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Welcome to Drew Barrymore's Collection

Drew Barrymore
  • What she is famous for: Drew Barrymore is an American actress that was born on February 22 1975. She is famous for everything from being a kid in E.T. and Firestarter to Donnie Darko to Charlie's Angels and infamously getting naked... a lot!
  • What I know her from:
    • Going the Distance; This is pretty decent movie on a pretty boring day.
    • Duplex; This is a pretty dumb movie.
    • Confessions of a Dangerous Mind; This is a good movie, if not a little on the twisted side.
    • Boys on the Side; I don't know if I would call this a chick flick or what but I caught it on one of my many hung over mornings and was to lazy to change the channel, then Drew's tits were there and I stayed the whole way through. By the end I had pretty much started liking all of the characters. Overall a good movie if not a little depressing.
    • Donnie Darko; What to say about one of my favorite movies of all time? I think that I just did! Drew was excellent in this and she helped Richard Kelly make it. {She was one of the producers on it}.
    • Scream; This movie may have been good? That was many annoying sequels earlier and I would prefer watching CNN's repeats of the same not-so-news story than watch it now.
    • Bad Girls; Back around the time that this came out I remembered it being a pretty decent flick, upon it coming on one of the movie channels and after a rewatch now it just seems pretty damn cheesy.
    • Wayne's World 2; If I have seen this one I am glad that I don't remember it because one of these movies was dumb then and probably borderline mentally retarded now.
    • Doppelganger; I have seen this but don't remember much of it.
    • Poison Ivy; I have seen this but don't remember much of it.
    • Cat's Eye; This was a good movie in the eighties but watching it now it seems pretty dated, but still a decent movie.
    • Firestarter; This is one of the few Stephen King books that I have not read. It is sitting on the bookshelf in queue but I keeping moving it down the queue because of the damn movie. Back in the eighties movies about telekentics were a strange and new thing and this was a truly excellent movie but now Holly'swood has beaten that horse back to life. Watching this movie again {and again, because it is the only thing on the fifty movie channels} wasn't a waste of time.
    • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial; What to say about E.T.? Nothing. If you are a thirty-something or older you know that you loved this movie.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • The Familymoon
    • Big Miracle
    • Family Guy on FOX
    • Our Deal (Short)
    • Everybody's Fine
    • Whip It
    • Grey Gardens
    • He's Just Not That Into You
    • Beverly Hills Chihuahua
    • Lucky You
    • Music and Lyrics
    • Curious George
    • Fever Pitch
    • 50 First Dates
    • Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
    • Riding in Cars with Boys
    • Freddy Got Fingered
    • The Simpsons on FOX
    • Charlie's Angels
    • Titan A.E.
    • Skipped Parts
    • Olive, the Other Reindeer (TV Movie)
    • Never Been Kissed
    • Home Fries
    • Ever After: A Cinderella Story
    • The Wedding Singer
    • Best Men
    • Wishful Thinking
    • Everyone Says I Love You
    • Batman Forever
    • Mad Love
    • Inside the Goldmine
    • No Place to Hide
    • The Amy Fisher Story (TV Movie)
    • Guncrazy
    • 2000 Malibu Road on CBS
    • Sketch Artist (TV Movie)
    • Waxwork II: Lost in Time
    • Motorama
    • Far from Home
    • See You in the Morning
    • CBS Schoolbreak Special (TV Series)
    • A Conspiracy of Love (TV Movie)
    • Babes in Toyland (TV Movie)
    • Star Fairies (TV Movie)
    • ABC Weekend Specials (TV Series)
    • Irreconcilable Differences
    • Altered States
    • Bogie (TV Movie)
    • Suddenly, Love (TV Movie)
  • NSFW: Her collection contains nudity an is not safe for work! Drew went through a stage once where getting her tits and bush out were par for the course just to piss people off and I would like to think that we have most of those shoots, you will just have to ignore the fact that they aren't the greatest quality considering that this phase took place in the pre-internet era called the nineties. You can catch her nude in Mad Love, Boys on the Side, Bad Girls, & Doppleganger. She made Mr. Skin's "Hall of Fame Nudity" category.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: Her candid collection is pretty weak considering it is Drew Barrymore. It consists of a couple of sets of bikini pics. There are about 100 bikini pics.
  • Summary: Drew has fallen off the radar over the years and new shoots seem to be pretty rare. As mentioned above, her event pics are really lame and her exciting years happened when we had to depend on the tabloids and TV to show us the hot pics. That said her photo shoot collection is a pretty damn big one being over 850 pics. Updates? Maybe, but I highly doubt that it will be all exciting and probably won't take priority over that other hot chicks new pussy upskirt.
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