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Miranda Kerr Swimsuit, Camel Toe and Sexy Cleavage
Position: #1 Donor: PurpleSmurf Donation: $10.00 Request: Miranda Kerr Date: Nov. 16 2017
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The Pic Her Campaign
Pic YOUR Sexy

It is that time of year again. Nope. Not Christmas time. It is time to pay the piper AKA pay BackAlleyPics' Server Bill and Domain Name Renewal's. Generally I just pick up the annual cost and keep on building the sites. Well it happens that this year I simply can't afford it and frankly even if I could, should I? This years revenue from advertising on either site didn't even come close to it {Your Ad Blockers come to mind} but the time that I spent on the sites was comparable to a full time job so...

*Amendment - Five Gets You Ten! {...or a full collection?} -

If you enjoy the sites and your image downloader runs consistantly on either of them {or both of them if you are doing it right} then maybe you could help me out? If every one that visited threw 3 bucks in The Tip Jar to help out the cause this would be done in a day and I would Pay the Piper and get back to building collections but that isn't going to happen so...

Instead of simply just asking you for some cash for the holidays because I want to buy gifts {wish that was the case but sadly it is not, hosting isn't free and if you haven't noticed the sites are pretty damn big} I came up with an idea.

The premise being pretty simple. The top three donors to BackAlleyPics Plight get to pic the next three {to five} ladies collections added to the sites... with a twisted bonus.

This is just a fun way of me asking for help and you sort of getting a reward. I am not asking for more than three, five, maybe ten buck donations max? However I came to a conundrum with that. How would I pick a winner while being transparent? A raffle? On the internet? Figure that one out and let me know? I am not trying to go all 'Price is Right' on this.

I am just going to keep it simple and fair. There is no maximum. Basically it is a fundraiser and the 3 highest donors get to pic the next 3 Ladies Collections added to BackAlleyPics that ends on December 31 2017. Since I can't really figure out a better way of doing this {without changing my indicisive mind 12 times}, I guess in a blunt way of speaking and I am not trying to be shady here in anyway so let us just get this out front, I am also curious to see how much people will pay to see the sexiest collection of pics of, Yuck, Taylor Swift their favorite celebrity on the internet. Don't worry I am never going to pull a dick move and start charging for the sites. That said, please just donate whatever you can afford, all help is greatly appreciated, and I will try to find a way to get all of your suggestions posted while maintaining the course I had set out on.


All donations of at least five bucks {US Currency $5.00} will get you ten of the sexiest pics sets of your choice of lady that I can find. E.G. JerrytheJanitor donated five bucks and chose Nina Agdal. I will then go on a hunt for the 10 sexiest pic sets of Nina Agdal that I can find starting with her nudes if she has any. Yes Nina Agdal does so I would then add her nude photoshoots pics {all that I can find}. I will be using the Tag System Order to do this so:

If it was a Taylor Swift type prude chick we would just have to skip the nude photoshoots part and I will move onto topless pics {Taylor Swift? no, Nina Agdal? I think?} if she has any, then to nip slips and then up skirts and then onto bikini... then skip a few tags... then spandex... then skip a few tags finally leaving us at the lame tag of photo sessions {and if I get to photo sessions within only ten pic sets, you chose a really boring chick}.

BUT! One huge caveat to this would be that if you pic a chick that is currently on and not on Version 2.0. AKA her collection probably needs a major over haul that I haven't gotten to yet. I will just go ahead and overhaul her whole collection up to the 75 pic sets. E.G. Kaley Cuoco's Collection sucks ass as it stands and I know she will end up with way more than 75 Sexier than hell pic sets {most likely no nudes, but still one hell of a sexy collection} so I would just get her pics {nope, I don't have those squirreled away, you have what I got} and add the sexiest 75 pic sets as stated in 'My Obligations to The Winners'.

I will add these collections after the top three donors' collections are added in the order the donations are recieved {by earliest date} as stated in the 'Twisted Bonus'. That way we are all winners. Happy Holidays and Pic Hunting.

So. The rules are pretty simple.

