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Tired of downloading each individual pic and wish you just had all of Her BackAlleyPics High Quality Pic Collection on your device?

Want to download the Her Full High Quality Pic Archive in one quick and easy .zip file?

Want to see BackAlleyPics continue to be available in the [near] future so BackAlleyPics can continue to bring you great High Quality pic collections?

Support BackAlleyPics' server costs and other needs with a $5.99 donation and now you can!

How? Simply shoot an e-mail requesting which Ladies' archive you would like to have and then donate at least $5.99 US currency or equivilent in any other currency to the BackAlleyPics PayPal donation page. After the donation has been verified through PayPal you will recieve a confirmation e-mail. Once the .zip file has been created and uploaded {may take up to 24 hours depending on the the size of Her collection} you will recive another e-mail with a link and password to the Ladies' .zip archive which will stay active for 24 hours after which time both the link and password will expire. Only one Ladies' archive per $5.99 donation.*

Email Request 'Support BackAlleyPics' Paypal Link

Why Donate? To be frank, to keep BackAlleyPics running. As many of you may have noticed there has been an uptake of 503 Server Errors on BackAlleyPics lately and frankly this is only going to get worse as a server update is needed. A.K.A. BackAlleyPics is using shared hosting right now and needs to be upgraded to a dedicated server. For those not technically savvy, all of the water won't fit in the pitcher anymore so a bigger pitcher is needed and bigger pitchers cost more than little pitchers.

That and... I will keep this very brief as I don't have a long explanation in me. The sites cost more to run and maintain in one year than I have made from ad revenue in the last three years. Going on up to $1000+ this year. Those pesky 503 errors are "supposedly caused by traffic exceeding shared hosting limits". Long story short I need to pay more for hosting to avoid those. Seeing as it is that time again to pay the piper [Web Hosting], I am not coming out of pocket for it for the third time, for a much higher bill.

If I can gather enough donations through Paypal to keep the sites running by the time the server bill is due they will continue to run. If it looks like I will have enough donations to keep the sites running I will continue adding the millions of pics that I have yet to post. But as of now, the future looks grim. Spending thousands of hours [and dollars] to give away free celebrity pics is not something that I am willing to do for free pay to do. If I wanted to do charity work I would go volunteer at a soup kitchen, you know something actually meaningful and worthwhile. It was fun there for awhile but now it has just become more stress than it is worth. Worst case scenario, not enough donations? Sayonara, Farewell, Goodbye... Get 'em while the getting is good!

Already have a downloader and don't give a damn about a .zip file but want to still help out because your downloader is eating up bandwidth and resources downloading all those free pics. You can always just go toss a donation in The Tip Jar for the cause?!

*Only one archive per $5.99 donation. One archive is defined as one "Actress's" pic sets. E.G. if you request "Her" archive you only get the pics in "her" collection, not "Her" plus some other "Actress's" collection because "She" has pics at some event with some other "Actress" in the other "Actress's" collection. Each archive includes all the images of "Her" that are published on All archives are organized as "Her" posts are seen on The event information can be found in the images EXIF data or on site.

BackAlleyPics is not selling these pics. These pics are still available for free as they have always been. BackAlleyPics is simply asking for support for the sites and in return BackAlleyPics is giving you an alternative, simpler, less time consuming way of attaining the pics that are always available for free. These .zip archives do not exist until requested and will only remain on the server for 24 hours after the confirmation email is sent and will then be removed.

BackAlleyPics is using PayPal so no personal or credit card information is collected or shared with BackAlleyPics. All financial bindings are between the donor and Paypal. BackAlleyPics is in no way involved. The only information BackAlleyPics has is your email address which you volunteer upon an archive request. Please do not send BackAlleyPics any other person information. Although first names are alway nice. ;-) Verification will be done through PayPal by the PayPal email you used to donate and the email you used to request the archive plus the time of the donation and the time of the request. Any other questions? Just ask.

Interested in buying the sites? I will include the [couple million more+] unpublished pics that are also sitting on multiple hard drives in both organized and unorganized fashions and all banners and logos. I will aslo include the Pinterest account which is close to 5000 Pins directly deep linking to pages on both sites. Both sites run on ASP.NET 4.5 webforms in C# using Microsoft SQL Server but shouldn't be to terribly hard to upgrade/change to something different. Serious inquiries only. Stats and whatnot can be discussed in detail in private.

Email Request 'Support BackAlleyPics' Paypal Link

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