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  • What she is famous for: Shiri Appleby is an American actress that was born on December 7 1978. I don't know if famous is the correct word. She is known for Rosewell years ago and Swimfan? I have no clue. I guess we will see what happens with Girls on HBO?
  • What I know her from:
    • What Love Is; Blah. Barely mediocre movie.
    • I-See-You.Com; I thought this was a pretty funny movie. I have it in my digital movie collection.
    • Havoc; I don't remember her from this movie but with all the other hot nude actresses in it why would I pay attention to her? She should have joined Bijou Phillips and Anne Hathaway in taking off her clothes and she might have a career? Good movie though.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • Chicago Fire on NBC
    • Franklin & Bash on TNT
    • Dating Rules from My Future Self
    • Royal Pains on USA Network
    • Whole Day Down {Web Series}
    • Life Unexpected on The CW
    • Unstable
    • ER on NBC
    • To Love and Die on NBC
    • Welcome to the Captain on CBS
    • Charlie Wilson's War
    • Six Degrees on ABC
    • The Killing Floor
    • Love Like Wind
    • Carjacking
    • Thrill of the Kill
    • I'm Reed Fish
    • Pizza My Heart
    • Everything You Want
    • When Do We Eat?
    • 1/4life
    • Darklight
    • Undertow
    • The Battle of Shaker Heights
    • The Skin Horse
    • Swimfan
    • A Time for Dancing
    • Roswell on The WB and UPN
    • The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon
    • Batman Beyond on The Kid's WB and Cartoon Network
    • Movie Stars on The WB
    • Beverly Hills, 90210 on FOX
    • The Thirteenth Floor
    • The Other Sister
    • Deal of a Lifetime
    • Xena: Warrior Princess
    • City Guys on NBC
    • 7th Heaven on The WB
    • Baywatch on NBC
    • Brotherly Love on The WB and NBC
    • Against the Grain on NBC
    • Raven on CBS
    • Family Prayers
    • Doogie Howser, M.D. on ABC
    • Perfect Family
    • Sunday Dinner on CBS
    • Adam 12 on NBC
    • I Love You to Death
    • Knots Landing on CBS
    • Who's the Boss? on ABC
    • Knight & Daye on NBC
    • The Bite
    • Dear John on NBC
    • Go Toward the Light
    • Freddy's Nightmares
    • The Bronx Zoo on NBC
    • The Killing Time
    • thirtysomething on ABC
    • Blood Vows: The Story of a Mafia Wife
    • Mystery Magical Special
    • Santa Barbara on NBC
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work but contains some nudity. You can catch her nude in the second season of Girls on HBO.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: Her candid collection has some sexy cleavage and see through pics. Added her self shot nude photo 3-21-2013.
  • Summary: Don't let that long list above this fool you. Most of that is not the type of work that gets one famous. Appearing on an episode here and two there doesn't mean much except that she had food and a roof for another month. Her collection reflects that being only about 140 pics. As for racy photo shoots? Not even close. All and all, pretty lame. If you are a big CW actress fan, you will be at right home. I have no idea what will happen with this collection? She is still being referred to as "former Roswell star" and that show ended in 2002 if that tells you anything.
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Date Created = January 9 2013
Date Updated = May 27 2016
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