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Sung Hi Lee
  • What she is famous for: Sung Hi Lee is a Korean American model and actress that was born on April 1 1970. This is one of those chicks that you either know who she is or you don't. If you don't then you should take this advantage and figure it out. You won't be disappointed unless you don't like beautiful naked women. You may know her as Ferrari from The Girl Next Door.
  • What I know her from:
    • The Girl Next Door; This movie was alright. Elisha Cuthbert might have played the porn star that didn't get naked but Sung Hi played the porn star that did what porn stars do and showed us her tits.
    • This Girl's Life; This was a pretty good movie although I could be biased because it is a movie about a hot porn star's life. Hell with it, I am biased. The scene where the "porn star" has her first girl on girl is great! The porn star is played by some F-list actress named Juliette Marquis. Yes, Sung Hi plays a porn star in this movie too and you get to see her tits as well.
  • What I don't know her from:
    • The Art of War III: Retribution
    • Tripping Forward
    • Crossing Over
    • Richard III
    • Back to You on FOX
    • Lost on ABC
    • Red Riding Hood
    • Death to the Supermodels
    • Days of Our Lives on NBC
    • Rock Me, Baby on UPN
    • Six: The Mark Unleashed
    • Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure
    • Birds of Prey on The WB
    • The King of Queens on CBS
    • Nikki on The WB
    • V.I.P. {TV Series}
    • Queen of Swords {TV Series}
    • Black Scorpion {TV Series}
    • Shotgun Love Dolls {TV Series}
    • Nurse Betty
    • Chain of Command
    • That Summer in LA
    • Good vs Evil on USA Network
    • Mortal Kombat: Conquest {TV Series}
    • Error in Judgment; You can catch her nude.
    • Making Contact
    • A Night on the Water; You can catch her nude.
    • The Practice on ABC
    • Pensacola: Wings of Gold {TV Series}
    • Weapons of Mass Distraction
    • Midnight Blue
    • Playboy: Asian Exotica
    • Playboy: The Girls of Hawaiian Tropic, Naked in Paradise
    • Edenquest: Anna Nicole Smith
  • NSFW: Her collection is not safe for work! What to say? She is a nude model and there is no shortage of full nudity. You can also catch her nude in the above listed movies.
  • Quality: Medium to High Quality with a few wallpapers. Tags? All of these pics have the tags from her site on them which as far as we know at the time of posting these is defunct. We would hate for all of these beautiful pics to just die in some far away corner of cyber space. Any objections? Let us know.
  • Candids: We haven't found any incredibly sexy candids of her yet.
  • Summary: This collection is over 6200 pics when all is said and done. I think that sort of says it all.
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Date Created = February 13 2013
Date Updated = February 13 2013