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Welcome to Sienna Guillory's Collection

Sienna Guillory
  • What she is famous for: Sienna Guillory is an English actress that was born on March 16 1975. She is famous for playing Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil movies, Eragon, and Helen of Troy.
  • What I know her from:
    • The Big Bang; I think this movie is hilarious. Antonio Banderas's one liners are brilliant!
    • Resident Evil: Afterlife; Alright, so I really don't know her from this because until I revisited her collection I had no idea that it was her {Jill Valentine} at the end of the movie. If you are going to stick characters back in as a cameo, don't change their whole appearance. Seriously, in Apocalypse Jill Valentine had short brown hair and in this she had long blonde hair? Maybe we weren't supposed to know that it was Jill? If we were, epic fail. As far as the movie goes, seeing as how these movies are a "reboot" and six is supposedly the "final" one I will wait and see how all of this plays out before I judge it. If you have not seen any of them, I don't think this movie is going to make you run out and by them because it is that good.
    • Silence Becomes You; Sienna getting naked was the only good part of this movie.
    • Resident Evil: Apocalypse; I am going to judge this as though only it and the first exist like it was when I first seen it. I really liked the first one and thought that this was mediocre. I had no idea at the time that there was going to be six and...
    • Love Actually; This movie sounds like a chick flick so I was hesitant to watch it. First I saw that it was rated R, then I saw that it had nudity, then I saw all the chicks that were in it and I couldn't find anything else on so decided to give it a try and found out that this movie is actually really funny.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • The Wicked Within
    • The List
    • Resident Evil: Retribution
    • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS
    • Covert Affairs on USA
    • Gunless
    • I'm Here
    • Perfect Life
    • Virtuality
    • Inkheart
    • The Oaks on FOX
    • Criminal Minds on CBS
    • The Heart of the Earth
    • Eragon
    • Eragon {Video Game}
    • Rabbit Fever
    • The Virgin Queen {TV Series}
    • In the Bathroom
    • Marple: A Murder Is Announced
    • Beauty
    • Helen of Troy
    • The Principles of Lust
    • The Time Machine
    • Superstition
    • Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang)
    • The Last Minute
    • Two Days, Nine Lives
    • Late Night Shopping
    • Oblivious
    • Take a Girl Like You
    • Sorted
    • The Rules of Engagement
    • The 3 Kings
    • Dzvirpaso M
    • Star! Star!
    • Out of Sight {TV Series}
    • In Suspicious Circumstances {TV Series}
    • The Future Lasts a Long Time
    • The Buccaneers
    • Riders
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. You can catch her nude in The Big Bang, Silence Becomes Her, The Principles of Lust, Take a Girl Like You, and Helen of Troy.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: We haven't found any incredibly sexy candids of her yet.
  • Summary: Her collection is actually pretty small at around 90 pics and her pictures, hard to come by. The only decent size set of candids that I have seen were recent ones from the Retribution premiere. Obviously they were pretty boring and lame or we would have them. I doubt this collection is going very far. She has been quoted as saying that she hates being an actress.
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