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This is a list of all of the ladies that exist over on the .NET site. What is this ".NET site" that we speak of some of you may wonder? I am glad that you aksed. For those of you that know about , you can move along, nothing new to see here, this is for the BackAlleyPics newbies. The page that used to reside here can now be found in the archive.
Emily Ratajkowski - DKNY Photoshoot in NYC January 20 2017
59 Image Sets 4968 High Quality Images Date Added: February 10 2019
Gemma Aktinson and Roxanne Pallett Bikinis at the Pool in Spain 2007
55 82 Image Sets 1491 2200 High Quality Images Date Updated: January 15 2019
If, for some reason, say, a search engine brought you to this little plane of cyberspace existance, you like what you are seeing so far, and you plan to stick around and not add to my bounce rate, firstly, let me say thank you. Exceptions to adding to my bounce rate is obviously you landed here and for some reason cannot surf an adult celebrity site or plan on leaving anyway e.g.
  • you are at work and your boss disapproves of nude actresses and naked chick pics in general,
  • you haven't explained to your kids that women have breasts that you like to look at and your kids are around at the moment,
  • you are a good right wing bigot somehow searching for celebrity pics and nudity offends you?,
Emmanuelle Chriqui at the 'Final Destination 2' Premiere in Hollywood January 30 2003
55 84 Image Sets 1574 2663 High Quality Images Date Updated: December 16 2018
BackAlleyPics Ying Yang
  • you are under 18, you made it here by "accident", Mommy and Daddy disapprove but aren't
    taking care of their children and the internet is babysitting again,
  • you somehow missed the warning that this site contains nudity,
  • you don't actually like women in that way, you just liked the shoes that she wore "to
    the Oscars on Put-A-Date-Here",
  • you somehow missed the banner at the top of the page that says "The Only Good
    Actress is a Nude Actress" and it offended you, {Excuse the fuck out of me!},
  • you don't like it when people are mean to a bunch of really rich chicks that you will
    never ever have a face-to-face conversation with in your life,
  • you are a lesbian and are looking for the bull dike section... wait, there are a few
    actresses here that could fit that description, stick around,
Claire Forlani at the beach in Saint Tropez July 23 2005
21 Image Sets 332 High Quality Images Date Added: June 29 2018
  • there is no penis here... sorry about that, if you are looking for a hobby and can program in C# {ASP.NET} you can contribute the penis half of the site if you would like, the pics must be of high quality, I just can't bring myself to the spending of thousands of hours going through dudes pics, aka a saugage party, some of the ugly actresses' pic collections that I spend countless hours on are bad enough,
  • you shouldn't be playing with that thing, YOU ARE GOING TO GO BLIND!,
  • eeek, there is a pussy, you know, that thing that you came out of {I hope}, now you ARE going blind,
  • you just saw a chick taking it in the pooper on one of the ads, this is an adult site and ads do help with the cost of me working my ass off on these sites,
  • your parole officer doesn't know that you are here?
  • "she" isn't here, she probably has hundreds of thousands of pics {of her under twenty and I don't add pics of her under twenty}, she will take thousands of hours for me to add to the site, she is a tall, ugly, skinny rail, that someone needs to feed that has no talent, her name is probably Taylor Swift, and as stated above "some of the ugly actresses' pic collections that I spend countless hours on are bad enough",
  • you are already tired of hearing my mouth so "fuck this site",
Claudia Schiffer Runway at the Versace Haute Couture Fashion Show in Paris July 17 1994
51 Image Sets 1786 High Quality Images Date Added: July 15 2018
  • "she" isn't here continued... she was hot as hell... then she cut her hair like a little boy {the hair didn't effect her body none}, hundreds of pics of her naked in provocative positions and worse have leaked online, she is in a shit load of movies, her name could be Jennifer Lawrence, I probably started that collection awile ago, it is probably over 10,000 pics in it's raw form {as far as the middle of 2015}, it will take me weeks to get "her" pics ready and I wish she were here as well,
  • hot damn this list could get really long so I will abbreviate it... or somehow the search engine landed you here for something other than a search related to female celebrities {I would highly recommend a new search engine}. In a nutshell, if you are not here for sexy actress pics or if I have pissed you off and you plan on leaving anyway...
Dakota Johnson Bikini on Set of 'Fifty Shades Darker' in St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France July 12 2016
49 Image Sets 3927 High Quality Images Date Added: October 25 2018
Christa Campbell HQ Sexy Cleavage Pics Christa Campbell HQ Sexy Cleavage Pics Elsa Pataky HQ Photoshoot Pics Elsa Pataky HQ Photoshoot Pics can fuck up my bounce rate now by quickly leaving through the eXit. You are dismissed!
Diane Kruger People Magazine Germany Launch Party Berlin March 17 2015
79 115 Image Sets 2683 3589 High Quality Images Date Updated: August 5 2018
Still here? Good. I like you already. Now, as for the other reasons of adding to my bounce rate, besides for you don't like the content of this site due to one of the reasons above or one that I skipped listing and you are just reading this out of some kind of bizarre bewilderment or boredom, say, you do like the content of this site and you do like celebrity tits and ass but you just can't surf an adult site at the present moment due to one of the reasons listed above {or one that I skipped listing} then the .NET site is the solution. Please by all means add to my bounce rate on and visit
contains no nudity {as in no celebrity nipples or labia}, no adult advertising, and none of my mouth running. It is strictly non nude photoshoots, again, no visible nipples, bush, snatch, pussy, labia... but there are nude photos because that is how the celebs do it, showing it all without showing anything, call them PG-13 photoshoots, and "candid" pic sets. "Candid" pic sets as in events, photo sessions, out and about pics, her at the beach, sightings, award shows... everything that doesn't fit into the "photoshoots catagory".
Drew Barrymore Bikini at the Beach in Hawaii Feb 23 2007
35 Image Sets 1884 High Quality Images Date Added: December 7 2018
Heidi Montag and Some Strippers at Crazy Horse III's 3rd Anniversary in Las Vegas 2012
55 Image Sets 1640 High Quality Images Date Added: Site Creation
At, more specifically,, the focus is on her being naked, the less she leaves to the imagination the better, because lets face it, that is all an actress is really good for anyway. If you are proud that your daughter wants to be an actress, model or some retarded reality TV personality, you really have some really fucked up priorities my friend and some one really needs to revoke your parenting license. Celebrities contribute absolutely nothing to the good of society! That being said, society really is fucked anyway so... over here the focus is on her tits and ass and, depending on the tramp celebrity, hopefully more.
Over there focus soley is on the location and date of where she was when the pics were taken. Location, location, location. See, I have this very annoying completionist trait that I have tried to shake my whole life but have never succeeded in doing. If she has a set of up skirt pics over here {and she decided to wear panties} then you can most likely find the info over there. I had to have a clean version of so this is how I set it up. Two sites, two different themes, one celebrity.
They Aren't Here Yet - Check Out .Net