The Rules
  • She must be a female, I don't do dude's collections! Wouldn't even know where to begin with that? I already delete a lot of pics of her that I find rather blah, bland, boring, and not sexy so his collection would end up being pretty damn small as in me probably just deleting it and giving up?
  • She must be below the age of 50 - the older a celebrity is, the harder it is to find images of her in decent quality - image sets below the 2005 line start to degrade quick in the quality realm, not to mention how many.
  • If it is an adult actress chosen I don't post penetration pics - Dita Von Teese's collection is about as hardcore as it is going to get, I need to be able to post pics on both versions of BackAlleyPics so the collection must contain 50% of the images of her at public events/out in public that Google won't cry about. Pretty strict standards there. If you figure out Google's censorship standards let me know?
  • Nudity is not required. If she has never gotten naked, oh well. They can't all be nude actresses. As much as all those fake pic posters out there would like you to believe.
  • She must have a page and a Wikipedia page. I am not going on a wild goose hunt for pics of some chick that no one has ever heard of.
  • All images of her will be when she was at least 19 years or older. I give myself a pretty big cushion when it comes to under age pics
  • One choice per donation. A five dollar donation won't get the next four new collections on BackAlleyPics.
  • Her collection, when finished, will consist of the sexiest 76 images sets maximum as seen on 75 event, candid, and photo session sets plus one photoshoots set = 76 Sets. The rest of her collection that I collect will be updated at a later time.
  • It can be a New Ladies Collection or one of the Existing Ladies Collections that I have not gotten around to adding to Version 2.0 that you would like to see updated before I add a new collection.
  • She can not already be on Ver. 2.0 or have a full collection on because I have already exhuasted my resources on getting her pics and it would probaby just end up being a pretty small update instead.
  • Yeah, yeah I missed something here, that will come up later.
How To

I ain't going all out official with this or anything. Scream at me in the Disqus comment box how much you are donating and what Ladies Collection you want added next. I will check that 'Your Lady' meets the above criteria and I will tell ya 'Alrighty Then'. Then you click The Tip Jar and go do your Paypal thing. Come back and scream at me that 'It is done'. I will confirm it on Paypal and come back and sream 'Much Appreciated' and add your screen name, Your Next Collection Choice, and the donation amount to a nice little results table so all can see.

On Ver. 2.0: -

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'Pic Her Campaign' Paypal Link
'Pic Her Campaign' Paypal Link The Twisted Bonus
Maybe Her?

Can you find a celebrity pic collection that is sexier than The Top Sexiest Collections on More specifically, sexier than Kelly Brook's or Joanna Krupa's?* That is the real challenge. It also reduces the chances {slimly} that I have to add 10,000 lame ass pics of [pic the lame celebrity]. I won't mention any chicks name because there is a high probability that I will be stuck working on one of these lame collections, but there are more than a few chicks that aren't on BackAlleyPics for this reason alone.

*Sexiest Collections really have nothing to do with her looks. We all have preferences and tastes so that is not how I judge a Sexiest Collection. It is based on's Tag System. Keep reading for an explanation of that.

If you are the number one donor and can come up with a celebrity collection that is comparable or replaces one of the Top Five Sexiest Collections e.g. Kelly Brook and Joanna Krupa. {With the exception of Katy Perry because frankly her collection is only there due to the size of it and her popularity. She has no nudity so by rights it shouldn't even be there.} You will be able to choose the fourth collection to be added after the two runner ups collections are finished.

If you are the number two donor and can come up with a celebrity collection that is comparable or replaces one of the Top Five Sexiest Collections... .as stated above for the number one donor You will be able to choose the fourth collection to be added after all three top three donor's collections are finished unless the Number One donor also chose a Top Five Collection {not likely that there will be two new Top Five Collections as the collections need to be comparable to Kelly Brook and Joanna Krupa's Collections and I just don't see that?} then the order will be Number 1 donor's collection, Number 2 donor's collection, Number 3 donor's collection, Number 1 donor's collection because Number 1 Donor's initial collection was a Top Five Sexiest Collection, then, coming in fifth, your second choice collection.

If you are the number three donor and... Sorry, it starts getting to damn complicated!

If you are the Number 1 Donor or Number 2 Donor and chose a Top Five Sexiest Collection and got the choice of adding a second collection and the second collection that you chose is also chosen as a Top Five Sexiest Collection... Be proud you have successfully updated's Top Sexiest Collections with your celebrity choice of sexy! Twice! ...and I should probably get back to the collections I was working on before starting this contest.

- Alternate Objective -

The Five Sexiest will have to contain nudity so if you are choosing some one like a Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, or Victoria Justice you may as well skip this whole part because there are no nudes and they won't fit the Five Sexiest Criteria. Throw your thousand dollar donation up now and I will get to work on a collection that I will absolutely loath. A deal is a deal.

