The Only Good Actress is a Nude Actress
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  • What she is famous for: Abi Titmuss is an English actress, television personality, and glamour model that was born on February 8 1976. All of which she does half ass. She is famous for... her sex tape? I have no idea what she is really famous for? You would have to ask the Brits that.
  • What I know her from: The internet and the internet alone. Had I never started creating a hot chick screen saver I would have missed Abi and her wonderful sex tape. The sex tape is probably why this collection even exists in the first place? Her sex tape dropped years ago and it is still the best celeb sex tape out there mouths down. That is a call for some dumb ass celeb to out-do her.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • Lady Luck
    • Casualty (TV series)
    • Celebrity Salon (TV series)
    • Frontman
    • Do Elephants Pray?
    • Hotel Babylon (TV series)
    • Katy Brand's Big Ass Show (TV series)
    • Celebrity Bedlam (TV series)
    • This Week (TV series)
    • The Real Hustle (TV series documentary)
    • Live from Studio Five (TV series)
    • The Noughties... Was That It? (TV documentary)
    • Hole in the Wall (TV series)
    • Hell's Kitchen (TV series)
    • The Podge and Rodge Show (TV series)
    • Xposé (TV series)
    • Come Dine with Me (TV series)
    • What Are You Like? (TV series)
    • Another Audience with Al Murray (TV movie)
    • You Can't Fire Me, I'm Famous (TV series documentary)
    • Big Brother's Efourum (TV series)
    • Annually Retentive (TV series)
    • Deadline (TV series)
    • Happy Hour (TV series)
    • The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols (TV documentary)
    • Richard & Judy (TV series)
    • Celebrity Love Island (TV series)
    • Jack Dee Live at the Apollo (TV series)
    • Death of Celebrity (TV documentary)
    • Abi Titmuss: A Modern Day Morality Tale (TV documentary)
    • Celebrity Love Island: Aftersun (TV series)
    • Tone & Tease with Abi Titmuss (video)
    • Maxim Uncovered! Vol. 4 (video)
    • The Friday Night Project (TV series)
    • An Audience with Al Murray (TV movie)
    • Titmuss Out for the Lads (video short)
    • Bo' Selecta! (TV series)
  • NSFW: Her collection is not safe for work to an extent. For her being a British Glamour Model, the nudity in her collection is rather scarce and rather disappointing.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with a few wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: Her candids collection contains see throughs, bikinis, see throughs in bikinis, camel toes, up skirts of pantiless and with panties variety, a ton of sexy cleavage and more that we have probably forgotten. A smorgasbord of yummy candid pics. See, she was good for something. Her candid collection is around 550 pics.
  • Summary: Her collection is of medium size being just over 300 pics. She gave up her career before she did a true topless photo shoot. She claims that she is on to more fabulous things such as being a serious actress but I was just on her IMDB page and that doesn't seem to be going so well. Her fifteen minutes ended years ago. As for updates, she does still show up to public events and it seems that she still can't keep her legs closed and her tits are still hanging out {some habits die hard} so we might be adding something new to her candids? New pantiless up skirts and her sexy cleavage are always welcome at Back Alley.
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Date Created = October 11 2013
Date Updated = October 11 2013
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