- Numbers are Collection Numbers on the .net Version -

Jessica Chastain at the 'China: Through The Looking Glass' Costume Institute Benefit Gala in New York City May 4 2015
47 Image Sets 6089 High Quality Images Date Added: November 13 2018
And that, my friends, is the breakdown of Simple, Safe For Work, none offensive, and none opinionated. You will never hear me call celebrities, ahem, "worthless wastes of breath that are a blemish on society" or say "she probably swallowed quite a bit to get where she's at" or "quick, some one feed that tramp, she's starving to death!" or "we need some more silicone she is starting to sag again" or "the only good actress is a nude actress" over there.
So now BackAlleyPics newbies you are now in the know and have been learned in the ways of BackAlleyPics. And to the point of this page. There is a button in the footer of every page here that says ".Net List" which will bring you to this page. Now you can skip this long post of, whatever the fuck this is that you are reading, and just see the stat for "her pics" on the .NET or see if I actually got around to adding her over there yet and when I did it.
Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh Riskology Game Launch at the Ducati Showroom in London November 15 2004
62 Image Sets 1325 High Quality Images Date Added: October 3 2018
Monica Bellucci at the Opening Ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival France May 17 2006
74 Image Sets 3211 High Quality Images Date Added: Site Creation
All numbers on this page reflect the numbers on the .NET, NOT ON The links on this page will take you to her collection HERE on where you can find her numbers for her .COM pages if she is on Version 2.0 If she isn't on then there is no link and she can only be found over on the .NET. She will be here on sooner or later.
Like there are pics over here on that are not over on there are pics over there that aren't over here. Those bland pics of "her" at some event where she isn't showing any type of skin that I just couldn't bring myself to throw away can be found over there. That happens more than you would think. Why I collect them in the first place is beyond me but I always end up with more than a few sets. If they don't fit into The 2.0 Tag System they aren't here.

On Ver. 2.0: -

87 Chicks / 195,654 Pics
Number = # of Tag Pics
Button = BackAlleyPics Tag
Natalie Dormer Pokies Sexy Cleavage
26 Image Sets 591 High Quality Images Date Added: Site Creation
If you are really into "her" and want the complete set of pics from both sites download everything from and download everything from her skin collection here on {There will most likely be some duplicates}. If she has no skin collection here, just download everything from the .NET If you only want her sexiest pics then just download everything from from her skin collection here on, that is probably all you are going to get of her nude in any type of decent quality anyway unless you have better image sources than me and I think that I have pretty much exhausted the internet of free image sources. Easy Peasy Japaneasy.
P.S. If you like the sites and enjoy all the hardwork that I put into them, there are more than a few social networking buttons that you can press on all pages of both sites. Websites survive with traffic and Money is one of the most empowering motivators for ones hardwork. Not to mention a few other ways that you can help support the sites!
Rachel Bilson Nip Slip Set Sexy Cleavage
72 Image Sets 2394 High Quality Images Date Added: Site Creation
Teresa Palmer Bikini at the Beach in Hawaii
26 Image Sets 745 High Quality Images Date Added: Site Creation
Yvonne Strahovski Bikini at the Beach in Maui, Hawaii July 10 2011
25 Image Sets 1025 High Quality Images Date Added: Site Creation
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