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The Tag System
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Welcome to the Version 2.0 Tag System. Our Tagged Lists are as labeled. If you hit the topless candid pics tag you are going to see topless candid pics. Not pics of her in some photoshoot topless with her hands covering up her nipples. You will see her tits and her nipples!!! We ain't here to get you to turn pages for the sake of turning pages. With our tag system we are trying to get you to what you really want to see. If you want to see her covering her nipples in a photoshoot then we would recommend hitting up her photoshoots to see if that photoshoot exists. If it does that is where you will find them. There will be no "topless covering her tits photoshoot" tag, that shit is to broad and way to time consuming. Either she is topless or not and if she is she will be in the "topless" tag. We hope that you enjoy the tag system because building this mutherfucker took forever and was a bitch to implement!

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The tag system is based on a cascading order. Photoshoots is always first because every chick has photoshoots and I don't organize photoshoots or label them. They are just a mass glob of photoshoot pics including shoots, outtakes, magazine scans that I clean all text off of, some portrait sessions that I give up on finding information for and screen captures from videos of the photoshoots, given the video was true 1080 HD which resulted in 1080 x 1920 captures, but sometimes I break that rule if the shoot is really smoking hot and screen cap 720 HD videos that end in 1280 x 720 caps. Same is true for nude photoshoots but unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to come across a full nude photoshoot video to cap.

From photoshoots it goes to the above mentioned nude photoshoots to full nude/topless candids to upskirts to nip slips... to sexy cleavage... all the way down to photo sessions. You get the point. There are a ton of pics that fit into multiple catagories but that is to time consuming to seperate them into that order so the whole set just gets put into the tag that is sexiest. E.G. nip slips generally result from her wearing something low cut showing off a ton of sexy cleavage or side boob but she let the nip slip so that whole set is in "nip slip" instead of "sexy cleavage" or "side boob".

Two reasons: a) time, plain and simple, and b) I hate websites that I go to that have her "up skirt pic" and that one pic alone. Especially if the pics are hot even when you can't see her snatch. I am a pic collector too. That shit irritates the hell out of me! You may have to dig a little here to get to the pic because it is in a set of 300 pics from that event but the whole event set is there. No apologizes for that. That is the set up of and .net. Whole collections. It is not a ploy for page turning. I try to put the good pics first in a set but I put them in order that I think they were taken so sometimes the upskirt is at the end when she was leaving.

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One other point worth mentioning of the tag order is camel toe and spandex. Spandex is usually always spandex unless it is camel toe or topless. Camel toe is sometimes a hard one because sometimes the pic is just the right angle so it got the camel toe pic and there are only a couple in a set like the above example of nip slips. But they still go into the "camel toe" tag because at one point while she was on her way to the gym I could see the outline of what her boyfriend is licking while he has her legs on his shoulders.

The "5 sexiest collections" in the navigation bar at the top of the pages are not based on "Her" physical appearance. The sexiest collections are based on just that, "Her Collection" and the tag system. If she has pics that only appear in three tags e.g. the "Sexy Cleavage" tag, the "Photoshoots" tag, and the "Photo Sessions" tag that is not what we consider a very "sexy collection". But if she has pics in the above tags and pics in the "Nude Photoshoots" tag, the "Bikini" tag, and the "Nip Slip" tag then obviously she is getting closer to being a "Sexiest Collection". If she has pics in every tag e.g. Kelly Brook {who is only missing nipple pasties pics and her actual nip slip pics} then obviously she is going to make it to the "Sexiest Collection" status. Another factor is the number of pics in her collection considering how sexy the pics are. 5000 photo session and spandex pics is a lot but not very sexy so that collection is not going to make it.

Also 8000 topless photoshoot pics is not going to necessarily put 'Her' in "Sexiest Collection" catagory either. Seeing the same pair of tits over and over again is what married people get to see, we don't get on the net to see the same thing that we get to see at home. So just because she gets her tits out for a living doesn't make her the sexiest. That pretty much covers all of the British Glamour Models on that have about 20 candid pics and 8000 topless photoshoot pics.

Lots of a sexy tag will score more than a few brownie points though such as "Her" showing up to events on lots of occassions and having a ton of pics in see through showing off her tits and thong. There is nothing hotter than a dizzy celebrity showing up to all of her events almost naked other then her showing up to an event showing off her snatch intentionally which is pretty damn rare and that will almost always get her collection labeled as a "Sexiest Collection". As a matter of fact I can't remember the last chick that I seen at an event that was brave enough to blatantly show off her snatch?! With the exception of porn stars that is.

Other than that I think that the tag system is pretty self explantory and when you get to the "sexy legs" tag you have figured out that all she was showing off were her sexy legs. Not to say that there aren't a ton of hot pics in that tag but you aren't going to be seeing her sexy cleavage in the "sexy legs" tag. But you will probably see a ton of her sexy legs in the sexy cleavage tag. I hope that you like the new tag system. Now that the damn thing is built I am going back to updating collections and actually start using it!

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