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I made a list of reasons why this page exists. Writing a long explanation of why I put a "tip jar" on the site seemed warranted for a person like me that absolutely detests asking for any form of help but the need has obviously arisen. So here is a list of reasons of why you can justify Clicking the "tip jar":

  • Because you would like to buy me a beer IRL
  • Because you would like to buy me a coffee IRL
  • You use Firefox and ImageHost Grabber and the pics almost put themselves away!
  • You had no idea that you could use Imagehost Grabber to download the images that damn fast and you want to say thanks for showing you how to do it!
  • You like contributing to worthless causes
  • You like contributing to worthy causes
  • That site that you used to visit ain't got shit on BackAlleyPics
  • Contribute because you just want to show some gratitude for the hard work
  • Contribute because you just want to show some sympathy for the lack of gratitude
  • Contribute to the spank bank {literally}
  • You have been looking for those pics forever
  • Contribute to the hosting bill
  • Contribute to internet panhandling
  • You have seen every pic of her out there yet you have never seen that one
  • So you don't have to read this shit anymore and maybe I will shut the fuck up
  • Help with the server fund! Servers are expensive
  • That magazine scan looks so much better without all that garbage text all over it
  • Because you appreciate the hardwork
  • Because you like to help the needy
  • Sharing is caring
  • You really like organized celebrity pic collections
  • You want to keep the collection going without {anymore} interuption{s}
  • You are tired of seeing BackAlleyPics Offline
  • Pissing off your wife or girlfriend seems o.k. right now
  • It is better to give than receive
  • Contribute because you have an obsession with celebrity images
  • You could only find those pics with some ones' horrid tags all over them and, well BackAlleyPics doesn't do the tag thing
  • Contribute because you want to help me pay my bills
  • Contribute because I have a dream
  • Contribute because you dreamt of seeing her tits, ass, and/or snatch
  • Hey, what can you say, you like to give money away
  • Contribute because you won't share this site on Social Media because your digital friends might laugh at you
  • Contribute because you found a place to replace your low resolution pics with High Quality ones
  • Contribute because it is nice having all these pics in one organized location on the web
  • Christmas only comes once a year and it is bound to be December 25th one of these days
  • That website with all of those random images is so damn annoying
  • You wanted to know what event those pics came from and after spending hours trying to figure it out you found it at BackAlleyPics
  • You somehow missed BackAlleyPics' Birthday last year
  • BackAlleyPics' birthday is coming up
  • That reason that you just read was reason enough
  • Contribute because you want more
  • ... and the # 1 Reason is to Help is because you love BackAlleyPics
  • you can also contribute for free by simply clicking one of the sharing buttons or adding BackAlleyPics on Google +

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