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Sophie Howard See Through Purple Dress

Sophie Howard in a see through purple dress...

@ a Loaded Magazine Party August 2007.

Here is Sophie dressed! Well sort of. If you consider a see through latex dress "dressed"? On most other celebs this dress might actually be shocking but on a nude model it is actually sort of a snore fest. If she would have skipped the panties then we might be talking but as it sits seeing her tits in a see through dress just isn't all that amazing when you can go to her photo shoots and see her tits in any position that you want. Anywho. I have no idea who the blonde is? We couldn't find much info on these. The quality is pretty mediocre as well. Enjoy!

Sophie's BackAlley Bio
  • What she is famous for: Sophie Howard is an English Glamour Model that was born on February 24 1983. She is famous for? Having huge natural tits? She has appeared in numerous British men's {or "lads" if you will} magazines. Obviously the ones that get readers, or viewers if you will, by showing hot chick's tits and ass. She retired from modeling in 2012 and returned in 2013. Her measurements are 32F-26-34 and her height is 5'7" or 5'8" depending on where you look or who you ask?
  • What I know her from: I guess I know her from having huge natural tits? I know her from seeing pictures of her naked. Then again, I guess that is what everyone who knows who she is knows her from.
  • What I don't know her from: Usually there is some info in this spot about movies the lady was in or a book she has written or a some music she has tried to do or something that she has done. The only thing that this chick has done is whipped out her tits, ass, and once in awhile her snatch and us horny dudes {and chicks} just paid attention. She was a stripper when she was younger. Who says that taking off your clothes can't be lucrative? Remind me again why I wasn't born a chick? So simple, whip out your tits, get paid! Some one is always willing to pay a chick just to take off her clothes. Then again, I am sure that some one is willing to pay her for a book deal now and some one would read it.
  • NSFW: Her collection is not safe for work! Her collection has anything from ass pics to tits, to full frontal.
  • Quality: Medium to Ultra Super High Quality with no wallpapers but some tags. There are tags in there from one of her old shoots that we decided to leave in there.
  • Candids: Her candids collection has a few sets of topless bikini pics, some see through dress pics and some sexy cleavage pics at a few different events. There are about a hundred candid pics in there.
  • Summary: Her collection is pretty good sized at close to 1200 hundred photo shoot pics. I have no idea what will happen with this collection as far as updates go. As I stated above she retired and then un-retired a year later. I doubt that a topless model's career has much longevity? She is in her thirties now so she could retire in another year?
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