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  • What she is famous for: Shawnee Smith is an American actress and singer that was born on July 3 1970. She is famous for playing Amanda in the Saw Films and you may know her from the TV series Becker. She also plays Jennifer Goodson on Anger Management with Charlie Sheen. She thinks she is a musician too but obviously can't decide what sort of music she would like to sing. She was in the metal band Fydolla Ho and the country band Smith and Pyle with Missi Pyle. Never heard of either? Me neither.
  • What I know her from:
    • Saw; I liked this one.
    • Saw II; Saw is still kind of good. The hot chicks keep it moving.
    • Saw III; This is when they got old and stale. The last Saw movie that I watched.
    • Armageddon; I have no idea why but I like this movie.
    • Leaving Las Vegas, This movie is old but I just caught it about a year ago. It is a pretty depressing movie. It was a good movie though. I probably don't know her from this per say, her role was "biker girl".
    • The Stand; If you haven't read the rather large book version of this then it is a great movie, if you have read the book {like me} then it was just an alright visual adaptation. One thing to always be weary of is a Stephen King book that is rated anything lower than "R" because he does not write in any type of censored fashion. Haven't read the book? If you have seen this then I would highly recommend the book because a lot more of the movie will make sense and the book is a hell of a lot more graphic. I couldn't put this book down for the first quarter of it. Then again, I am sick and twisted and love anything post-apocalyptic.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • Anger Management on FX
    • Lollipop Chainsaw {Video Game}
    • Jayne Mansfield's Car
    • The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family
    • Law & Order: LA on NBC; Seriously, there is a Los Angeles one? Don't answer that.
    • Kill Speed
    • Saw VI
    • The Grudge 3
    • 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust
    • Greater Than a Tiger
    • Secrets of an Undercover Wife
    • Traveling in Packs
    • Repo! The Genetic Opera
    • The Island
    • Washington Street
    • The Almost Guys
    • Becker on CBS
    • Kim Possible on Disney Channel
    • Never Get Outta the Boat
    • Every Dog Has Its Day
    • Breakfast of Champions
    • A Slipping-Down Life
    • Eat Your Heart Out
    • Twice Upon a Time
    • The Party Crashers
    • Carnival of Souls
    • The Tom Show on The WB
    • Players on NBC
    • Bombshell
    • Men
    • The Shining on ABC
    • Arsenio on ABC
    • Dead Men Can't Dance
    • Something Borrowed, Something Blue
    • Dogtown
    • Face of Evil
    • Female Perversions
    • The Low Life
    • The X-Files on FOX
    • Murder, She Wrote on CBS
    • Lucky Chances
    • Desperate Hours
    • A Brand New Life {TV Series}
    • Who's Harry Crumb?
    • The Blob
    • I Saw What You Did
    • Bluegrass
    • Summer School
    • Easy Prey
    • All Is Forgiven {TV Series}
    • Iron Eagle
    • Crime of Innocence
    • Cagney & Lacey on CBS
    • It's Your Move on NBC
    • Not My Kid on CBS
    • Silver Spoons on NBC
    • Annie
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. She has done no nudity that we are aware of.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: We haven't found any incredibly sexy candids of her yet.
  • Summary: Where are the pics? I just got done typing that long ass list you see above and her collection is only forty pics? With a resume that long, one would think that she would have a ton of photo shoots and she would be hellified famous. This is not the case and her pics are hard to come by. Maybe Anger Management will change that but I doubt it. She is over forty years old. I doubt that this collection will ever be touched again but you just never know about Holly'swood.
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