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  • What she is famous for: Jakki Degg is a British Glamour Model that was born on February 20 1978. She also likes to believe that she is a DJ. As to that I have no idea because I quit listening to music that involved turntables in the nineties. I imagine that she probably sucks and she should have probably stuck to taking her clothes off for a living. I doubt she is selling out packed arenas.
  • What I know her from: I know her from her naked pics that are all over the internet, duh! Alright, seriously, I know her from looking for countless pics of British Glamour Models and always running across her. She has a tat of {angel?} wings right above her snatch. That is pretty memorable and if you are a pic collector, a good reason to add her to your collection. As a bonus she is the queen of posing in a provocative manner with her legs spread wide open inviting you in. The panties that say "eat me" while in this posture... well you get the point or pointed if you will. In other words, she takes acting trampy for a camera to a whole new level! Or did, I think that she is pretty much done now because that dreaded thing called age finally caught up with her and pretty soon they would have to put her pics in "Thirty Something" fetish magazine instead of the British Lad mags. I would have liked to have seen a proper pic of her snatch before she bowed out though. Preferably in the afore mentioned leg spread wide open posture!
  • What I don't know her from: She has been in a few movies although I would not call her an actress by any means. I think that her parts were of the 2 second variety. I will list them anyway for those of you that maybe interested. There is also a few TV shows in the list as well.
    • Goal! III
    • Hardcore Tarmac Terrorists
    • Remember My Dream (Short)
    • The Poker Academy (Video)
    • EuroTrip; I have seen this movie numerous times but I don't remember her being in it?
    • Coming Up for Air (TV Short)
    • Is Harry on the Boat? (TV Movie)
    • The Weakest Link (TV Series)
  • NSFW: Her collection contains nudity and is not safe for work! Besides for right here you can also catch her nude in the movie "Is Harry on the Boat?"
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers and no tags
  • Candids: Her candids are pretty lame. There is the exception of her being at the beach in a thong bikini. Those are pretty great. The others are basically her at car shows. We did add a mix of candids that we can't find any info for that contains a few up skirts and skirts so short that Republicans are probably bitching about and drooling at the same time. I won't put a number here of how many candid pics we have because that would be unfair as the car show candids contain a bunch of people. There is at least 70 candid pics of Jakki though. Glamour models and candid pics do not go hand in hand.
  • Summary: For a glamour model her collection is a little on the small side being around 450 pics. I think her fifteen minutes happened in the early 2000's and the British mags hadn't figured out the true potential of the internet yet. A lot of her pics do look pretty dated and there is no shortage of low qualities. Like I said she isn't young anymore and her fifteen minutes ended long ago. That said "Eat Me" panties on a chick with her legs spread in fuck me fashion never get old! We could run across more pics in our internet adventures but I am not holding my breathe. This is probably pretty much it. She does have a website that we won't link to. I assume that you have to pay to become a member and... yeah right. I don't even tip the talent at the strip club and they do lap dances. I have never seen any of the pics that come from her site in high quality. This is probably it for her collection but one never knows?
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