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Welcome to Lacey Chabert's Collection

Lacey Chabert 1
  • What she is famous for: Lacey Chabert is an American actress that was born on September 30 1982. She is known for Mean Girls and Party of Five. She is also a voice in The Rugrats.
  • What I know her from:
    • Tart; A movie about rich kids doing drugs. Yawn, boring.
    • Not Another Teen Movie; Spoof movies are always mediocre and usually not all that funny. This one is no different. It had a few funny parts.
    • Dirty Deeds; This movie was kind of funny.
    • The Pleasure Drivers; This movie had potential but just felt like it was missing something. Her character was good and watching her masturbate in the car was good.
    • Thirst; I just caught this on cable recently. It kind of drug on like watching people walk through a desert would.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • A Little Piece of Heaven
    • All My Children on ABC
    • Best Learning Songs Video Ever!
    • Best Busy People Video Ever!
    • Best Silly Stories and Songs Video Ever!
    • Best Sing-Along Mother Goose Video Ever!
    • Gypsy
    • Gargoyles TV Series
    • Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles TV Series
    • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters on Nickelodeon
    • Babes in Toyland
    • Redux Riding Hood
    • Journey Beneath the Sea
    • When Secrets Kill
    • Anastasia
    • Hey Arnold! on Nickelodeon
    • Lost in Space
    • The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
    • An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island
    • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    • An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster
    • Family Guy on FOX
    • Party of Five on FOX
    • The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie
    • Nicktoons Racing {Video Game}
    • The Wild Thornberrys on Nickelodeon
    • Hometown Legend
    • Balto: Wolf Quest
    • The Scoundrel's Wife
    • The Wild Thornberrys Movie
    • Daddy Day Care
    • Rugrats Go Wild!
    • Rugrats Go Wild! {Video Game}
    • Mean Girls
    • Shadow of Fear
    • The Brooke Ellison Story
    • Bratz Rock Angelz {Video Game}
    • She Said/He Said
    • Hello Sister, Goodbye Life
    • High Hopes
    • Fatwa
    • A New Wave
    • Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman
    • Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion - Diamondz
    • Sonic the Hedgehog {Video Game}
    • Black Christmas
    • What If God Were the Sun?
    • Being Michael Madsen
    • Sherman's Way
    • Reach for Me
    • The Lost
    • The Spectacular Spider-Man TV Series
    • Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
    • In My Sleep
    • Elevator Girl
    • Be My Baby
    • Mike DA Mustang
  • SFW: Her collection is safe for work. I don't think she has ever done any nude roles. Her Maxim shoot is nude but there is nothing to see. She has a ton of pics with so much cleavage it is surprising that nipples aren't spilling out though.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Summary: We have a nice collection of her pics considering all the kids shows she does. Her collection is around 150 pics. She has some new stuff in the works but it all looks like about the same PG stuff she usually does and that usually doesn't bring any sexy shoots so we might be stuck with what we got for awhile. Maybe one day someone will give her a real role?
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Date Updated = January 11 2014
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