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A Ver. 1.5 Skin Collection

  • What she is famous for: Christa Campbell is an American actress that was born on December 7 1972. She may be famous... ah hell with it. She is a d-list actress that wishes she was famous.
  • What I know her from:
    • Drive Angry; This was a pretty good movie although you probably don't remember her from it although her part was pretty memorable because for the two seconds that she is in it she has a full frontal nude scene.
    • The Mechanic; This movie was alright, nothing all that amazing that hasn't been done before written in a slightly different way. I don't remember her being in it? I must have blinked while I was watching it.
    • Day of the Dead; This movie comes on and I immediately try to find something else to watch. It has Nick Cannon in it. I think that pretty much says it all. Besides, how many ways is there to create a slow walking zombie attempt to kill someone? Oh I forgot these characters are so damn dumb you can't wait for all of them to die.
    • Cleaner; Pretty mediocre movie that she was in for five minutes.
    • The Wicker Man; I don't remember this movie and after looking at it's score of 3.5 on IMDB I don't think that I will be in any hurry to rewatch it. The movie channels seem to be at a loss for fresh movies though considering the amount of reruns that they show, maybe if they ever get over that and add it to their rotation I will check it out again?
    • Lonely Hearts; This was a pretty good movie. Some movies based on serial killers really suck but this one was pretty good. Who the hell she was? Don't remember.
    • 2001 Maniacs; Thankfully I have forgotten most of this movie. But of course she got her tits out for it.
  • What I don't know her from: Now the rest of the shit that I am glad I have not been unfortunate enough to see.
    • Autómata
    • Seed 2: The New Breed
    • Homefront
    • The Big Wedding
    • Spiders
    • Straight A's
    • Leverage on TNT
    • The Iceman
    • Spoon (Short)
    • Hyenas - Topless
    • Cool Dog (Video)
    • Gun
    • Blood: A Butcher's Tale
    • 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams - Topless
    • The Tomb
    • Lies & Illusions
    • Labor Pains
    • Finding Bliss - Topless
    • Gurdian
    • Audie & the Wolf
    • Hero Wanted
    • Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter
    • Blonde Ambition
    • Showdown at Area 51
    • Hallows Point
    • Family Guy on FOX
    • Revamped (Video)
    • Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep (TV Movie)
    • The Black Hole (TV Movie)
    • Relative Strangers
    • End Game
    • Death by Engagement - Topless
    • Mozart and the Whale
    • Mansquito (TV Movie)
    • The Drone Virus
    • Summerland on The WB
    • Malibu's Most Wanted
    • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV Series)
    • The New Guy
    • Spring Break Lawyer (TV Movie)
    • Looking for Bobby D (Short)
    • Desire L.A. (Short)
    • The Crew
    • Red Letters
    • D.O.A. (TV Movie)
    • Erotic Confessions: Volume 11 (Video)
    • Unhappily Ever After (TV Series)
    • Erotic Confessions (TV Series)
    • Intimate Sessions (TV Series)
    • All That on Nickelodeon
    • Erotic Confessions: Volume 1 (Video)
    • Erotic Confessions: Volume 3 (Video)
    • Erotic Confessions: Volume 6 (Video)
    • Pacific Blue on USA Netowrk
    • Erotic Landscapes (Video)
  • NSFW: Her collection contains nudity an is not safe for work! Her nude scenes are listed above. I have no idea what the deal with those Erotic Confession Videos are? Wiki says that they were some type of Skinemax shows and videos but that is all and I have never ran across any screen caps from it. We do have a few of her nude shoots in her collection though.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: Her candid collection is pretty lame with what should be great cleavage at events but it is mediocre for a chick that has tits the size of hers. It is around 120 pics.
  • Summary: Her photo shoots are the highlight of her collection. Although not many of the pics are ultra high quality. Most are old cleaned up magazine scans. Plenty of see throughs and a good percentage of it is nude. Good percentage as in her collection is only 129 pics that we have some how scraped off the bottom of the internet. Updates? She may think that she is something special but the internet thinks otherwise and I doubt that we will ever get back to her collection because I doubt that there will ever be any great new pics that would be worth the time?
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