Criteria:'s Five Sexiest Collections really have nothing to do with her looks. We all have preferences and tastes so that is not how I judge a Sexiest Collection. It is based on's Tag System. General rule of thumb for The Five Sexiest is she has pics in every tag which results in her also being on which means that she has done nudity in a voluntary manner, {not hacked pics of her that "aren't her" which weren't really hacked but leaked} in a photoshoot. Nudes scenes from movies don't count. Pulling a Heather Graham doesn't work. AKA tons of film nudity to get {garbage} roles but nothing else.

As it stands I really don't see Kelly Brook or Joanna Krupa being replaced. That bar is pretty high. Dita Von Teese is there because, well, damn, she has everything but bikini and swimsuit pics, or nip slip, or up skirt pics, but do we really need nip slip or up skirt pics when we got her um, other pics. A chick that gets naked a lot and has a sizeable amount of pics in all of the other tags is going to win every time. You can ignore Katy Perry's Collection as an example as I stated above. And the other collection {will probably change while this contest is going on}? Well that will be one of the first to be replaced IF some one is able to find a Ladies Collection that meets the standards.

Good Luck and may your search go better than mine. I have been looking for these collections since the incept of Version 2.0 and this is as far as I have gotten. I have added a random rotator of suggestions of new collections. Click it to see the list.

My Obligation to The Winners
  1. Starting with the 1st place donor to the 3rd place donor and starting over with the donor challenges {Hopefully}
  2. Time wise - I will post the collection in as best as a timely manner as I can depending explicity on the size of the collection, which will depend on the celebrity and popularity.
  3. First thing needed is the pics obviously. And that is where the timely part of building a collection starts. After a winner is announced and we know who The Sexy Lady we are adding is {January 1 2018} I will begin the harvesting process {January 5 2018}. I have gotten faster at this process but once again, depending on her this could take up to a week. Once I have finished I will post the total number of her pics that I have collected. A big collection can range from 15,000 - 30,000 + pics in its raw form. That is duplicates, triplicates, low qualities, ect... and other trash. From what I have observered the finished collection is generally about three times smaller than the Raw one. E.g. 30,000 ends up being around 10,000. I will skip the gory details.
  4. Once that part is finished I will go through and pic up to 75 of the sexiest image sets to use plus her photoshoots and post the the total raw numbers of what I have to go through.
  5. Then I will go through her photoshoots, nude pics, if any, create her Video Screen Captures for any High Definition videos I am able to scrape together {No promises there, those always end up being a kind of collection bonus}, clean her magazine scans to the best of my ability, throw it all in a pot, shake it up and out will pop her photoshoots tag, her collection {Nudes, Topless, Up Skirts, See Throughs, Nude Scene Caps, ect...} if applicable, and her photoshoot set. Then post that on both sites.
  6. I will then go through the up to 75 image sets of her events, candids, photo sessions, and what nots and post all of them on in her tags and post the first half of her collection on
  7. I will then {HOPEFULLY} change the Top Five Sexiest on to represent her and add her second half to finishing her collection.
  8. And of course give you full credit for being the author of her collection! E.g. "Jane Doe's Collection brought to you in part by: {Your Screen Name} The Biggest Donor in the BackAlleyPics 'Pic a Chick Campaign' on everyone of her pages on both sites. Up to two collections if you can successfully replace one of the Five Sexiest Collections. Congratulations? You are an internet hero? And if you don't want public credit on her pages? No problem, we can just skip that part, just email me and let me know.
The Disclaimer

This is in no way a binding contract and is only intended as a form of entertainment. By donating to the Paypal account associated with BackAlleyPics you are simply donating to a fund to help keep BackAlleyPics running and have no other obligations. All financial bindings are between the donor and Paypal. BackAlleyPics is in no way involved. We have collected no information from the donor except the information that the donor used to post on the Disqus comment section on BackAlleyPics which is the donor's email address [not publicly posted on BackAlleyPics] and screen name [publicly posted by the donor and will be posted on said pages to credit the donor unless otherwise stated by the donor]. In other words I am in no way involved with any of your personal information. That is between you and Paypal and however YOU do your Paypal thing.

As stated above I will try my hardest to get the collection of your choosing posted as quickly as possible within reason as layed out above. And as usual: If you are the copyright owner of a said image or images and do not wish this/these images to be viewed publicly on this site contact us for removal. All images were found on the internet with the use of search engines and public forums.