • Storytelling
    • Kill Me Later
    • Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane on The WB
    • Xena: Warrior Princess
    • Down to You
    • Arresting Gena
    • Brown's Requiem
    • Debutante
    • Can't Hardly Wait
    • Girl
    • No Laughing Matter
    • Promised Land on CBS
    • Soldier of Fortune, Inc.
    • In & Out
    • Amazon High
    • Gone Again
    • Two in the Morning
    • Strong Island Boys
    • The Broccoli Theory
    • The Adventures of Pete & Pete on Nickelodeon
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work but CONTAINS SOME NUDITY! Her Flaunt and an unknown photo shoot contain some topless pics. You can catch her nude in: In Their Skin, The Poker House, The Killing Gene, Feast of Love, Storytelling, Highway, and Strong Island Boys.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: We have some bikini, see through, and pokie pics in her candids section.
  • Summary: For as long as she has been around her collection is surprisingly small being only 180 pics. Her candid collection is almost equally as big. This is one of those weird collections that isn't very big but she is pretty famous and she keeps getting work so I won't speculate as to where it is going. I guess we will just have to wait and see. If she does some more photo shoots we will add them.
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