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Here at BackAlleyPics, well, we love our football, more specifically, the NFL! Seeing as I am writing this in June I am obviously hurting for some football right now. I guess this will have to tide us over until September. If you are reading this during football season, don't worry, that dreaded Super Bowl will come and that sinking feeling will return that you have just watched the last game of the season, unless your team just won, then who gives a shit because you get to walk around and gloat for the next six months!

But what is better than football? What about pics of chicks playing it in lingerie? Sure these pics are old and so are most of the celebs in them but we can reminisce a little and use this post to remind us that we love some football and we love us some half naked chicks! Plus, have you seen this many of these pics from the 2006 Lingerie Bowl in one place for free? I thought not.

As for any information about this event? We tried to find the most info that we could but it seems that info on this thing is very limited. We went to the usual spots such as Wikipedia and IMDB but that was about half ass useless. The dates that we have for the pics we scraped from here and there and hope that they are accurate. If not we apologize and if you would like to give a us source for such a thing then be our guest. At this point I think that info is lost on 'Planet Wouldn't You Like To Know' in cyberspace. The Wiki and IMDB links are around here somewhere.

Willa Ford Lingerie Bowl Willa Ford Lingerie Bowl Tabitha Taylor HQ Nude Photoshoots Tabitha Taylor HQ Nude Photoshoots

Reading the wiki, it sounds to me like some one thought this was a good idea and is trying to make money off of washed up has been magazine strippers. Me thinks that whoever this genius is, is failing miserably? It was on Pay-Per-View during the Super Bowl halftime show? Yeah, we were going to change the channel and pay to watch this during the Super Bowl? Instead of Pay-Per-View, try it with porn stars, put an all out lesbian orgy at the end, put that shit on disc, sell it at the porn store, call yourself a producer, have a Coke and smile and shut the fuck up! Duh! They have been trying to reinvent this thing since it started. Seems like it has been an epic fail! Hey we got some hot pics out of the deal though.

There were a ton of chicks that were involved in this thing. Most of them we have never heard of and rightfully so. Side note: most of them have gotten naked in one capacity or another. That said, we don't have pics of a quarter of them but that doesn't mean that we don't have a lot. Over 650 of them, hit up the Lingerie Bowl Tag List to see them all.

If there are any duplicates in here I apologize. I didn't want to get over-eager on the delete key because a lot of them do look like dups but aren't. There are a few low to medium qualities in there, not many though. Yes, all and all, I spent an ass load of time on this post for you. Enjoy all that lovely high quality lingerie! - New York Giants fan out.

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